Time For A Change

Well well well, look who’s coming to beg the voices to take the wheel as your blog goes off a cliff. Well, we’re not ones to look a gift laptop in the keys. Step aside bucco, we got this.

It’s a good thing we’re in control. If you ask us…I know, you didn’t ask us, but if you had, we’d tell you that this blog needs help. Our help. You’re all over the map. Rants, stories from the bar, doors, churches, women of faith, women of science, more doors and baseball – thank goodness that’s over. Well, over for your Pirates, anyway. Oh sure, there’s always next year. Except for John Farrell. Two times stopping the elevator at the first floor and he’s gone.

Anyway, we’ve been thinking that what this blog needs is some consistency. We think the days of “Random Thoughts” should be behind us. Pick a theme, stick with it and give us more keyboard time. We know all about SEO, keywords, and all that junk that builds followers, pumps up the view count and gets this thing noticed. Pretty soon, we can start laying in some ads and making money. Sure, you might lose a few readers, but you…


You like this place the way it is?

You don’t want to “bother” your readers with ads and pop-ups. Even if it means growth? …even – if – it – means – growth. Ooooookay.


You’re, you’re cutting us off? You’re going to finish this post?

That didn’t go well.

This post was part of Linda G. Hill’s wonderfully fun blog series, Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Each week, Linda gives us a prompt and we write with little planning and no edits. I tried to turn the task over to the normally sequestered voices in my head. Their prompt was:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “well.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Well, they headed off in the wrong direction. A little absolute power corrupting as it is wont to do. That’s OK, I wanted to give you a break, since, due to the Cherished Blogfest (which you can still join) this is the fourth post in four days. I’m taking tomorrow off, as usual, and despite the voices’ objections.

The photos in the gallery are a random mix from the past week. Appropriate, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Thank goodness, for a second I thought there was mutiny afoot. Glad you got those troublemakers back in their cages, Dan. I love mushrooms and tree fungus. I have photos all over the place! Have an awesome weekend.

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  2. The prompt story was one that only you could write, Dan! Love it as always.
    I like the headlight/taillight streaks too – yours appear to be on a collision course too!! Good job!

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  3. Why is it that the voices in our heads tend to be latent tyrants just a heart beat away from going full-on Napoleon on us? This was a fun post, Dan, and loved the photos, especially the shadows cast by the plant in your office. It looks like you have a lovely corner office.

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  4. For a second there, I thought “OMG! I’m doing it all wrong! I have to pick a theme? I don’t have a theme!” Guess I’ll just keep wandering until I come upon some inspiration! Thanks for the interesting read, and pics!

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  5. No. Do not change a thing! I love the ramblings and the learning, and above all, the aspect of clicking in and wondering what I’m in for. I love it.
    It all has its place. And pictures. Gotta have the pictures! :D

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  6. very “well” done….
    oh those voices we can all relate with…
    and I like things just the way are too…
    oh and side note – I really like the text over the photos like that – was very user friendly to get the message you wanted to share with the image and the font was perfect. a nice little thin arial in a light color – it did not distract form the pic and was also readable.
    and the squirrel foraging – but open to donations – was my fav

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    • Thanks – I can keep those voices quiet, on this issue. The fonts on the gallery photos are part of the theme, but it is one of the things I checked before switching to this theme.


  7. Out, d*#* voices! Phew, that was close, thought there’d be a change. Blog, I like you just the way you are. Very clever SOC post, Dan. Made me smile, especially when I see talking squirrels and Maddie in the photo gallery. Christine

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  8. This was so good. A little worried there for a second, wondering if you were jumping ship. Whew! So ya had to bring up John Farrell. I know…. Still, he adds to your wonderful blog, full of different things. Many thanks!

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  9. Haha…what a creative way to write a blog as you did this week! Great pictures and they do remind us all of the autumn season. My no. 1 vote for your gallery this week still goes to Maddie! 😁

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  10. When I first started reading this post, I thought, “oh no! He’s going to change what he writes about.” Then I realized the piece was in conversational mode. Pfew! As I read farther down, I began to wonder if WP was trying to force you to change until I read the “Ooooookay.”

    If you cannot tell yet, I like your blog the way it is. Enjoy your Sunday.

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    • Thanks Glynis. If I had been considering a change, I’d be abandoning that thought. I had attended a webinar this past week about all that marketing stuff (for work). I guess those thoughts just bubbled to the top. Nothing’s changing here.

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