Saving me from myself would seem to be your mission, if we were having a beer.

“Do you have a trailer?”

“I do, but I won’t help you move.”

“Ha! No, I thought I saw your car, but it was pulling a trailer.”

“Maybe, I picked up a new storm door at Lowe’s.”

“No, this one had a snow blower in the back.”

“That was me. I had it tuned up.”

“Hey, guys – it’s barely October. Your snow blower can wait, Dan. Now, how about a beer?”

“Thanks Cheryl, Yuengling, in a frosted glass if you have one.”

“And I’ll have a glass of Woodford Reserve…”

“…in a snifter with ice on the side, yeah, I got it. You know, John Howell was in here last week and told us about Willett Bourbon. We got some in, you want to try that?”

“Try? As in free sample?”

“No, try as in switch to it for today. Dan’s right about you, you are frugal.”

“I never said frugal, he’s cheap.”

“I’m not cheap. I am careful with my money.”


“Yes, if John recommended it, it’s probably good. But, let’s get back to your snow blower.”

“You sure? I don’t want to upset Cheryl.”

“I’m just curious. You were saying last week that you had some work to do on it. Now we find out that your idea of work is carting the machine to a repair shop. Kinda gives new meaning to do-it-yourself.”

“I don’t work on small engines, but I did do work on the machine.”

“It’s a small engine on wheels, what else is there?”



“It’s a small engine on tracks.”


“You know, you two shouldn’t speak until the drinks arrive. Every time I show up with the first round, you’re on the edge of a marital spat.”

“Oooh, Cheryl, this is smooth. I’m sorry about the jab, but this is what he does. He changes the subject whenever I catch him playing fast and loose with the facts.”

“What facts? What is it that you caught?”

“I caught you claiming to be the big do-it-yourselfer, when all you do is move stuff around after someone else does the work.”

“For your information, as if it matters, I had to repair the storm cab and the drift-slicer on the engine-on-tracks.”

“What goes wrong with a storm cab?”

“The frame was broken.”

“I guess I don’t see the point of do-it-yourself repairs. Why didn’t you just have the guy at the shop fix everything?”

“Because I could do it myself and, Mr. ‘careful with my money,’ I probably saved a lot, ‘cuz the guy at the shop would have replaced the frame.”

“How did you fix it?”

“I welded the broken piece back together.”

“How much did your welder cost?”

“Irrelevant, I’ve had it for 15 years, and I’ve saved more money using it than I paid for it.”

“OK, I guess I’m just not a D-I-Y kind of guy. I value my time too much.”

“I enjoy working around my house, building things, fixing things. It’s fun, plus it’s good exercise.”

“Standing over a broken metal frame isn’t exercise. Going to the gym is exercise. That’s what I was doing while you were schlepping your snow blower and hanging your storm door.”

“Fine. Come December, you wait for someone to clear your driveway, so you can go to the gym. I’ll clear my own driveway. We both get exercise, but you’ll have paid two people and I’ll have paid no one. Who’s watching their money?”

“That’s not exercise.”

“Oh please. Now you sound like my old boss who said real stairs don’t count. Cheryl’s right, let’s stop arguing. Did you have a good workout?”

“No! They renovated the gym; it’s all messed-up.”

“You mean, it’s a mess? Or ruined?”


“What happened?”

“They turned the treadmills. Now, instead of facing the windows, they face a mirrored wall with some TV monitors mounted on it.”

“Sounds like an improvement. Don’t those windows look out onto the parking lot?”

“I liked the view. Now it’s ruined.”

“You know, that’s pretty much the definition of a first-world problem.“

“I’ll tell you another first-world problem, your glasses are empty. Shall I solve that?”

“Yes Cheryl. And since my buddy can afford people to clear the snow and a place to exercise, he’s buying today.”

“Priorities, my young friend, it’s all about priorities. If either of us were really watching our money, we wouldn’t be drinking in a bar.”

“Hey, hey, hey – don’t go there. You can’t duplicate this experience at home. For one, you wouldn’t have me to keep you from fighting.”

“You’re right, Cheryl – here’s to priorities.”

“Excellent. But, you guys are done after this round. My priority is making sure you both get home safely.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but this week’s prompt was given to us by Joey, who’s standing in for Linda while she continues her weekend book tours. I wanted to support Joey, and when she offered bonus points, we closed escrow on this deal:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: save/safe. Use one or both. If you start and end with either of them, you’ll get bonus points.”

In keeping with the spirit of SoCS, I have to fess-up…I made an edit. The voices took this prompt off the rails, so I had to rewrite the opening sentence. Today’s photos are from those D-I-Y projects. Don’t forget to stop by Cheryl’s place.


  1. Beer + Yankee ingenuity = good Saturday post. :-) I went to the Portsmouth Brewery this week and enjoyed a delicious Pumpkin beer. Then I went back the next day to buy a couple of bottles of their Libeeration beer before it sold out. I love DIY although as I get older I have to pick and choose and sometimes pay for certain things. And, as your neighbors get in a panic about getting their snowblower ready, you’ll be all set. :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh! I like the new door! I’m still dreamin of my slamming wooden screen door, YOU CAN’T KILL THE DREAM! but I do like your new one.
    I’d be angry if they turned our treadmills, too. I like the window view. But yeah, that’s about as first-world as problems come.
    Good job! *sprinkles bonus points*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Early morning having a beer! We usually fixit ourselves too and the only thing I’m never sure of is men and hardware stores. Stuff jumps onto Mitchell and sticks… Then there is the “one trip to the hardware store. 15 minutes” lie. It is three trips for fixits and a couple hours… Maybe he is getting help with the stuff that stuck to him?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha – I understand. Yesterday, my wife got worried, I was there so long. But, I found something really cool, that I can use in a project she wants me to do. So, win win…right?


