(Almost) All is Right

For the love of beer
The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you’d be confused by my opening remark.

“Welcome back!”

“Thanks, but I wasn’t gone.”

“I guess I should have said ‘welcome back, Cheryl’ to avoid the confusion.”

“Oh, right. I’m sorry, Cheryl, I didn’t see you. Unfortunately, I’m looking at him.”

“It’s OK, it’s good to be back. So, you boys still drinking, or did my replacement inspire an attitude of temperance?”


“Meiomi. I trust that the glasses are clean.”

“Yes, clean glasses, frosted for his beer and appropriately shaped for your wine. Are you going to want some food?”

“Only if you promise better attention to detail than last week. I got the wrong wings, and blue cheese dressing.”

“How hard is it to bring Parm Pep?”

“Apparently, very hard, and I got Teriyaki wings.”

“And my grinder had onions and Mozzarella cheese. The guy belongs at McDonalds.”

“Might be where he’s working. You boys know I would have been here if it hadn’t been for that hurricane.”

“You almost came back to one. I guess Boston had a close call.”

“Boston did not have a close call. I was in Boston Tuesday and Wednesday. It was overcast, but it barely rained.”

“The guy on the news was saying…”

“…the guy looking for photo-op? Let me guess, in his parka on the waterfront.”

“A little touchy?”

“Sorry, when you travel, you want the weather forecast to be accurate, not entertaining.”

“You go to Boston a lot, but you hardly ever share any pictures.”

“Well, that’s because ‘Boston’ usually means Burlington. That’s like coming to Windsor and saying you were in Hartford.”

“Don’t be picking on my town, Windsor’s a fine place.”

“I know, so is Burlington, but strip malls and modern buildings aren’t interesting.”

“Oh right, you prefer buildings that have been partially blown apart.”

“Here’s your beer and your wine. I’ll come back after you guys are done. Nice going, Dan.”

“It was just a figure of speech. You know, the difference between staying in the burbs and staying downtown.”

“So, Skyline Charlie, where’d you stay this time?”

“I stayed downtown. Ironically, I even paid extra for a high-floor room with a city view.”

“You paid? I thought you were on business.”

“I paid the extra cost. It was only twenty dollars, but that’s on me.”

“Oh, OK. But why ironic?”

“Like I said, overcast. Most of the skyline wasn’t visible.”

“Ouch. There’s twenty bucks worth of beer money you’ll never see again.”

“That’s OK; you’re paying today.”

“I guess that’s fair. You paid for that train wreck last week.”

“I did, but you have to leave Cheryl a better tip than I gave Skippy.”

“Skippy? Wow, he must have been bad. Let’s consider that first round on me.”

“Aww, thanks, Cheryl. So, traveling boy, where did you eat in Boston?”

“Where I always eat the first night I’m in Boston, Jacob Wirth’s.”

“After your buddies were busting you on Facebook about your pedestrian choices, I thought you might have tried a Sushi place.”

“I took a picture of an ‘organic’ Sushi place for those guys – on my way to Jacob Wirth’s.”

“So, what’s Jacob known for? Meat and potatoes?”

“Potato pancakes, Schnitzel, Spaetzel and beer – forty five beers on tap.”

“I recognize the word, but what exactly is Spaetzel?”

“In this case, noodles.”

“In this case, Gracie?”

“It can also refer to dumplings, but I love noodles.”

“No organic Sushi for you?”

“No, and I question their labeling it as ‘organic.’ What would inorganic Sushi be?”

“Very bad. How about some barbeque wings, or a nice Pepperoni Pizza?”

“Pizza sounds good, Cheryl. You want in on that?”

“That does sound good, and bring us another round, please. As for the labeling, there’s more to Sushi than fish.”

“What does that mean?”

“Everything has to be fresh, the rice, the wasabi, the veggies. The Sushi you get at 7-11 didn’t start with fresh wasabi.”

“What kind of Slurpee goes with Sushi?”

“Hey, it’s popular. It looks good, it’s fun to eat, and if properly prepared, it’s good for you.”

“You can say the same thing about Wiener Schnitzel.”

“You’re hopeless. Besides, I thought you didn’t like Veal.”

“I don’t like the idea of Veal.”

“But you ate it…”

“Actually, at Jacob Wirth’s, you can choose Veal or Pork Cutlet for your Schnitzel. I had pork.”

