Seven, but You Lose

The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you’d be interested in the casino story.

“Have they started building that casino yet?”

“Which one?”


“Well, they will finish the one in Springfield next year. They haven’t started the one across the river.”

“That’s the one I meant. I also meant to ask if you’re upset about losing the casino bid?”

“Who says we lost?”

“Cheryl, can we get a round of drinks here? He’s in one of his meander-through-the-forest moods. You do realize that it’s OK to give simple answers to simple questions…don’t you?”

“Yours isn’t a simple question.”

“Here’s a simple question. Dan, Yuengling, Corona or Jack’s Abby?”


“See, easy-peasy. How about you? Meiomi or Woodford Reserve?”

“Judging by his initial response, I think I should go with the Bourbon, but who’s paying today?”

“Give him the Bourbon. We’ll figure out who’s paying later.”

“Anyway, back to my simple question, your town and the town across the river both wanted to host the casino. The other town won. So, bad news for you…right?”

“As President Clinton might have said, ‘it depends on your definition of won’ “

“She lost.”

“The other Clinton, the one who won.”

“I’m confused. The casino means millions of dollars for the host town, lots of construction jobs and permanent jobs when it opens.”

“Maybe, some of the estimates look a little sketchy, and there are drawbacks to having a casino in your town.”

“Such as?”

“Traffic for one. I drive by the site our town proposed to get here. My pizza would get cold.”

“Casinos usually have good food, you could get pizza there.”

“Hey! Don’t you blaspheme in here. Here’s your beer, Dan.”

“What about my bourbon?”

“I’m not sure I want you drinking here.”

“I’m sorry, Cheryl. I didn’t mean anything. He’s driving me nuts with this conversation.”

“OK, here’s your bourbon.”

“So, I’m guessing the other drawbacks are the usual suspects: gambling, crime, alcoholism, addiction, etc.?”

“That, and the fact that there’s going to be a world-class casino about 10 miles up the road in Massachusetts. Why would people want to stop at a casino-lite, when they could have a much better experience right around the corner?”

“That’s a good point. You could be stuck with a dying casino in your town?”

“Exactly, the other towns around us are attracting manufacturing and distribution businesses, things that add long-term benefits to the town.”

“Still, it’s a lot of jobs.”

“It’s only a mile away. People in our town can still work there. For that matter, they can drive 10 minutes and work at the one in Springfield.”

“We’re a little worried about the impact.”

“You guys? You’re pretty far away, Cheryl.”

“Casinos draw 80% of their customers from within a 17-mile* radius. That easily includes most of our customers.”

“I don’t see the connection.”

“Our business relies on your discretionary income.”

“Cheryl’s right. If I have $50, I have to choose where to spend it. Not everyone is as wealthy as you.”

“Exactly. If someone wants a quick get-away, we’re one of several restaurants to choose from. Going to a casino on a Saturday afternoon wasn’t an option. Now it will be.”

“I think your safe with us, Cheryl. I go to the casino two or three times a year.”

“I’ve never been.”

“Never? What, they don’t serve Yuengling?”

“I’m not a fan of gambling.”

“You’re morally opposed to having fun?”

“It doesn’t strike me as being that much fun.”

“It’s fun when you win.”

“How often do you win?”

“That’s not important. It’s actually fun while you’re losing.”

“Speaking of losing, we’re losing money on those two stools. You boys gonna order another round? Maybe some food?”

“Another round, for sure. Give us a minute on the food.”

“Does he want bourbon or wine?”

“Wine. Speaking of losing, how do you feel about your teams, now that football is starting?”

“WVU looks good. Pitt looks better than last year.”

“What about the team that didn’t win the AFC Championship last year?”

“Ouch. Here’s your beer, your wine. Foo…?”

“…Wings, 20, and we just decided who’s paying. And, for the record, I think the Steelers will be stronger this year.”

“Yeah, fine. Why am I getting stuck with the tab?”

“You won!”

“That’s not how gambling works.”

“Are you sure?”

A mix of photos today. Some related to the story, some to take your mind off the story.


  1. I don’t understand the attraction of casinos. I have friends who go somewhat regularly and it just doesn’t hold any appeal for me … big box environments with excessive lights, noise, crowds of people. Everything I avoid whenever possible.

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  2. I’m not a casino person, but we’re having to deal with a similar build. We have a local baseball team building a 100 acre complex way too close. Several other, smarter towns decided not to bite, but our town jumped in feet first. A local farm just down the road that was a land grant back in the 1600’s and in the same family ever since sold out and away we went. I’m not looking forward to it, but, hey, no one asked me. :-) I love watching rowing – great shots. Happy long weekend.

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    • Thanks Judy. The problem with this site is access. It’s built into a hillside behind two very busy roads. It never should have been developed in the first place.

      I’m so glad our town “lost.” The tobacco field that was offered is less than a mile from our house. The town is scary though. They considered a truck stop, an outlet mall and a casino for the site. The owner grew tobacco there again this year. Who would have thought that was a good choice…

      It seems really sad to see a 400-year-old farm turned into a commercial operation. I guess that’s out lot here in New England. Like you said, nobody asked me. I hope the ballpark proves to be a good neighbor.