  4. Thank you for the pingback, Dan. Also, your temp repair of the frame looked like my temp repair of the lawnmower handle. I have no welder, so I used an aluminium rod and clamps. It lasted four years. In fact, the handle was still good when the engine detached from the deck. I wish you lived next door since I have a screen door that was blown off and the replacement is leaning against the back wall. Can’t get anyone to come out. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You go Dan! Every little bit helps. I am married to the original Mr. Fixit. Just yesterday he restrung a section of mini blind that was torn during the hurricane when our window broke. Some people would argue that mini blinds are inexpensive so why not just replace it? It was bad enough we had to get an actual window guy to replace the special pane. It would have been a less than starighforward replacement and as it was it took two of them to get it done expediently..the blind is special cut and not a plain old plastic one, and have you changed one lately? Like a friggin nightmare at times. So, he repaired it. From my end of things it keeps us further from the “disposable society” life I try so hard not to be a part of. Recycle, reuse isn’t just a catch phrase. While I don’t do all the recycling my kids do (composting, no plastic containers) we do try to do what we can. For hubs, it was just another thing he could do. They are like challenges, like me making homemade bagels or chocolate croissants. Yeah, there are bakeries but doing it myself is so much more rewarding. Snow blower looks just dandy. Oop! There’s that nasty ‘S’ word again…🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with your hubs on this. My wife and daughter picked on me for years for replacing the antennae on portable radio. The replacement cost $3 and a new radio would have only cost $10, but it was fun to repair something that was basically still good. I have restrung traverse rods (a pain) but not mini-blinds. Still, now that I know it can be done, I’d give it a shot.

      My daughter recycles more than we do, but we do a good job. I wish fewer things came in disposable packaging, though. It seems each week, we dispose of more plastic than ever before.

      Thanks for the support, here and behind the bar :)


  6. I greatly admire do it yourselfers, maybe because my dad was one. I’m hoping my husband will become one after he retires, but for now, he mostly gets sawdust therapy in his wood shop making Christmas ornaments, which is okay since he still fixes appliances and the toilet if needed and kills bugs who’ve wandered in the house.Those are priorities.

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  7. Priorities are always important, Dan. Mine also include beer, but I’ll leave the power tools and DIY projects to you. Unless I can fix things with super glue and duct tape (the handyman’s tool), I’m calling someone else. Cheers!

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  8. My husband’s an amazing IT guy and moderately handy, but he gets annoyed when something doesn’t go just right, so sometimes DIY is not the answer for us. Duct tape is a DIYer’s best friend, I think. :-) We had a snow blower in Ohio where we had an attached garage at the back of our house, which meant we had an enormous area to de-snow. Once we moved to northern Illinois, where there isn’t nearly as much snow (we were in the snow belt in Ohio) and our rental house driveway is just from the front of the house to the street, we just shovel. Good exercise and might even burn enough calories for a beer.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ugh… I’m trying to avoid using the “S” word so I’m glad you got the “blowing machine” tuned ahead of time, Dan. It’s still ten degrees higher than normal here. Dare I hope for an S free winter? Yeah, I know…
    I’m just not a whiskey (or any variation) drinker, but that sounded pretty good. ;) In fact I’ve developed such a bad bad inflammation issue (stress) that I can’t have anything acidic to eat or drink. Than means any kind of alcohol… (Yes those are tears you see.) But it was such a day Friday that I decided I’d deal with increased pain and have some wine… then beer on Saturday… Ouch. It would have been more worth it if I’d stuck to ale or Kirin.
    The door looks good. Nice work! Have a sublime Sunday. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The moment my eyes hit snow blower my stomach sank. NOOOOOOO! How did we get to this time of year already? Ours has yet to be pulled out and gotten ready for the snow but that will probably happen this week. Please tell me, Dan, that summer is not over yet. PALEEZE. I don’t think I will survive another winter. Arghhhhhhhh …. 😬

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  11. Dan, I dearly love the dialogue in these posts. Whenever I click on your post, and there is the glass of Yuengling, I just know it’s going to be a great read. And, it always is. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I believe in fixing things if I am able. I am proud of people who repair instead of buying new things. Saving instead of buying is both cost-effective and like recycling, Dan.
    Welding is a great project. Fun, sometimes.
    My Dad jerry-rigged a lot of things and they lasted! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’ve got nothing …. except a healthy dose of jealousy. I want a DIY’er too. Gilles is very handy, but he doesn’t like it so he drags his feet. Nor does he like hiring someone to do it. He’d rather be out swimming, biking, running :/

    Wait, he sounds suspiciously like your bar friend. Maybe that’s where Gilles disappears to on Saturdays. He’s with you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. The new door looks great…the reflections of the clouds and trees doubly so!

    He-Man is pretty handy, but there are things we both happily turn over to those that really know the ins and out of. Like Plumbing beyond a simple stopped up drain, and electrical beyond replacing a worn out outlet.

    He used to do all our car maintenance too, but with all the new electronic parts, and making things harder to get to he’s doing less of that now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to do our car maintenance, too, but you’re right, it’s gotten too complicated. I still do plunking and electrical for renovations but there are some things I won’t do, like heat. I don’t want to be freezing to death because I tried to save a few dollars.

      I do prefer to do some projects, like the door, myself. Some installers, particularly the ones from the stores, tend to cut corners where they can. We’ve had good ones and bad, but it’s tough to get problems solved because the stores distance themselves from the installers very quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

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