One-Liner Wednesday – Breakthrough

Continuing the theme I started on Monday, I have a few more small animal photos to share. Some are the typical “I think this is a cute photo” photos. Some are attempts by me to achieve an artistic effect. What can I say, I keep trying. A couple of them are evidence. After years of trying, I finally managed to get lucky with one of our critter neighbors. I brought the photo home and declared to the Mrs.:

I finally got a black squirrel to stand still for a peanut!

These little guys are so cute, they drift fully into the adorable end of the scale. We have pictures and pictures and pictures of these guys. Last year, I even “commissioned” Kate Powell to paint the black squirrels as a gift for the Mrs. Of course, this was just after a post in which she complained about painting anything black with watercolors. I felt bad asking, but she did a great job.

The thing about the black squirrels is that they’re skittish.

We see them in our yard, and Maddie and I see them on our walks, but I can barely get them to stay still for a photo. You may not be able to tell, but almost all the photos I have of black squirrels have been taken from a distance.

This past weekend, a black squirrel was standing a safe distance away from Maddie and I as we walked. A gray squirrel came close enough to us for me to toss him a bit of walnut. The black squirrel saw that and came a little closer, but not close enough for me to accurately throw a walnut piece. I fumbled around in the bag (yes, we carry a bag of nuts when we walk) to find a peanut – heavy enough to toss a good distance and big enough to be seen – and I managed to get it to him as he started to run away. He heard it land, and he came back to claim it. Still, he took it to a tree that was farther away before eating. Good thing I have that zoom feature on my camera.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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  1. These are great shots, Dan. I can feel you energy in them and the mood of the sun, the air. I feel like I took that walk as well. To say that black squirrels are skittish is an understatement. They are like furry Ninjas! Lucky you. I have several black blurs that I call my black squirrel shots. Never see them here though. Only ones were in CR. Happy squirrels! 💕

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Cheryl. We’ve seen the black squirrels eating stuff we’ve put out in the yard, but they’ve never stood around for us to give them something, The gray squirrels practically knock at the door for nuts :)

      I love when we’re walking during sunrise.

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  2. I rarely see black squirrels around here, so thanks for sharing your peanut-friendly peeps. The bunnies and squirrels in your neighborhood are so fortunate that they have humans to help them fill their tummies with nuts. Tis the life of a spoiled, small animal!

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    1. You’re so right about this neighborhood. I see peanut shells all along our walk. We know several other houses that put food out for these guys. Unfortunately, we know of at least one dog who isn’t friendly and has reduced the bunny population :(

      I don’t know what it is about the black squirrels, but it’s hard not to go “awwwww” when we see them. We have them visiting our yard, but never getting close.

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    1. Ha ha – you read between the lines, Joanne. I didn’t used to carry nuts for them, but about three weeks ago, a squirrel came up to us and did that little stand-up thing that they do. I felt so bad because I didn’t have anything.


    1. I’m glad you liked the leaf, Pam. For some reason, I was really taken by that sight. We have been noticing a few squirrels that seem more brown than gray, but I think they are a variation of the black squirrel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen red squirrels around here.

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  3. Wonderful, Dan. Great post for my morning break. The black squirrels are beautiful. I had never seen one until I moved here. But there’s one part of my “community” (maybe a mile away or less) where there are several. I guess they don’t range very far, or mating season would have gotten some over my way over the past 9 years… Happy Wednesday. Hugs.

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  4. One of my earliest childhood memories is that of “The Black Squirrel” who showed up occasionally on our porch. My mom said to watch out for him because he was mean. But now I wonder if he was just nervous and misunderstood.

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  5. We traveled south for a mineral show a couple of weeks ago. I saw a black squirrel and surprised myself by doing a double-take. That’s when I realized that there are none this far north. So, thanks for filling a gap that I didn’t know needed filling!

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  6. Don’t get too many black squirrels around here. I had a friend in Toronto (sadly no longer with us) who said there were a bunch that lived near the U of Toronto (where she worked). Maybe it’s a northern thing, although we never saw them in Chicago, either…

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  7. You got some good shots of the squirrel. I know what you mean about trying to get a good picture of local wildlife. I tired to get a couple of my wild rabbit visitors and I know I need a camera with a zoom lens and if they even get a glimpse of me that run away, ( or hop away).

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  8. Great back lit images Dan. I really like the image of the squirrel on the post with the chain. He looked great in that light, and look how long its tail is!!

    Katie painted a beautiful painting for the Mrs. I always enjoy seeing her how she progresses from start to finish.

    The foggy image with the telephone pole and wires with all the birds is moody, and reminded me of Hitchcock’s The Birds movie. Eerie!

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    1. Thanks Deborah. If you could have heard those birds squawking, you really would have though if that movie. It was so loud.

      Kate merged elements from several photos to set the scene for that painting. It made for a very special gift.

      I loved seeing the squirrels in that streaming light. They seemed more willing to pose that day (maybe they like the pay scale)

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  9. I enjoyed this whole post while you seemed caffeinated and “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” Nope, that was the black squirrel and then, the regular brown squirrel.
    I haven’t seen more than one black squirrel in my life and then, this year at the Columbus Zoo I saw an albino squirrel. It was very brave and didn’t hide. I wonder why the black squirrel us so afraid!? He could stand still in any shadow and never be seen!
    Great extra special critter pictures and beautiful tails!

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    1. Thanks Robin. I don’t know why they scoot, but I guess it helps them survive. Most of the gray squirrels run, too, but we have a couple very brave ones. Of course, you better have sobething


  10. Lovely pictures again! In my opinion, animal is one of the best themes in art! Haha…obviously it’s the opinion from an animal person…They are just too cute! Can’t get my eyes off that squirrel…of course amd Maddie too…what an image!


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