Self (& Others) Destructive Behavior

Last Monday, I was all about planning and organization. This week, it’s all stuff that comes out of nowhere. Nowhere, in this case, being the underside of the Internet, where apps go to die. The app of interest? Jot, a simple drawing app that offered a bunch of via-the-Internet collaboration features. I didn’t use those. Others did, and the cost of running the servers that supported that exceeded the profits Jot generated.

Money In < Money Out

The sad thing is that instead of just ending the Internet stuff, the developer killed-off Jot. It’s sad because Jot is the app that I used for all those amazing illustrations I’ve included over the years.

I have a new app, but I’m just learning how to use it. It’s OK, I like learning and I think I like this app. So, I reached into those notes to see if I had a few more stories about Bat-Crap Crazy drivers. I had three that meet the theme of the title and one bizarre story. And, I managed to capture two of these on video…kinda. The illustrations are in mini-galleries. You can click on a photo to start a little slide show.

I don’t want to stop – This seems to be a common theme that visits me during rush hour. I do something silly, like stop for a red light, and someone behind me gets (as my best friend likes to say) a case of the a**. Pay attention, because there are two of these incidents and they both take place at the same intersection.

Incident #1 – I was approaching an intersection where I need to make a left turn onto an Interstate on-ramp. There’s a green arrow, controlling the left turn, and a long line of cars lined up in the opposing lanes. The green arrow turned yellow, and the two guys ahead of me squeezed through. The Arrow turned red as I approached the point where I could begin my turn. I stopped.

The guy behind me honked. I shook my head, because traffic was already coming toward us. Undeterred, the guy behind me pulled into the opposing traffic, and swerved into the wrong lane of the access road to the ramp. He got on the highway 60 seconds ahead of me.

Incident #2 – Same scenario as incident #1, only this time there are two cars behind me. The first car behind me was fine with me stopping for a red light, almost like it’s the kind of thing you’d expect people to do. The guy behind him (that’s number 3 in line) honked, accelerated and veered to the right! He passed the guy behind me, and me, and then cut into the intersection ahead of two lanes of oncoming traffic. This is when I decided to start using my GPS, with its embedded dash-cam, more often.

Incident #3 – Same theme, but different intersection and a very dangerous situation. I was driving up a street that goes by a school, a fire house, and a few stop signs. The street continues, but I turn right at an intersection where the right lane can go straight or turn right – if the light is green, and if the School Crossing Guard hasn’t stopped traffic.

As I was heading to this intersection, the guy behind me honked twice when I stopped at stop signs. I’m not sure, but I always thought that was the purpose of those signs. Apparently, I stopped and I let the person who had arrived at the intersection ahead of me go ahead of me. Two infractions – honk! As I approached the intersection where I turn, the light was already yellow. I started to stop, because it’s a tight turn and I wasn’t going to make it. Also, the crossing guard was in motion.

The guy behind me honked, pulled into the left-turn-only lane in an attempt to pass me and cruise through the now red light. Fortunately, he stopped before running over the crossing guard (first video).

The second video is just a guy who maybe thought he was in England. Or maybe he’s from England. As we left the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, he nonchalantly crossed the double-yellow line and began driving down the wrong side of the road. No illustration for this one, but you can watch in the second video.

Crossing Guard

Wrong Way


  1. Hi Dan – not funny at all … but glad you came out unscathed … people are not patient and are selfish … have a better driving week – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I leave early for work, and I take the back way home, all to avoid traffic. I’d like to think it would cut down on these encounters but these people are everywhere. I just can’t imagine putting other people’s lives st risk because you’re in a hurry n

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  2. Crazy, crazy people in those vehicles. I’ve never had anyone honk at me for stopping at a red light or stop sign. It’s a very good thing that the one driver didn’t cause a tragedy with the crossing guard, but I imagine that didn’t scare him into ending his crazy driving ways.

    Funny that this is your Monday post. I had a strange dream last night about driving a bus, from the back of the bus, in the wrong lane due to snow and road construction. No worries, I didn’t hurt anyone…

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    • That’s a crazy dream! You must be some kind of good driver to avoid an accident. These stop signs are annoying, but I once goy two tickets in two days for rolling through the same stop sign, so I stop.

      When I saw the guy come around me at the school crossing, I was afraid he was going to hit the guard. Nothing is worth that kind of risk.


  3. Your examples are mind boggling. The sad fact is that when we add all the folks who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and electronics, plus those who suffer road rage as part of their personality, we get to attempt to drive safely with them on our highways. It’s a rough place out there on our roads. Stay safe.

