The Blue Skies are for Peter

This is for Peter Nena

The company I work for has a fiscal year that ends on November 30. That means we have to use the requisite number of vacation days, prior to this Thursday, or we lose them. I have never lost a vacation day.

I have one day left, so I decided to take today off, and I thought I’d share my good fortune with you. I’m giving you the day off from reading.

I hope you enjoy the photos in the gallery. They were taken during a couple of walks with Maddie over the long holiday weekend.


    • You’re welcome Peter. When we started our walk, it was raining very lightly, but the sun was working hard and the blue was breaking through. I couldn’t help but think of you. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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  1. Wow! These are terrific photos. Love the bright star-like bursts of sun through the trees. The photo for Peter Nena is exceptional. And I love the shadows of you and Maddie!

    Have a great day off. Hope it’s a sample of how the rest of the week will go.


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  2. How come Peter gets all the blue skies? I don’t begrudge him blue skies, but how come he gets them ALL? How about sharing, Peter, huh? ~sniffle~ Dan, your close-ups are fabulous! And that cold little guy looks kinda lamb’s ear-ish.

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  3. Cool artistic shots, there, Dan! I’m messing around with “pro settings” on my phone and am getting some really good results. Shhhh …. I’m not a football fan but whatever floats “your” boat …. ;) I just came in from doing some macro shots in my gardens and I agree with you. IT’S COLD! By Wednesday however up to 61! I’ll take it I’ll take it! And last but far from least good for you taking ALL your vacation days. I mean is there anyone out there who doesn’t? I knew when I was working I didn’t. Have a great evening! :)

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  4. I’m not a fan of snow, but I do love frost and your photos of this light frosting … and the lightly frozen puddle – are gorgeous.
    No risk of a day like that today. We’re supposed to see very mild temperatures.

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  5. I was in my boss’s office telling her I have 3.7 hours leftover to schedule. I waa asking to add to my days off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. She thought it was funny how specific I was being. It means I can leave early on December 22nd. 😊
    I have been taking frost photographs on plants and weeds, too. I liked the big shadow of you and Maddie.

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    • I hope you share the frost photos – there’s something interesting about frost. Leaving early on a Friday is always a good thing. On that weekend, it will feel even better.


      • It will be even better, I agree!
        Now, as long as Felicia is able to leave early. She was (realtor) “on call” over Thanksgiving weekend so we drove up Wed. and back Thurs. night. I spent time and lunch out with Marley for her 9th (yikes!) birthday then drove back to Cleveland on my own. Directly to the hospital, but now Randy’s doing much better. . . 😁

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