“But even with 45 beers, I’m guessing you had Yuengling?”

“Jake’s Lager. I do try to sample local beers.”

“Speaking of local, we just added New England Brewery’s ‘Ghost Pigeon Porter’ to our taps. I think your daughter and that guy from Chicago might like that.”

“That’s good news, Cheryl. Unfortunately, my friend from Chicago won’t be coming back, he’s moving on from our company.”

“Aw, that’s sad. I liked him.”

“Me, too. I guess I’ll have to go to Chicago more often.


  1. “…when you travel, you want the weather forecast to be accurate, not entertaining.”

    EXACTLY! I don’t want to wade through a ton of hyperbole (irony there, did you notice?) just to get the facts, ma’am.

    Have a good weekend, Dan!

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  2. Funny how the pendulum has swung on beer choices. A couple of decades back, it would be about two or three selections. Now it’s more like two or three dozen, at minimum, if not more. A good “problem” to have, but it’s almost overwhelming! I prefer a good stout myself, but if they don’t have one, Fat Tire will do.

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  3. I love veal! I think it is the tastiest time in a cow’s life! (and the cutest!) Newscasters once reported that my parent’s marina had been hit by a tornado. It was several days before I got through to them to find out they hadn’t hit. aaarrgggghhh!

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  4. Silly me. I think fog is beautiful. But I get that it obstructed your view. That food looks pretty tempting. I feel the same way about veal….I can’t think about it. I know it’s all slaughtered animals but there is something worse than premediatated about it. Anyway, I love schnitzel. You’ve seen my pics of the chicken variety I make. I have never had spaetzle though. Thank yo guys for missing me. Glad you got no ‘real’ hurricane effects. My heart breaks for Puerto Rico and Mexico right now. We just found out that the keys are likely worse than is being reported because they aren’t allowing a lot of people back in yet. ☹️

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    • I do love the fog. I was actually ok with this view. The pork schnitzel was really good. I’m guessing you can buy spaetzle but it looks like you can make it too.

      We’re very happy to have you back at the bar 🍺🍷


  5. So Quincy Market is not the place to eat? Those photos you took of the Boston skyline at night are beautiful. I’d have paid extra for a high floor with a city view! It’s a whole different view from the top.

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    • Actually, there’s a lot of good food in the market. If you’re in Boston for a few days, you can find better seafood, pizza, etc. but this stuff looked good. I do like the view from the top, and it wasn’t a big up-charge. I do like fog, do I think it worked out well. Thanks Lois.


  6. You know I’m big on tipping, but I wouldn’t have tipped young Skippy. Time for him to find a new job. Some folks need to learn the hard way.

    Oh schnitzel and spaetzel! YAAAASSS! Pork for me, and it better be tender! :P And with gravy! :P
    Cheryl’s right about the sushi and I can often taste the difference. In answer to your question I think lime slushies would go best with sushi, although I’ve never seen Slurpees offered at sushi houses…
    Pizza pie photos made me hungry, too.

    I love the commentary about suburbs vs city proper. I actually get that all the time, too. People come in and go to Ikea or the golf courses or whatever, and I’m like ??? That’s not the city.

    Beautiful fog :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for standing with us against Skippy. I am big on tipping, but you’re right, some people learn the hard way.

      Lime, huh. I’ll take your word for that. The schnitzel was tender and the gravy was very good.

      I’m glad you liked the fog. I did too.

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  7. So hot here (and without AC, more like one of hell’s circles) that a cold beer sounds great, but everything not…not so much! As for Chicago, you definitely need to come more often and then let me know when it will be. I would take the train into the city to meet. Stay cool.


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  8. The fog really does look cool. And I thought 10 beers on tap was impressive! The weather forecasters…don’t get me started. The food looks yummy. No thank you to sushi. I loved this post, Dan!

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  9. I loved those low light sky line images! The fog gave the city a cool mood.

    That pizza looked good, but really there’s better somewhere else? The hot buttered lobster roll sounded good too. Chowda! I’d have probably had a bowl of that though. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Deborah. That pizza did look good. These places are good, some very good, but if you’re on a mission in Boston, you can always find better pizza and seafood. Still, if I hadn’t been on my way to a lunch meeting, I might have had a lobster roll and a slice.

      Liked by 1 person

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