The Dumpster Is Gone

Walking into the sun

Don’t worry, I saw the support for my bar-buddy’s request, I’m not going to bore you with a scrap-by-scrap dumpster-filling post. The title says it all.

I will say that there is something special about having a dumpster in your driveway. And, in the interest of transparency, I need to give the editor some most all the credit on this one.

I had ordered a 6-yd dumpster. That’s the capacity. The form-factor is a 5 1/2′ cube, with no front door, so everything has to go over the 5 ½’  (1.7m) side into the bin. The stuff that is taller, wider, deeper than 5 ½’ – yeah, that stuff has to be cut in half, or in thirds, or in some number of pieces. That was my plan. Cut the big stuff and toss it all over the side. The 5 ½’ side. That’s taller than the editor, which is maybe why she said:

Are you sure you don’t want a bigger dumpster?

I made the call and upgraded to a 12-yd roll-off dumpster, with one end that swings open. Wow, did that make a difference. And, given the extra capacity, I was able to throw a few other things out. In fact, that’s pretty much what we did this weekend.

The pictures in the gallery are not dumpster shots. Well, there are a few, but not too many. The others were collected during the other weekend activity – walking Maddie. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Good Monday morning Dan! Congrats on another project well done. I think the Editor was wise. 20’s? Brrrrrr…….beautiful photos though. Love the sunlight shot and of course the moon one as well. Maddie looking lovely as always. It’s good to see your face! 😀

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  2. I can only say that this early on Monday morning, I am glad there wasn’t a quiz about how many cubic feet of junk/stuff fit into the dumpster. Thanks for the morning walk and Maddie photos. I would like to be in her place this morning, just hanging out on the couch and sleeping.

    For Cheryl…yes, 20’s for a high after today’s high of 55. Welcome to the north in December!

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    1. Whenever I feel like we’re getting smacked around by Old Man Winter, I think “well you could live in Wisconsin” and then I feel a little warmer.

      I knew better than to make people math on a Monday. But, I have been holding the math inside, it’s gonna slip out at some point.

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  3. I didn’t know that you could order a dumpster. I mean, obviously I see them in neighbor’s driveways, but I never thought about how they got there. Does a service then come and take away your junk in the dumpster, when they pick up your dumpster. Like 1-800-Got-Junk does with their truck? Inquiring minds, and all that…

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    1. Yes, the rental service returns when you’re done with the dumpster. The services are often the people who do residential trash collection, although today, a lot of them dump the contents in their facility, sort it and recycle a lot of the material.

      The pricing varies based on size. a 6yd would have been $235 and I could have put 1 ton of stuff in it before being charged more. The 12yd was $330 but I could put 2 tons in.

      If you go over the weight limit, you’re charged by the ton. In our area, it’s $90 per ton. The first week is included in the price, after that, it’s $20 a week.


    1. Thanks Lois. So what is normal December weather for you guys? 70’s are unthinkable right now. I’ve been working outside in a long sleeve tee-shirt, with a sweatshirt and a vest over that. A day in the 50’s has been a wonderful treat. I am just about done. Next weekend’s highs are forecast to be in the 30’s. I still have to get the cars in the garage and the snow blower pointed out the door of the shed. Then I’ll be ready for winter.

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  4. Love the long loopy shadows along the road with you and Maddy – and your dumpster looks surprisingly tidy, but I guess you can get rid of more stuff that way and really get your money’s worth! :-)

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    1. Thanks Ruth. Filling this dumpster was like a puzzle. You can’t go over the top, and I had so many large items, it had to be somewhat organized.

      I’m glad you like the shadows picture. Walking along and seeing those big loops made me smile.

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  5. You must have smiled with satisfaction when you closed that dumpster door. We live about 15 minutes from our recycling center and have hauled many a trailer load of stuff to be disposed of. But, this is even easier having it right in the driveway. :-) 23 here this morning, but the sun is shining.

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    1. It did feel good, Judy. I have a trailer, but the only recycling option is a M-F 7:00am to 5:30 pm deal, which means I have to take vacation time to get there. This works really well, and when you factor in the tipping fees, it’s really not that expensive. We haven’t had a town “free” option for years, except for yard waste. We do have a brush and leaf dump about 10 minutes from our house which is very handy.

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      1. Our hours are Tues, Thurs, Sat 8:30-3:30 which at least gives the working folks one day. We have free brush and leaf dump, but everything else gets weighed and you have the opportunity to write a check to the town. I like the dumpster idea a lot especially when you know you have a lot to get rid of.

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        1. For my normal woodworking and projects, I bought a second wheeled-bin. One time fee and I can wheel it to the curb. But for stuff like this, I go with the dumpster. The convenience of tossing something in when you have it, vs. storing it for a while is really worth it.


  6. Great shots of the sun and leaves. I’m very sad about how early the sun goes down lately.
    “Maddie! I was trying to take a picture of that branch.” — Maddie: STICK! :)
    I’m glad you got your bigger dumpster. Good thinking on the editor’s part!

