One-Liner Wednesday – One Job

“You have one job!”

Um, you do know why you’re here…don’t you?

Yes, guys, I know. I’m here to feed you. But it’s only 3:30 and you don’t eat until 5:00.”

Thus began 19 hours of care-giving. A job at which I think I excelled and for which I’m sure I received a failing grade. Maybe a ‘D’,  maybe, if they remember that I snuck them an extra dollop of Tuna Pate, a ‘D+’ but I won’t stake my grade point on it.

You may remember from last week that the brownish fluff is Preston. The handsome boy in the tuxedo is Moncton. They are our daughter’s cats and I was cat-sitting. I was on vacation, so I thought I’d sleep on Faith’s couch. Apparently, that’s Moncton’s couch. I was also guilty of putting stuff on the coffee table. Stuff I found on the floor in the morning when I woke to the not-so-gentle tapping on my cheek. “Um, remember why you’re here…

I love these guys, and I really enjoy staying with them. Apparently, I don’t feed, or scratch them often enough and I don’t share enough of my Bugles (which I didn’t know cats eat), and I don’t put Moncton’s food on the right step. He used to eat on the third step, then the second and now he sits on the floor, but the food bowl goes on the first step. But, all of that aside, I think they like it when I stay overnight with them.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.




  1. LMAO! This was great Dan. Classic photos. I knew you wouldn’t get through it without at least one tool though. Haha. I do give you bonus points for minimal technical detail on the food steps issue. Hey, those cats know your analytical mind wouldn’t “vacation”well so kudos to them for keeping it interesting right?

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  2. I wonder if the felines in our lives ever rate us higher than a D+? Does purring give us at least a C?

    This is so cute, Dan. Thanks for sharing Preston and Moncton and your cat sitting duties. They are obviously well cared for, both by you and Faith. Perhaps a little spoiled It’s the good Bugle life!

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    • They might be a little spoiled. I think they worry that I’ll take the “all you have to do is swing by twice and feed them” too seriously. They’re more “swing by, feed us twice, scratch us, feed us a few more times, scratch us, and stop putting stuff on the table.”

      MiMi and MuMu grade on a pretty tough curve, too. I’ll take the ‘D’

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  3. I love this post – all things kitty related 💕
    Preston and Moncton and priceless – especially the look on Preston’s face peering over the top of your leg.
    I delude myself into thinking that Theo would give me at least a C, maybe a C+, but I lose points for all the times I leave the house and I’m no longer available for whatever he fancies at the moment.

    I thought Theo liked strange things, but Bugles? To each cat their own 🙂

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  4. Dan–this was a riot. What handsome guys these are! The photo of Moncton sticking his head in the bag…too funny. Oh, yes, the preciseness of it all. Teemu just stares at me if I don’t set his food right. Quickly, I get the message. Do these two get along with MiMi and MuMu?

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    • They used to stay at our place when Faith traveled, but Preston got a little mean. I think it works better for them to be in their own place. Preston is on meds now, so it might work, but four cats and a dog would be a challenge.

      I was torn between telling Moncton to “get away from the donut” and thinking that I needed to get those pictures. I’m glad I have the photos.

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  5. Aw! Super cute fellas! :) Very pretty kitties! Talented redecorators! :)
    I have a friend whose cat pushes the bowl as he eats, too — his owner calls it Moveable Feast! lol He goes all over the kitchen with it!
    Cletus would move the food bowl as he eats if I let him. He did that as a kitten with kitten food in our room. Now that he’s a big boy he eats with the others. Due to dog, the dish must never walk off the surface above dog’s reach, and also, the dish is pottery over that stupid porcelain floor, so I adhere it to the baker’s rack with a glob of sticky tack. It’s effective for our situation.

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  6. Cats are so cool yet they also rule! Dan, if you don’t know that by now when will you ever get that? We are here to serve them and heaven forbid if we don’t do it their way they will certainly tell us about it! I love love love these images and I got quite a kick out of their antics. Thank you for giving me a great big smile today. 💖

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  7. Dan, you’re a good dad to pet-sit. Maybe it’s just the picture, but — That is one seriously large kitty — you’d better stay on his good side. :D Loved all the pics.
    Bugles are corn, right? Some kitties love corn. Some also like to play with corn cobs. I had one who did… one day we moved the sofa. I couldn’t understand why she was acting so funny; wouldn’t get out of the way. Then her hoard of corn cobs was exposed. LOL. You’re the cat’s meow.


  8. You had your hands full and those cats are cute, curious and a bit ornery! When I cat sit for my friend, the two calico “once upon a time” barn cats get into mischief! They slide across the coffee table and knock off a glass tray. It has red candle during Christmas (I never light it, Jenny is my friend and it is never lit.) They knocked the red candle smack onto the floor, flipped it onto the top and it left a red imprint on the cream carpet! Yikes!
    You are definitely a cat whisperer as well as interpreter! 😊

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  9. I live with three cats. They let me stay as long as I inform their pet, my husband, to change the litter regularly and make sure there is always, always fresh water. Their pet takes care of everything else.

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  10. We all LOVE your pets. Maddie is adorably smart. But I’m a cat person and really your tuxedo little guy Moncton is so funny with the Dunkin Donuts’ bag! Cats love the company of another cat. Doubles the fun for them and for us today.
    Now that my daughter has also two cats I get to see adorable and funny short video clips. Cats are clever, independent and so soft! I’m sure you enjoy Moncton and Preston as much as they enjoy you. As long as you feed them, of course :)

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    • I do like staying with the boys. I also like our little tuxedo girls. Maddie gets more attention simply because she demands more. She’s a special needs type dog. Faith shared photos of her boys with us on a fairly regular basis. They’re older, but they can still be entertaining.


  11. Aww, Preston and Moncton look like a fun, fluffy pair. I can see why you enjoy having them around. But hey, Dan — I, for one, wouldn’t blame you for hoarding your Bugles. They’re too good to share!

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