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    • Thanks Judy, I do my best to avoid rush hour traffic. I go to work way early and I take the back way home. Unfortunately, the “back way” seems to be the preferred route to avoid school buses on the highway, so they’re are people who want to travel like they’re still on a highway.

      The left turn onto that ramp is the scariest intersection I drive on. I see an almost-accident about once a week, and more road rage than I ever care to see. I just play be the rules and hope no one gets hurt.

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  4. Crazy is right–and downright scary! It’s like a train wreck–you don’t want to look but you cannot take your eyes off of some of these drivers. Sixty seconds sooner than you–‘Hey buddy, was it really worth it?”

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  5. Your first graphic confoozled me. I thought it said, “The money we put into this is less than the money we get out of it,” rather than what it really said, “The money we get in from this is less than the money we put out for it.” So much for math being a universal language, eh?

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    • Sorry for the confusion. My career is full of dealing with accountants who talk about income and revenue and gross and net – I like ‘money in’ ‘money out’ – Anyway, accounting should never be confused with math.


    • Thanks John. I figure, stopping at red lights and stop signs is one way to keep avoiding accidents. I get blared at at one intersection, where there’s simply no way to see if you can safely turn right on red, unless you pull into the intersection. I choose to wait, and people seem to hate me for it. I’ve seen many close calls at that place.

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  6. Living on a gravel road has its advantages. The gravel (read dirt) records everything that happens and while walking the roads, one can read volumes written by the stupidity, ill manners and poor judgement of drivers. My favorite is the two sets of long skid marks that begin in the middle of the road in direct line with each other – then veer down into the ditch and off into the corn.

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    • That adds new meaning to “that’s gonna leave a mark.” The problem in all of these cases is that the idiot would be the one causing most of the damage on the poor slobs who got in his way (all three were men).


  7. UnREAL. Thankfully there isn’t too much honking around here — maybe the town is small enough that despite the fact people drive like idiots, they don’t feel the compulsion to lay on the horn all that much. But seriously, this kind of behaviour on the road is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, where are the damn police when this stuff is going on? Too busy sitting in a speed trap on the highway, or watching for people who aren’t wearing their seat belt. Come on, guys, get yourselves into the smaller areas where the REAL infractions are being perpetrated, and where it’s more dangerous for innocents and pedestrians. Crazy. >-/

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    • They could make their monthly quota at that interstate on-ramp – every single month, Wendy. The idiots that try to beat the oncoming traffic are always there. I don’t mind when they’re ahead of me, but if these clowns had gotten clipped, I think I’d receive some collateral damage.

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      • Oh, definitely! And that’s what they never seem to realize — they aren’t putting just themselves in jeopardy. They’re a menace to everyone around them, and often it’s those other people who suffer the most. It’s just not right. And all for, as you said at one point in the post, an extra few seconds of time.

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  8. Great post.
    I can’t believe the guy who turned into oncoming traffic!!!
    Unfortunately, I experience these sort of crossing guard-type and go around in a red light-type things darn near daily. My path to schools is past two other schools, a few crossing guards, and a fire station. There are always police as well, so I have no idea how it is that people feel so emboldened, honking at those who obey traffic signs, nearly sideswiping children, speeding past kids on bikes, DRIVING ON CURBS to get there seconds faster. At least once a week someone is pulled over for a case of the a**. Sadly, I tell you, sadly, most I’ve seen are parents.
    This morning, I pulled tight against the far side of the curb so a fire truck could pass. This angered the person behind me, He waved his arms and screamed at me, and he was so busy doing that, he hadn’t noticed the engine behind him, but those horns are loud and he got the message in time to pull over. Where he waited behind me and two other cars before pulling back out. That road is three lanes wide for that very purpose. I think we all smiled cheerfully as we passed him. I know I did.
    Fortunately, most people around here are of the kinder, gentler sort, who insist you go first, and smile as children cross. Lots of waving where I live.

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    • I have come to the conclusion that the worst drivers on the road are people waiting to get their kids off the school bus. They block driveways, intersections, emergency vehicles – God forbid your child actually had to walk 50 feet!

      I do the “you go first” thing with people who are on the clock. FedEx, UPS, Mailmen, etc. I figure it makes a difference in their day, if someone cuts them a break (and I drove a mail truck for long enough to feel for them). People behind me always seem to get a case of the royal a** when I do that. (that’s the progression, a case of the a** and a case of the royal a**. I think it ends with a royal case od the a** but I’ll have to check).

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      • Thank you for explaining your a** hierarchy. We tend to use idiots and morons and if it’s bad, we add some F words on the front.
        I feel similarly in the carline, particularly at the middle school in the morning. People who need to see their kids walk into the building are higher in number than I’d have previously guessed. Very, very special kids have very, very special parents.