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  3. I could copy and past Joanne’s comment here.

    For our little community that’s one step removed from ghost town status, a casino might be the only saving “grace.” But whenever someone floats that trial balloon, it’s soon burst by talk of corruption and addiction.

    I don’t know the issue well enough to discuss in a well-informed manner, truth be told, but it seems to me that two casinos just a few miles apart is one casino too many.

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    • Thanks Maggie. The idea is that this little one will prevent those valuable gaming dollars going to another state. It glued in the face of logic and math, but those aren’t the stuff of legislatures.

      I don’t have a good feeling about this place. I fear for one of our favorite restaurants, that is across the street from the entrance to this complex. It’s hard to compete with a place that gives away food and drinks (although you’re still paying for it).

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  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a casino. The ex was into it more than I was because most often, I would lose money at the slots or bingo and feel bad about it. That’s the thing with gambling – it draws you in with the opportunity to win big money, but not everyone does and it seems to come after you’ve lost more than you’ve won. I have no desire to ever go into a casino again because my financial priorities are elsewhere.

    The smaller casino will do just fine. People will go to the Springfield casino to check it out, but there are those that prefer a more intimate setting and less bling.

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    • “…my financial priorities are elsewhere.” That sums it up for me.

      I hope this works according to plan. As a neighboring town, we are supposed to get a large chunk of the extra revenue to the State. If course, that’s based on the same law that’s supposed to compensate us for hosting the airport.

      Some people manage their visits very well. They set a spending limit, take advantage of food and drink specials, etc. I’d rather sit at the bar and talk to a few friends.

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  5. Oh, you definitely won, Dan! Not a fan. We voted against casinos and riverboat casinos for year when living in Ohio, although that battle’s now been lost. Besides the gambling, there are all the other problems you cited that come along with casinos. My husband says lotteries are for the math-challenged and casinos fall into the same slot (so to speak.) Of course, you can go in with a set limit and (hopefully) stick to it, but that’s the exception. Yes, people win…sometimes…but if the house (or state, in the lotteries) weren’t winning almost all the time and makes gazillions of dollars, we wouldn’t even be talking about whether or not casinos are good. There wouldn’t be any. I look at them as the Indians’/Native American’s revenge on the white man, although the tribes usually suffer from all those problems previously discusses as well.

    My husband taught our girls a good lesson about gambling when they weren’t very old. My parents have a beautiful one-armed bandit that they bought in Vegas when everything was turning over to techo-gambling. He gave them a handful of nickels and let them play. (One good thing is you always get your money back.) After a time, they lost all their money and then wondered why anyone would do this. Exactly! Hold that thought forever.



  6. Casino – lets drink this beer quickly and order another one. So we can move on to the next subject please. I don’t know how they could rewrite the script of The Music Man to reflect this trend but it is a story that needs to be put to words. We need to attract this opportunity to our community. Oh and by the way we will sell our soul to do it. We will give them tax breaks. And in 5 or 10 years we will watch the empty building sit there. And we will experience that other tax break. The one where the workers are no longer workers. And now they too do not pay any taxes. Yes there is trouble in River City.
    Okay it is time for that next beer !

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    • The next beer is on me, John. We’ve done all of that (tax breaks, law bending, etc.) we got trouble. Actually, this is the second round for the folks across the river. They gave tax breaks to the movie theater (which sits empty today). Oh the promises…

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  7. Great post Dan. Sorry if that Casino will disrupt local commerce. I am very accustomed to them from Louisiana, but fortunately ours were floating, so on a day when my sister and I went, we often got a quick cruise up the mighty Mississippi. I enjoyed those times. We played Black Jack mostly. $5 table only. I always came out with what I brought in or at least a few up. It’s the slots that will steal your lunch. Those my hubby liked. I used to check on him every so often cuz if I didn’t he could win something then shove it all right back in. I guess that is the addicion factor. I don’t get it. I am all about keeping my money. Good luck with that project. Love the photos. Wow! You caught a flying squirrel! 😉My favorite is the leaves with strange fungus…nice.


  8. Don’t get me started on casinos. In CA they have been the cause of so many issues. Feuds between tribes to start with. Road accidents. Once the locals’ early excitement about new places to eat fades there are more minuses than pluses with the arrival of casinos. Too bad there were no better ideas than them to increase revenues and create job openings.
    You got me started :)
    And yes, I’d rather get a movie theater than a casino.

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  9. Fantastic joke on the gambling explanation :) Hah!

    We’ve bought some lotto tickets now and again — Hey, I actually did win a scratch off ticket on HME’s birthday, won $1000 and paid off my ER bill — that was more than 20 years ago… Like to play poker now and again, but for very little in the pot, usually at home for candy :) Been to the horse tracks, been to a dog track once, played bingo with Grandma, even been to Vegas. It is not my thing. In the spirit of camaraderie, I’ll play along to a certain extent, but I don’t get the thrill.
    (My father lived in Vegas his last 30 years and Cheryl’s so right — he frequented casinos for breakfast.)

