One-Liner Wednesday – Two To Go

After polishing off an order of Tater-Tots at the Big-E, Faith and I were looking for something to wash them down. We were walking past one of the bar tents, when Faith noticed that they had Bloody Marys on the menu. We thought about it, but we didn’t want to delay our arrival at the New Hampshire building and the pie it was holding. I stepped inside to ask if alcohol had to be consumed in the tent (common requirement at a lot of fairs).

Nope, I can pour it into a to-go cup for you!

$24 later (yikes) we had two Bloody Marys, and we were on our way to pie. The drinks weren’t as good as the ones Cheryl makes, but it was already getting hot, and they did hit the spot.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

This may be my shortest one-liner ever. I’m trying to be brief because this is the start of another six-day-blog-a-thon, consisting of my normal posts, which I will try to keep short, the We Are The World Blogfest and a special post on Sunday.


  1. Too early for cheese? Surely you jest! Bloody Marys to go. Win win! But they do look a bit timid. Maybe some Zing Zang to spic things up. And spicy pickled green beans. That octopus is adorable. Thanks for sharing your fair day with us Dan!

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  2. $24 for two Bloody Mary’s in plastic cups? Wow, and as Cheryl said, they looked a little blah. I would have traded that in for an extra piece of pie ;-)

    I’ll be absent Friday and Saturday, so will catch up with this week’s blog-a-thon and #WATWB when I can.

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    • Faith and I both commented that the price was as high as a Labatt’s at a hockey game (but at least that was a 24 oz can). I would have liked some celery, perhaps that spicy green bean Cheryl speaks of, but you aren’t going to finr Cheryl-quality drinks in a tent at the fair.

      I hope you’re doing something fun this weekend – Enjoy!

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    • I did, Judy. Tomorrow, a few doors from the Big-E and then it can rest until next September. Those horses are stunning to look at. Last year, we were able to watch as they hitched them up to the wagon for the parade. Grooming and hitching them up for the parade takes hours!

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    • Staff meeting through lunch? I knew Congress was lazy, but why haven’t they passed a law banning that practice? I’ll see what I can do about FedEx’ing a stiff cold one to you.

      Thanks for the comment Teagan .

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  3. The cheese line cracked me up. It was my favourite, Dan, good one!! hahahaha!

    I can see the attraction of a Bloody Mary on a hot day – except make mine a Caesar, and I want a salad in my glass …. spicy bean, pickle, onion, etc :) I had one this week on a lakeside patio after a brutally hot bike ride, and it was a thing of beauty. Yes, it too cost me $12, but it was glorious.

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    • Faith started using Yogibos when her neck first started bothering her. Mu wife bought a small one for me to use in the car (to support my left arm to avoid aggravating my shoulder.) they are like beanbags, but softer and more squishy. I use the small one, but Faith has the large one you can actually sleep on.

      Apparently, I don’t understand the appeal of cheese. Pie, yes, anytime, but I usually wait until much later for cheese.

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  4. WHAT is the DEAL about Maine potatoes? They probably have a longer line every year, because everybody who didn’t line up last year wants to know what the big deal is. Catch somebody coming out and buy their tater off of them and see for yourself without the line. Hmph

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  5. Liquor in to-go cups! What a great place!
    I cannot imagine why anyone would put cheese in a too-early category. Cheese goes on eggs and in omelets and in grits and boy I tell ya, ya think you can trust a person and then they start talkin bout too early for cheese.
    Like Joanne, I prefer a Caesar with halfa salad goin on :P

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    • OK, OK, OH KAY! I totally blew it on the cheese. I was going for the funny – you know, too early for cheese, but a good time for alcohol. I didn’t know there were so many defenders of the right to eat cheese in the AM, out there.

      Yes, I know, omelettes and other eggy stuff. I get it. I’ll never again. I promise.

      Don’t taz me ‘bro!

      The bartender put every salad thing she had into those drinks. I tipped her for trying. Cheryl would tell ya, “don’t pick on the bartender for the management’s decision.”

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  6. I am not a fan of tomato juice or soup despite the fact I love fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes [cooked], and any food Italian. I would have passed that drink in a flash. I went to a Renaissance fair where ale was available and buying it, I could carry it around with me to the other booths.

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