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  9. Holy Hell! I can’t believe the guy in the oncoming traffic didn’t realize his or her mistake and get out of the lane and into the right one! WOW!

    I’ve had people honk at me for stopping to let the cross-guard, and or people in the crosswalk have THEIR Right of Way at a neighborhood traffic light. Key word these type of people seem to continually forget once they pass the drivers test and throw out the handbook is that the pedestrians have the RIGHT OF WAY! ALWAYS!!

    At this same intersection a whole lot of left turning people never let the coming straight through drivers have their right of way and there were quite a few wrecks. Finally the city figured they couldn’t fight that kind of stupid anymore, and installed a real 4 way traffic light with left turning arrows, so they have to wait their turn now. HA! I love it! :)
    I’ve still seen many rude drivers being rude to those crossing in the crosswalks though. It’s infuriating!

    I was interested in learning that the GPS in your cell phone has a dash cam. I wonder if mine does. That’s handy feature I think.

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    • I picked the one with the dash cam because it was on sale for less than the one without. I like that it adds lane-assist and collision-avoidance to my basic car that doesn’t have those features.

      Crosswalks are so dangerous. I have to cross a few with Maddie. Every now and then, I see someone who will run the stop sign because if they stopped, we’d be at the crosswalk.

      This left turn on-ramp is controlled by a light, but so many people feel they should be able to go if the guy in front of them goes.

      The guy driving into oncoming traffic seemed clueless. I thought maybe he was visiting from another country, but I saw him again this morning (in the correct lane).

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  10. Some people are nuts. We have a busy intersection by us that, because of nearby schools, doesn’t allow a right turn on red. YES, it’s irritating, and YES, most of the time it would be perfectly safe to turn right after stopping and looking, but NO, the signs clearly state that there is no turning right on red during certain days/hours. I hate to be the first person at the red light waiting to turn right because often jerks behind me – who apparently can’t read – honk and make all sorts of hand gestures. Every once-in-awhile someone drives around me and makes the turn from the other (non-turn) lane. So far I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a cop at that particular intersection at just the right time.

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    • Where are the police when we need them? I know that feeling, being the first in line and failing to give into peer-pressure, in favor of the law. When they drive around like that, they put a lot of people at risk. Thanks for adding your experience (sorry that you have it).

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  11. I’m blown away…..what is wrong with people?? Whenever I see anything like this,it just boggles my mind….are they in such a hurry and so dense they haven’t figured out a resulting accident is going to cost them more time, money and potentially their life or someone else’s??

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  12. I can hardly bear to read these stupid/dangerous driver posts because there are too, too many of these people around. What’s the name of the new app you’re using? I don’t think I missed it, but I AM scrambling to get today’s posts read (in reverse order, thanks to the Reader) and I may have skimmed past it.


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  13. You can add me to your list of bat crazy drivers, Dan. My post today (comments closed) will tell you about my wake-up call. In my case I did nothing on purpose but was very distracted by the ring of my cellphone. Now? I am turning my cellphone off before I drive. It’s not worth getting into an accident or dying.

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  14. It really is amazing that even more people aren’t killed on the roads.
    I don’t know how he got there but we had one driving the wrong way in the left shoulder of a divided highway last week. I thought I was imagining things at first but it scared the crap out of me as we drove past him and realized that yes he was in fact on our side of the highway.

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  15. I’m actually relieved to read this post because it implies the insanity isn’t just here.

    Last Friday, in one hour, 8 pedestrians and 1 cyclist were hit by cars. The media has been BEGGING people – both motorists and pedestrians – to exercise better sense on the road, but only 2 days later – on Sunday morning – Gilles and I were nearly hit by a car, crossing on a green light – in daylight, wearing bright neon colours.

    We had almost reached the other side of the road when a speeding car came flying around the corner on a right hand turn. Neither Gilles or I saw it coming, and literally were almost run down. We were both stunned frozen to the spot while the car sped away.

    That was this week’s miracle. I didn’t die taking a walk with my husband.

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    • I am very sorry to hear that. That’s my biggest fear. I come off the highway in the morning, often in the dark, and every now and then there are high school kids – not wearing neon colors – that run, walk, bike across the end of the ramp. Cars behind me clearly don’t expect me to stop that early in the morning on a quiet street.

      Very glad you guys walked away from that.


  16. The thing that I hate in these situations is that when the creep behinds my honks because I’ve done what the law dictates I should do, I feel guilty as though I’ve done something wrong. What’s that about?

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