Another Blog Post?

“What? You published another blog post?

Yes, but a short one.

Today is the second time I’ve published six blog posts in a row. It’s really not my style, and Maddie thinks I need to spend more time walking, sitting or lying on the couch with her.

So, I’m going to skip the usual, kinda-sorta-somewhat-serious thing that I try to do on Mondays, and just share some photos of Maddie and some of her friends from our yard.

I’ll see you Wednesday, with a One-Liner, and Thursday with some doors. Saturday, I’ll either be at the bar, or I’ll let the voices try another SoCS prompt. Maybe I’ll let the voices go to the bar, that’s always fun, until they mess up the tense or who’s speaking to whom, and I have to step in and edit. Then Linda hits the ‘Smite’ button.

Thank you so much for reading (and editing) here at No Facilities.

The gallery has a few of Maddie’s thoughts in the captions. You can click on any image to start a slide show. If you have (less than) a minute to spare, the video shows one of the more trusting squirrels in our yard. We actually have to warn this little guy to stay away from Maddie.


  1. Lol. That squirrel was getting more peanuts! Wha dog? Maddie looks tired. She is so beautiful. Winter is around the corner. Maybe she’s dreaming of Mount Maddie. Brrrrrr…..have a great week Dan.

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  2. She’s the first type of dog I saw long ago that made me desperately want a dog. She is so lovely. From everything you say, she must have a wonderful temperament.

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    • She does “sometimes.” I don’t focus on it, here, but Maddie has epilepsy and some neurological issues that can make her a handful to deal with. One of the reasons we sit with her, is because it helps her to stay calm. She keeps us busy, but we love her.

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      • Wow, I never would’ve guessed that, and aw :-(, poor but yet lucky doggie — to have you guys and such a fun and loving life.


    • Thanks Val. Maddie is often on a leash, but even when she isn’t, she rarely bothers with the squirrels. The only time she makes a fuss is when a cat gets in the yard. We hope the squirrels aren’t basing their understanding of dogs on Maddie.

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    • Thanks Maggie. We’re gradually figuring out ways to work with her. One of the reasons she’s usually on a leash, is because she’s more comfortable that way. She gets off to run and play, but she likes to be attached and close to us.

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  3. I Love your new theme, Dan. And I LOVE the pictures of Maddie. She’s on to something because I recently got the same lecture from my cats how I need to be spending more time with them. So I am. And about posting … no more schedules. I’m only posting when my Heart directs me to regardless of the day or the time. I’m breaking out of the mold in many areas of my life so I can step more fully into Flow. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Maddie. And Sammy …. what a character!! 😉

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    • Thanks Amy. It’s amazing how our animals train us. Our routine revolves around Maddie and the two cats. I like my routine on the web, it adds a bit of distraction to my life that isn’t mindless.

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      • Hmmmmm ….. Sounds a lot like my life. Throw in 13 cats, some very needy right now and the picture that emerges is one our life revolves around them. Dan, you give me hope that you treat your animals as if they are family. Even Sammy the squirrel is a part of your family. How endearing! I’ve come to learn just how precious and special these animals are and how much they can teach us.

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  4. Nice to see some happy photos this morning, Dan, after waking to the news about the shooting in Las Vegas. Every day that I’ve seen another post from you, I wonder “What’s up with him???” :-) Not that I mind, but as you say, it’s not your normal posting routine.

    Have a wonderful day!


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    • Ha ha – If you crank up the volume, you can hear the crickets. When I was visiting my brother, I heard the Iowa cicadas and it was deafening. We have a couple of squirrels who act like they’re part of the family. I think if we opened the door, they’d come in and sit at the table with us. Maddie thanks you :-)

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      • I heard your crickets, but mostly I noticed that lack of “deafening” cicada noise — same as you heard in Iowa.
        I do believe the squirrels would come in :)


    • Thanks Kirt. She’s so funny. She practically demands to go for a walk, even though you can tell she’d rather stay sleeping. But she’s so happy as we walk, it’s hard to say no. That squirrel is a little too mellow for his own good. I hope he doesn’t approach other dogs like that.

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    • Thanks Judy. Whenever I fear that I’m in danger of wearing out my welcome in various inboxes, I resort to using Maddie as my emissary. She never lets me down (but she will require that I sit with her tonight).


  5. Dan, I liked your Sammy Squirrel film. I liked watching Maddie and her way of making you feel guilty look. Almost like, “Daddy, I’m disappointed in you!”
    I enjoyed her being on “high alert” on the deck while still stretched out lying on the deck. She knows how to scan the perimeter and still relax! What an amazing dog!

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