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    1. Thanks. I’m sad by the short days, but I am glad we’re back on standard time so I see some sun in the morning before I get to work.

      I think you have the dialog right on that branch. Maddie wasn’t into an artsy photo.

      I do owe the editor for this idea. None of this would have worked with the smaller unit. That would have been dumb.

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  7. LOve the idea of a door for the dumpster. I’ve made a mental note when when do a clear out! It must feel good to get that old load caterd away Dan.
    Thanks for sharing crispy foggy sunrises and Maddie 💕

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  8. well you have opened my eyes to the idea of getting a larger dumpster also… We will begin demo of our half bath as soon as I get the trees down the day after Christmas. We had originally planned to just load our 16 foot trailer with the small items and make more then one trip to dump everything but after reading this I may look into a dumpster also. I think with removing the walls on two sides of the bath to expand the floor plan we may want to think about this a little farther. It is so nice to be back online like a normal person. My lap top had been giving me problems for about 2 months until I was finally able to get the parts and labor all worked out to get it fixed. Hope to be reading more soon!

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    1. Thanks for the comment JoLynn. The best part about having a dumpster during a renovation is being able to throw whatever away, as soon as it becomes trash. I love not having to move stuff twice. I do have a small trailer, but I need it for emergency runs to the lumberyard. The third best part is just watching as someone comes and takes it all away :)


  9. LOVE that halter you have for Maddie, Dan. Wow that is top of the line, nothing is too good for Maddie! Enjoyed your gallery thank you! Ice? … yikes! Yeah I know I know it IS that time of the year. I went for a walk today wearing sneakers and I thought, “This might me the last day in a while that I will be able to do this.” Sad but true. Dumpster. Man could we use one. I am itching to begin throwing out because the stuff is bugging me. Enough stuff! I wanna get rid of the stuff. I started today in some closets and it felt SO good to throw stuff out. You just get to a point and say enough already. WHEN we get the dumpster I’ll make sure to take pics. LOL

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    1. Thanks Amy. The harness is made by the folks who make them for guide dogs. It isn’t about style, thought. Setters have a weird body. Huge chest, but very skinny. Most “normal” stuff is too easy for them to get out of. This is one that can be adjusted really well to conform to her shape. It also helps keep her calm, which is important with her neurological issues. I add the leash because she backed out of the harness once when she got scared by a man who would not stop approaching her even though I asked him to keep his distance several times. 😡

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      1. People …. *^&^%^&& :( sometimes. Honestly. I’m sharing my “good” experiences to you that I had just today. A man in the park driving around stopped when he saw me taking a pic and we began to talk. He told me about a Bald Eagle and where. :) !! No “negative vibes” so yeah I talked to him. And just about 1/2 hour ago a young man, door to door salesman for Anderson windows, came to our house. We chitchatted a wee bit and exchanged smiles. Number THREE … the mail delivery woman smiled when she handed me a box, gave me direct eye contact and wished me a Merry Christmas. There. That ought to cancel XXXXXX out the stupido who wouldn’t listen to you, Dan. I stuck up for you, Maddie. I’m on your side. I gave Dad something to smile about! :)

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  10. Great thinking on the part of the Editor. Since you were getting the dumpster anyway, what a perfect opportunity to really purge!

    My favourite photo is the one of Maddie and your arm. Wow – she is a beautiful colour in the sunlight!


    1. Thanks Joanne. The editor hit a home run with this idea. That smaller unit would have been awful to deal with.

      Maddie seemed to be saying “but it’s me they want to see, not some stupid branch…” She is a pretty girl.

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  11. When we cleared out my Mom and Dad’s lake cottage we ended up with (it’s shocking!) four 20′ dumpsters. Randy and I are sitting here in the hospital and said the last two may have longer!
    There were a lot of odds and ends in their crawl space and basement. Your stuff looks very neatly put into this. We started pretty neat but ended up dumping without too much thought. There was a very cool rocket model from NASA we donated to the Vermilion, Ohio science and nautical center. The large telescope we called the Vermilion High School and donated to their science department. It was amazing what brought money for Mom’s future (current) care. Then, items we practically gave away. . . Randy and I spent five weekends together taking stuff to places, Goodwill and Salvation Army. One phone call brought the school for the blind with a moving van to pick up Mom’s piano. . . I wrote this out in hopes many people may remember there are local places who may benefit from what may be considered “junk.” 😀

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    1. We have donated stuff, but Faith’s “desk” was a work surface from our company after we moved. My desk was a desk I bought for $25 at a local convent tag sale.

      We donated a lot of my mom’s stuff, both when we moved her to Iowa and again after she died.

      Filling four dumpsters is a lot of work. I had to be neat with this one because I had a lot of large items. Once those were all in, it was toss and walk away.


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