Mea Culpa (but Rectified)

In other words, the Cherished Blogfest deadline has been extended.

Looks like you got some ‘splainin’ to do, buddy. You want to borrow my computer?

I promised that I would take the day off, and I will, but I have to fix a mistake.

As you know, the Cherished Blogfest happened this weekend. One of my jobs was to send an email to the people who participated last year. I scheduled that email, but due to a misunderstanding between me and all things calendar, my scheduled post never appeared in any inboxes. I’m fixing that, and we have decided to extend the Cherished Blogfest through next Sunday – October, 23rd 2017 – here on planet Earth (which may have been my earlier mistake.

If you already joined us, thank you very much – you get bonus points! If you wished you had known about the blogfest earlier, you have my apology and seven more days to pick an object, reflect on a memory, lookup the words to a poem and make some new friends.

Or, if you’re like me, you have six days to procrastinate and be in the same situation you were in three minutes ago, before reading this post.

For all the information you need, go to this page.


  1. Good to know, Dan!! Too busy this weekend with house projects. I might just make next Sunday’s deadline. When I read your Cherished blog post I thought about strong women in my life. Mother provided the family stability, and Grandmother gave me many growing up challenges. She’s the antagonist in my WIP book, and progressive in her resort business & personal life as Maine’s first woman ham operator. Happy to see sweet Maddie’s photo! Happy Sunday! 🍁🍂 Christine

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  2. That is wonderful news, Dan. I started a draft yesterday, but it was too noisy at my son’s chess tournament to get very far. It’s not an easy topic (I have a backup topicthat would be easier, but I am committed to my original choice.)

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  3. Ha! The game room was quiet except for a blunder on my part: I was outside talking on my cell about my daughter’s boyfriend breaking up with her: I had no idea the window was open—until I saw someone closing it. Oops! The waiting room got pretty noisy with people reviewing and analyzing games.

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  4. Reblogged this on Mary J Melange and commented:
    I cherish my beloved Green Bay Packers and root for them every time they play. Today, our famed QB, Aaron Rodgers, was injured and may be out of the rest of the season. And the team lost the game. Packer Nation is bummed, but you can certainly help by checking out Dan Antion’s blog post about The Cherished Blogfest 2017 and then checking out how you can participate. Due to technical error, this blogfest has been extended through next Sunday, October 22nd.

    I need some happiness, people…stories of your cherished people, places and things. Put a smile on my sad football face and make Maddie the dog a very happy little girl. I look forward to your posts!

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