    Much as I say I’m not a gambler — I will bet a dollar or a coffee on the fact that I’m right and another person’s wrong. But that’s not really gambling, more like being rewarded for my suffering.

    I would NOT like a casino nearby.I hope you don’t get one.

    Fox shot’s still good, and I love the out for a row one — great reflection!

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    • Thanks for adding to the story. I’m guessing betting with you on whether not you’re right would be like betting with my wife. I’d just buy you the coffee and nod (yes dear).

      Lord only knows what we’ll end up with. At one point the town was talking about a truck stop. We argued hard against that. A new big one just went up in Hartford, so hoping.

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  10. “Don’t you blaspheme in here.” Gotta love a Blues Brothers quote! We “won” a casino not far from here. It’s been a mixed bag, but I sure am glad it isn’t any closer. I’ll tell you what, though: I’d rather have a casino in town than the Wal-Mart. Talk about a bad investment. So many small businesses went out of business because WM undersold them on their specialties, then WM stopped carrying those things. :(

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  11. There is a casino just over the state line in AL. That is the town’s claim to fame. BUT to work there, you must be a certain % Indian. That precludes a lot of people. We had two Toastmasters conferences there several years ago. The smoke about killed me. We have smoking bans here in FL. I am not a casino person. Never bought a lotter ticket, either. Just don’t ever feel like betting against the odds. Love your squirrel photos, Dan–especially the one that you almost had. Fast little buggers!

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    • Thanks Lois. They say they are reserving a certain amount of jobs for locals, but I don’t think they are good jobs for the longer term. I don’t know if ours are smoke free. I wouldn’t go near them if they weren’t. I’ll do a friendly bet on a ballgame (not my teams) but that’s about it for gambling. I’ve bought lottery tickets, but I’m always shocked. I’ll be in line buying 2-3 quick picks and someone ahead of me will be buying $20 worth of scratch tickets and $10 worth of numbers.

      That squirrel was fast. I have several, and that’s the best 😮

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  12. I’m not a casino person for gaming, but I used to like the buffets. I’ve heard they’ve changed the way you pay for them now, and they’re not cheap eats anymore. The days of a full breakfast for $3.00 is long gone. The prices have gone way up from my younger days of going for the lights, shows, and buffets.

    It was a beautiful morning to be out.

    I hope something nice and welcome comes into that space.

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    • I haven’t been, so I don’t know how it used to be. I Jan heard that you have to spend more these days. I’m sure they’ll have a push in the beginning, as will the completion up the road. Thanks for the comment and the tweet 🙂

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  13. Wow…about those casinos. Yep, don’t go to any in CA, only go when visiting my sister in CT. She’s a fan. But, she gives me 50 dollars so I’ll gamble. I’ll have to tell her about the Springfield MGM Grand. Always love your photos, Dan. And the commentaries! Christine

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  14. I do not have much use for casinos but if that is your thing, more power to you. [If it is not your cup of tea, that is good too.] When I lived on the UP of Michigan, there was a casino approximately 40 miles from the little town I lived in. People from the little town who liked to gamble would go over there for the weekend. I saw nothing wrong with that. The casino was owned by a Native American reservation, which I thought was absolutely marvelous. I thought of the Native Americans getting their revenge on the white man via the pocket book.

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    • I have nothing against casinos in general. I though our two Indian casinos were a good compromise. This one is driven purely by greed. It isn’t an attempt to create a great experience. It’s an attempt to divert people from a great experience and keep their dollars in our state. I think it’s an ill-conceived plan and I don’t think any of the downside has been considered. In fact, the town did a good job of severely limiting public discussion.

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    • We’ve legalized gambling for two tribes. They were only allowed to operate on tribal land, but this is off their land. The legislature pushed this through to combat the competition from MA. In other news, it’s Sept and we don’t have a budget. That was due 6/30, but, you know…


  15. I don’t like gambling unless it is over cards with friends… My brothers taught me well. Take my money and spend it on a great dinner. Paints. Yarn. Cat toys. However, Las Vegas is a fun place for a night or two because of the shows, pools, nighttime acts….

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    • It’s amazing that I’ve never been to Vegas, given all the conferences that have been there. Always bad timing. I would like to tour Hover Dam. Cards and simple sports bets with friends are things I enjoy.


  16. I liked the squirrels and the beautiful lighting and reflections upon water, Dan.
    I am good, take only $20 into a casino, no credit cards to get more. 9 of 10 times I win. As much as $650 and as little as $30. This man taught me to pull only once or twice on a slot machine and if it doesn’t give back my 40 cents, move on. He wins a lot.
    I only go about every other month and go home as soon as I win. :)
    The band’s are good, last month for free there was Blues Traveler and a cover band for Journey and Bon Jovi. :) This month was a country style with Kelly Pickler and others.

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    • I’d “pay” $20 to see Blues Traveler. You have a good system, and the discipline to keep it working. A lot of people would spend more and plow those winnings back in. Keep it up 🙂


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