Things that Matter

“I think you’re supposed to be feeding us”

I was going to write a short post about how busy this weekend has been, but that sounds like a complaint, and there’s nothing to complain about. Well, there is one thing to complain about, but I’ve already done that, so I won’t bring it in here. The things that took my time this weekend are the things that matter.

The weekend began on Friday night, which is unusual for me. Faith (daughter) and I continued what has become a tradition, by attending Old Sturbridge Village’s Christmas by Candlelight. Saturday and Sunday took me away from home, but only as far as our daughter’s place so that I could watch her cats while she was out of town. The boys both require medication, so I meet them in the afternoon, sleep over and leave them after meds and food in the morning.

The activity left little time for writing, but put me in several places where I could capture some of New England’s winter beauty. So, with time passing faster as Christmas and other holidays approach, I’ll leave you with some of these photos and wish you all a good week.


  1. Faith has two very handsome boys and you are a good “step dad” for taking care of them so diligently. It is a busy week, Dan, so find time to relax and enjoy one of those beers I can never spell from memory. YingYang??? 😀

    Happy Monday!

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    1. Thanks, Mary. We joke that I like hanging with them because we’re guys. It’s always a good time, except when they try to convince me that Faith normally feeds them at 4:00 am. I’ll find time to relax. I’m going to work from her place for a while and finish-up working from home. It’s a nice day to have that option.


  2. I noticed Picard right away! Now that makes cat sitting a little more palatBle yes? The festival looks like something I’d love. When we lived in Galveston,TX we always went to Dickens on the Strand. Many great photo ops and one year the ship Elissa was harbored there on a tour and we had cider and gingerbread on board. I LOVE old ships. Faith’s cats are beautiful. Have a great week, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. Going to OSV at night in the winter always makes it easier to understand what life was really like. Cold, it was cold. They explain how they only built fires for cooking, not for heat. It was in the low 20s when we were there, and you notice just how much better it feels stepping into an unheated building (not to mention the heated ones).

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      1. Heat is one thing I never take for granted. Electricity. What a discovery. I am constantly amazed by the advances of modern civilization in such a short period of time compared to its beginnings. Stay warm.

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        1. It’s supposed to get warmer today, by that I mean mid-30s. We might see high 30s and a 40 or two this week. But it’s good. Seeing Maddie play in the snow is worth a few cold days.

          Electricity was a game-changer, that’s for sure. But it’s fascinating to see how they managed to make things and get things done in the time before it was commonplace.

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          1. Oh yeah. And we have lived close to pioneer style when we lived in the hill country and the power went out. People don’t often think how hard our ancestors had to work just to live. Forget about vacations and days off or holiday vacations. Work meant food and shelter.

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  3. I love the bridge photos, always. Kitty boys are gorgeous lap-seekers. I wonder if I could get to Conner Prairie this weekend or next, very much like your Sturbridge. Maybe I just need more candlelight in my life. Thanks for the good week wishes — back atcha!

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    1. Thanks Lois. They really do see the world differently. Moncton slept on the back of the couch but he climbed over me multiple times to get there. Preston slept on me half the night. Then, they wake me at 4:00 am saying “this is when mom feeds us” (which I know is NOT true).

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  4. Gorgeous cats!! And they sure love “grandpa”! Sounds like the three of you had a grand sleepover.

    Great pics of Connecticut River. I love the reflections.

    Maddie and her ball….too cute.

    Nice tradition with Faith to go to Sturbridge Village. What wonderful memories you are creating. —-Ginger—-

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    1. Thanks Ginger – they are a handsome pair. I think they feel like we can break all the rules when I’m here.

      I’m glad you like the pictures at the river. That’s one of my favorite places to stop.

      Sturbridge Village has a very special feel to it on a cold dark night. I feel closer to the people who lived at that time (and grateful for central heat).


  5. Thanks for not complaining, Dan. Seems as though there’s more than enough of that going around these days and it almost Christmas. Busy doesn’t equal bad as you show here. But what I really want to know is what happened to the Steelers?? Having lived in Cleveland for so long, I’m not a fan, but I don’t particularly like the Patriots and you certainly can’t give Brady that many chances! At any rate, have a wonderful week.


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    1. Ha! That’s what I would have complained about. I’ll just leave it at the side of the road. They played a good game, but that’s a tough team to beat, especially when your best receiver gets hurt early on and when you don’t have your defensive captain, and when applying the rules seems to require a microscope.


  6. I love the Old Sturbridge Villiage, so thank you for writing of it today. Your blog brought back a lot of fond memories. Ice on the CT River? Goodness, stay warm. :)

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  7. I’m a little jealous here :)
    Old Sturbridge Village’s Christmas by Candlelight? Woah. I get it why it’s a father-daughter tradition.
    Great photos as always. Love cats, so I’m happy to see yours. These shrimp enchiladas look pretty yummy too.

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    1. Sorry. It is a special treat to walk around up there. I’ll be sharing it again on Thursday. If it’s any consolation, it was very cold.

      The chef at the restaurant I visit is Mexican and every now and then he puts something his grandmother made on the specials menu. It’s always worth trying.

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  8. Sturbridge Village is similar to Ohio Village and yet, maybe more authentic in so many ways. I love seeing the Candlelight vision of historical buildings with candle, jewelry and horse shoe making skills displayed. I will have to look up more we have in Ohio, since I have been to one that has barges on a river. I even have an ornament. . . Maybe it says on the back? (Pause) 🎄 Roscoe Village is really cool example, Dan. . . Smiles!

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    1. Ha ha – I sense the pause as you looked that up. These places are fun to visit. It’s so interesting to learn how people lived and worked in the past. Thanks for coming by, Robin. I appreciate your comments.

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      1. I appreciate your comments and our blogging friendship. It means a lot to me.
        Randy is moving gingerly along, seems to be in better spirits but a dose of reality in bills and life setting him a little off kilter. We had fun, may have told you we took Mom to see “Coco” perfect for a Spanish teacher, Rich and Susan loved it and Randy enjoyed the art. Only dry eyes were Mom’s. . . It is a really happy but teary eyed ending.
        Merry, merry and happy holidays to you and yours! ✨🎆

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  9. I’m playing catch up this morning. You’re a great Dad helping with the kitties while Faith was away.

    Those snow and after dark images are lovely. I like the long barn, and now I’m hungry. Two posts I’ve read of yours this morning have had yummy looking and sounding food. I’m going to have my second cuppa and make breakfast, but those enchiladas sure look good!

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    1. Food pictures are dangerous. I never stop to think that I’ll be responding to comments when I am also hungry. I was watching the cats, because Faith was in Pittsburgh at the Steelers v Patriots game :( – It was a work connection.

      I appreciate your taking the time to catch up.

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