One-Liner Wednesday – Perfection

I guess this should be called “Perfection Again” because my file system alerted me to the fact that “Perfection” has been used. Oh, the irony of making a mistake while writing about perfection. In any case, this time, I think I know what I’m talking about.

Some people consider the perfect morning commute to be one that doesn’t involve horrendous traffic or speeds under 50 mph (80.5 kph). Me, I consider the perfect commute to be one that includes a few stops. A sunrise or red sky over the tobacco fields is always nice. This week, it was too dark for that, but I got an interesting shot of some construction cones.

Another stop, no surprise to regular readers, is Great River Park. I always like to see what’s flowing past Hartford.

Another stop is for food. Something to tide me over until lunch, or in the case yesterday, a sandwich to go for later. Or…both.

I stopped at Maddie’s to pick up a sandwich for lunch. Maddie makes some very nice sandwiches, more than enough stuff between the bread, but not so much that you have to eat it with a fork or ask for extra bread. I get the sandwich the same way every time, but we go through the process, ‘cuz process:

I’ll have a turkey sandwich to go.”

White, Wheat, Rye or on a roll?


American, Swiss or Provolone?


Lettuce, tomato, mayo?


Pickles and chips?

Just chips.”

I must have had a curious look on my face, because the waitress asked me if I was sure. I told her that that was what I wanted for lunch, but that a hard roll sounded good. She looked at me and said:

“It’s not on the menu, but how about a grilled hard roll with butter?”

Oh yeah, let’s do that!

Lest I get in trouble with my NY deli friend, “pickles” in this case refers to small slices of dill pickles. If the question had been “chips and a pickle?” i.e. a dill spear, the answer would have been a big “yes please!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Oh yummmm that roll looks so good. Wait. I think I just gained a pound. 🙄 I agree about the perfect drive to work. I usually get a nice sunrise, various birds, exotic and ordinary, and fortunately for me, minimal traffic. Love that coffee sign. Maddieknows how to work it too. 😉

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  2. I enjoyed your description of your perfect day, No need to apologize about writing multiple times about perfection. Didn’t our founding fathers strive to form a “more perfect Union?” Please, though, don’t use the phrase “more unique.” Every time I encounter that word combination,it sets me off. We all encounter problems like this.I used to be an avid runner and remember when Jim Fixx wrote a book entitled “The Complete Book of Running.” He faced a problem of coming up with a title when he decided to write a second book on running. (He ended up dropping “complete” and calling it simply the Second Book of Running.”) On a more personal note, I spent twenty years in the Army during the time when the Army advertising pitch was “be all that you can be.” I faced a dilemma when I retired from the Army. Having been all that I could be, what was I to be or not to be? That was the question. Have a great day, Dan, and maybe even a perfect one.

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    • Thanks for the entertaining comment, Mike. I enjoyed reading that. I do try to edit out the redundancies in my writing. Then I try to edit out the words that add nothing. Some still slip through. The editor doesn’t work on Wednesdays, so if you spot one, feel free to do everything you have to do.

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    • It’s on the way to work. They make great sandwiches. I figure I can save myself a trip to Subway, eat better and spend less. How good is that? The sign has always been there, but I never read it before.

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  3. You’ve just made me extremely hungry for hard rolls and food in general. Good thing there will be leftovers from yesterday’s potluck when I get to work. Excellent job on the cone photo, you get bonus points and an “A” for its perfection.

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  4. The process is tradition. However, I remember going to a Burger King long ago for a few months for breakfast ordering the same thing every time. Soon, when saw me come in, they popped the order in a bag and by the time I reached the counter they had it ready for me. I almost didn’t want to move on and leave that place.

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    • There’s nothing like a comfortable routine. I walked into our regular restaurant just to buy a gift card for a friend. As soon as the bartender saw me, she poured a beer for me. I wasn’t planning to stay, but…

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  5. Yum *drool* There was a place in Norwalk CT where I would get a thin sliced turkey (They actually took a breast out of the cooler and sliced it), swiss, on rye with mayo. The deli guy would also thin slice a sweet onion. The sandwich weighed about 1/3 of a pound. It was the best.

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  6. Oh, coffee is possibly my favorite stop if I have time on way to work. Second is stopping on the road that crosses the bike and human walking path, checking out the view.
    I love grilled buns! The hot dog (frankfurter) from Friendly’s or from Howard Johnson’s always came with a split bun grilled in butter. I liked their clam rolls also grilled, with a dollop of tartar sauce. Mmmm! (Salivating. . .)
    Speaking of drooling, I love your dear Maddie. 😴
    Small sad note: ever since Sunday evening, when we spent an hour and a half walking door to door, my little grandies (son and DIL’s) have been missing their puppy who escaped under their fence. My DIL, Landen, baby Hendrix and I went door to door in the rain. Sadly, even police and pounds don’t have a clue. She’s registered but never got a chip, tan and brown shih tzu named Aura.
    Today, my grandies and I (M & M girls and Landen) went around, but no luck.
    There’s posters up with Aura’s photo and Trista’s ph # on them. We have it on FB and neighborhood is on look-out. 🤔

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  7. Does it seem quieter to you during your commute now that it is still dark out there? I know there probably is not any different but it just strikes me that way. I just I associate darkness with quietude for some odd reason.

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