Busy Autumn Weekend

“Gotta get ready for winter.”

Here we are on another Monday when I’m looking at my sixth post in six days. I added a post on Friday for the Cherished Blogfest, and I added a very short one yesterday, to fix a mistake I made with the Cherished Blogfest. On top of that, we had a busy long weekend.

I’m tired.

You’re probably tired of seeing “No Facilities” in your inbox.

My editor is tired of seeing grammatically incorrect drafts on the kitchen table.

And, in a rare bit of scheduling, the Steelers were on TV here in Connecticut, and it took them 59:08 to secure a win over Kansas City.

I’ll collect my thoughts and put together a Monday post…maybe next week. For now, let me just share some of what has to pass for Autumn photos, from an uncharacteristically blah New England. You can click on any photo to start a slide show and see the full captions.

See you Wednesday.


  1. Hi Dan – love the black squirrel … and then Maddie and her master off on a gentle autumnal walk … well done on correcting the Cherished bloghop – cheers Hilary

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  2. Time to take a rest, Dan. Couch time with Maddie…after work, of course. The fall colors are dull here as well. Not sure if it was too much summer rain or the unusually warm weather (but not today) we’ve been having.

    Happy Monday!

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  3. Did you hear me talking about you last night? My husband was bemoaning the Chiefs loss, and I told him at least Dan was happy as a result of the loss. :-) New England is blah this year. Maddie having a nice walk reminds me that my daughter was walking her dog, Penny, yesterday only to be overcome by two dogs not on leashes who charged after them. It scared Penny so bad she got out of her leash and they chased her while my daughter ran to catch up. She was headed for a busy road but cut through some woods and went around to the back gate on the side of the house and hid. My daughter thought to look there and got her in the yard where they discovered the pads of her feet were bleeding. The two dogs were roaming around the property looking for her and when the owner showed up to get them, he never even rang the bell to apologize. You can’t even walk your dog without being bullied. :-)

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    • Oh my! That’s a scary story. Maddie has gotten out of her harness (which is why I use harness and leash now) but not with other dogs. We have leash laws for a reason. I can’t believe she didn’t get a profound apology from the owner. The dogs’ behavior is instinct – the owner’s is inexcusable. I hope her pads heal up quickly.

      I’m sorry for your hubs – but not for the win. That minute between 1:52 and 0:52 seemed to last forever.

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  4. Trying to write something every day that will be published every single day is so difficult. I tried it several years ago and lasted about 8 months. Never ever again.

    The leaves are finally starting to change here but they are holding onto the branches for dear life.

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    • Thank you! It has never been my intention to write every day. I signed-up for the April A-Z thing once, but I chickened out the last week of March. One big thing is that, when I put that much out there, I don’t have time to read the stuff others write. I think reading is essential to writing, and there has to be a balance.

      I guess it’s a funny Autumn all over.


  5. Your autumn is always more colorful than ours is, and the fact that yours looks like this does not bode well. This may be the dullest fall we’ve had. I find myself wondering if it’s just as of yet, or if it’s going to be that way this year. Weird hotness this month, probably not near enough rain, either.
    As always, I enjoyed the photos :)

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    • I’m going to try to avoid it. You do it well, John, but I find it quickly becomes a distraction and I don’t read as much, online and offline and I miss that. I really like those three days where I have nothing to worry about.


  6. From here the fallen leaves look orange rather than brown, but I know what you mean about turning brown and down. Some trees are doing that here too. I’ve been fortunate to see some Fall color this year. I’ll share that on Wed.

    Enjoy your days of rest from blogging. I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s One liner. :)

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    • Thanks Christine. I hear the crows squawking and I try to imagine what they might be talking about. For all I know they’re trying to find enough crows to carry me off :-)

      Muted fall colors, but it’s OK. We keep saying that we love the four seasons. With each one, we take what we get.

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  7. Hey d- woo hoo – had to come and say congrats on Steelers win! Yeah baby – thought of u. And now just hoping the 49ers can get. Win soon-
    And a squirrel shadow – how did u get that photo shot!??
    That is a sad tree and a really unique photo.


      • It was very interesting and I was just reading about apples on one of my Fav food blogs (in Diane’s kitchen) and told her she has to see this photo – she has three apple trees and makes stuff – and dan – the owner of this tree must not care at all about the crop

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            • When I was a kid, an apple tree in the park would have been picked clean by kids. Today’s kids are being fed snacks that are prepared in advance and brought in sanitary containers.

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            • That is a really good point – a while ago I was teaching a psych class and I always tried to make the snacks a part of a lesson – so students did 5 math problems – ate an apple – then did similar math problems to see if the apple consumption impacted math speed – we talked about other factors that could interplay but was just a mock activity to keep learning enriched – well one girl was like “ugh – do I have to eat all of this apple”
              “Oh no – my dear – I would never inflict such pain on anyone – you just stop eating that apple as needed.” Then she said she hated apples – putting her tongue around her lips and acting as if it was so painful – it was a classic red delicious and to each their own – but most folks like a crisp and fresh “delicious” variety – anyhow
              – I think she wanted boxed food

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    • We’re a little worried about the squirrels. The acorn count is extremely low this year. I hope they have enough to gather. Of course, the ones near our house will just come knock on the door. “Gather? Oh, you mean go ask the nice lady for food…”


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