Thursday Doors – Happy Thanksgiving

Anne St area leftover.

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and that means that many of you, including my lovely editor, have been cooking and cleaning since before I started writing this post. So, I’m going to cut you all some slack and just go with the door photos and their captions.

I chose doors that don’t require a story, don’t have a documented history, or are left over from previous posts. Who doesn’t love leftovers?

This post is part of the wonderfully addictive series by Norm Frampton, called Thursday Doors. Each week, we gather together at Norm’s place and share door photos, comments, turkey, pie and adult beverages. Oops, I’m getting the day’s events confused. Once you get to Norm’s, look for the blue frog. He will guide you into the gallery where you can add your doors, or admire the doors of so many others.

To my readers in the US, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for spending some of your precious time at this place. You guys rock!


    • Thanks. I had hoped the building would be used for something that would allow greater access. There had been talk of a museum or mixed-use space. The state cut a deal with itself, without much scrutiny, and it was decided.

      I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for following here.

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  1. On this Thursday holiday, you provided doors to meet every readers’ delight. The Anne St. door is beautiful, love Anne and Mike, like the new storm door, and would really like to take Maddie on her walk today. :-) Hope you and all your loved ones in CT and other places have a safe and happy holiday weekend. :-)

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    • Thanks so much Judy. Maddie is still on the couch, but we’ll be out soon for a walk. I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. It seems we’ve been blessed with a beautiful day in New England.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving Dan. You have to be the most dedicated doors poster I know. My favorite this go round? The discarded soldiers, awaiting the dumpster. Like old veterans they still stand at attention, just not as straight…😏Best wishes to your family as well.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I’ve been setting these aside for this post. I’m glad you like the “retirees” – they did their duty and they served us well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in your new home.

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  3. Thanks Dan. Spending it with family in the frigid North. But nature has bowed in kindness to me and we are looking at unseasonably warmer temps for the time we are here. 👏Surrounded by every chickof mine and their chicks too. I am truly thankful.

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  4. Great post Dan. Love these doors, especially new storm door. It looks so solid. I really think there should be a brass plaque on the brick column. “DAN WAS HERE”. Lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Ginger

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  5. A great collection, Dan. A very Happy thanksgiving to you and yours too!
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we send you warm greetings across the pond.
    The Fab Four of Cley,
    Dina x

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  6. Leftovers are my favorite. Dinner often tastes better at breakfast.
    Door leftovers are good, too :) I like the shot from the Boston hotel room.
    I think it’s nice how Maddie doesn’t destroy her stuffies. There’s only one Sadie’s kept intact for a number of years, and it’s actually a cat toy. Fernando the tiger. Your kitties are pretty, too.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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  7. A lot of great photos, Dan. I’ll have to come back tomorrow (aka ‘later today’) and have another look. Love Maddie and her toy, though. And I see what you mean from MuMu’s expression… she seems a bit miffed…
    Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving.

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  8. A left over door is very okay with me, on a day like this. Obviously this is after Thanksgiving dinner, which I did not have to cook. A perk when one has adult children eager to try out their new dishes on their parents:)They did a great job. My daughter made sure we had a leftover to take home with us. Do I have it made, or what?

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  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan! 1) That Capitol Building archway is pretty cool looking. My favorite door in this week’s entry. 2) I DO like Auntie Anne’s, but I’m not crazy about the modern trend of soft pretzels being so slick with butter (or whatever it is). Tastes good, I know, but texture is part of the eating experience! 3) Pass the Mike’s for sure. I also see some Heavy Seas in there — one of my favorites, and a local brewer. I got to tour their facility a couple years ago and see how it’s made. Interesting — and delicious! Like leftovers.

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  10. Ooh, aahh! I particularly like the Hartford Times columns and doors, Dan.
    I think the doors with red poinsettias in containers and orange chrysanthemums seem so cheerful!
    I noticed an antique building set in between modern buildings. It does look like it belongs on a grassy, green hill! This whole post was very happy and hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. 🍁😊🍂

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  11. OMG — that/those building(s) with red brick and white stone! !!! heart heart heart heart heart!!! And that stone building with the round tower! Of COURSE it has no door — have you never READ Rapunzel??? You are slaying me with these doors this week!

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