One-Liner Wednesday – Oh No!

I had a different post ready to go today, but then we got this missive in our inboxes:

“Please note we have (visitors) in the office this Friday.  You can still wear jeans on Friday, but please look neat and do not wear flip flops.   THANK YOU!”

Flip flops? I don’t even own a pair of flip flops. Still, I think I have some readers out there who would be upset by this. They can join me in taking Friday as a vacation day. I have work to do, but some folks just need to keep those toes in the fresh air.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow this link to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Today’s gallery features some of New England’s finest, the fall we thought we were going to be denied. Early on, we only had pockets of color. I stopped to snag some photos of the best ones I saw. Then, last week we seemed to get a burst of broad color. You can click any photo to start a slide show.


  1. Flip flops? On November 3rd? In New England? Maybe it’s not as cold there as it is here, but my toes are covered as it has been trying to snow the last two days. I guess my northern friends are going to get some of the white stuff later. Nope, no flip flops. They are hibernating until spring.

    Nice color, Dan. Enjoy while the leaves are still on the trees.

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    • Thanks Judy. We got a quick burst of color, just as the leaves really started falling. That storm on Sunday coaxed most of them out of the trees. I see people in shorts and flip flops well into frostbite season. No one in my house, though.


    • Thanks Cheryl. In the land of permanent summer, I guess you could get away with flip flops all year. Sooner or later up here, you’re going to be stepping into a puddle of slush.

      I had to stop Maddie to snag that last shot. Her park was so pretty that morning.

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  2. Flip flops are not my thing, and I long for the day when they stop being other people’s thing. Or at least their thing in a work environment. Yes, I’m being cranky here. Your photos of autumn color are lovely. Our trees didn’t look this good this year.

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    • Crank away Ally. I like jeans days, but I tend to be buttoned up and my feet are well-covered. I try to look neat at all times at work.

      Our fall was isolated bits of blah color throughout most of October and then, bam, we had one week where the color just popped out.

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  3. Beautiful fall foliage photos, Dan. As for flip-flops, I seem to remember we called them “thongs” when i was growing up. Now it seems that “thong” applies almost exclusively to something else that might be worn (I almost said “that you might wear,” but decided that I didn’t know you well enough to make that statement). Casual Fridays can be tricky these days when the judgement about what is “casual” is completely subjective–I had a friend who considered “casual” to mean that he might wear a blazer rather than a suit.

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    • Thanks (for not mentioning me and things in the same sentence) Mike. I do remember those days. We’d get a new pair for our vacation to Lake Erie. Probably the last time I wore them. What I like most about Friday’s relaxed dress code is that I get to wear comfortable shoes. All the toes are inside :)

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  4. Flip flops? When I was 8! At work? I was uncomfortable wearing pants at work. Yep. I’m old school. We didn’t get the blaze of colour we usually do. I blame an unusually warm fall. Nice to see such beauty!

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    • Ha ha – thanks Pam. The “no flip flops” rule doesn’t bother me, either. We had the blah fall until the past week, when we got a quick burst of color. Then a storm on Sunday blew most of the color to the ground.

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    • Thanks Lois. I think work drives itself to the lowest point, that one person who wears a tattered sweatshirt over jeans. Most people are smart enough and considerate enough to dress appropriately.

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    • Thanks Paul. I’m kind of hoping the message was meant to be humorous, but then again, I don’t pay much attention to what people wear. All I know is this message had no impact on my fashion choices.

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  5. Oh, autumn sunshine and autumn morning sunshine for me, please :) It is looking more autumnal here, but the weather’s not been the kind to go trotting about in. Maybe today.
    I wore flip-flops quite a bit at my last job, although they were more what people would call thongs. I didn’t sport plastic and rubber ones. We just had to keep real shoes available in case clients came in.

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    • Ha ha – I can imagine that wouldn’t sit well in your neighborhood, John. I’m not sure what “neat” means. I usually wear jeans and a dress shirt. The big benefit for me is that I can wear a pair of (nice looking) walking shoes that are amazingly comfortable.

      I’m so glad we got that brief period of color.

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  6. Flip Flops in New England? In November? Where do those people think they live So Cal? :)

    I didn’t even wear flip flops all summer.

    Wow the oranges you get are amazing, and beautiful! I wish we had more of those here. One day I hope to see Fall Color in your neck of the woods.

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    • Thanks Deborah. The flip flop ban doesn’t bother me in the least. We almost missed out on the color this year. We had these isolated trees, but no big swatches. Then, boom, it just popped!


    • Thanks! I love stopping at that cemetery, but I think this is the best time of year. I also stop there when it’s foggy.

      I’m not sure we have anyone who wears flip flops to work, but what do I know?


  7. What vibrant lovely fall colors, Dan. Where I live, we mainly see the yellow of aspen trees, which are beautiful but are usually whipped off by cold winds after two or three days. I enjoyed your one liner and the memoir that inspired it. I would ban flip-flops from workplaces every where every day. I am distracted, unpleasantly so, by the sight of people’s gnarly toes and frequently unkempt toenails. I know. I know. It’s a problem I have.

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    • We almost missed the display of color this year, Janet, but things popped last week. We still have a lot of green, including some that fall and just turn brown on the ground. But, we did get a week of brilliance.

      I wouldn’t mind your banning flip flops. I tend to keep my toes covered.


  8. Gorgeous colors and simply divine (Godly given) choices of true Autumn going out in a “blaze of glory!” Thanks Dan and always include those little comments. . . I liked the “light streaming through the colors” one, particularly. 🍁🍁

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