One-Liner Wednesday – Hello

You would think that I would have run out of cute squirrel pictures by now. You would think that no future squirrel pictures would be compelling enough to command one of the four blog spots I have each week. You would think these guys couldn’t get any bolder, more demanding and you would certainly think that they are far from starving. Very far from starving, judging by some of the photos in the gallery and the video at the end.

A little backstory on the main photo might be helpful. I was in the kitchen with Maddie when we heard a loud clunk. It sounded like the mailman had slammed the mailbox shut. I went to the door and peaked out, expecting to see a mail truck pulling away. Instead, I saw a squirrel sitting on our mailbox. I figured he wouldn’t stay long, but I grabbed my phone off the table. I went back and slowly opened the door:

“Good morning! Would you, by any chance have some peanuts?”

We’ve been trying to figure out how the squirrels get onto our roof. We’ve trimmed trees to prevent them, but they still get up there. Now we know, they can climb the siding. The rest of the photos are from a few minutes after the encounter at the door and while sitting with Maddie later in the day.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. These little guys are quite the characters. When I lived in Easton, CT, I got to know the rascals very well. If they weren’t so endearing, they’d be a nuisance. Happy Holidays, Dan.

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    • Most of the black squirrels we have seem to be a little smaller than the gray squirrels. Much smaller if you measure at their waistline :)

      The black ones are skittish. They don’t come too close and they run pretty quickly. You have to have a good arm to land a peanut where they will take it.

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  2. So, Dan, what are you and the editor getting Sammy and his gang for Christmas? More nuts? A 30 gallon self-serving nut feeder? The names and addresses of every squirrel-friendly neighbor in town? Perhaps a wooden jungle gym so they can climb on something other than the siding?

    Just wondering…

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    • Don’t laugh, Mary. About 25 years ago, I built them an elevated squirrel feeder that had little ladders on two sides and “doors” that the squirrels could figure out but the blue jays couldn’t. We don’t have any plans to reestablish squirrel central, but I think they know they are welcome here. The woman at the end of the street also feeds them, as well as about a million birds.

      We also have a bunny living under my workshop. I haven’t seen it but the editor has, two nights in a row. It seems to be fending for itself quite nicely, so we’ll stay out of the vegetable line.

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      • I know I was being a smart aleck, but that’s awesome that you built a squirrel feeder. And it’s also awesome that you and the editor take care of your furry little friends. Make sure they and the bunny get something fun from Santa this year. ;-)


    • Thanks Judy. Sitting with Maddie is one of the things that really helps calm her down. It doesn’t have to be for very long, but if she gets a few of the “Maddie things” each day, it goes better for everyone.

      We have enough squirrels. Sammy was a special case, orphaned and adopted into the care of the Mrs. She wanted to help him and his brother/sister through the early days, but he decided this deal is too good to pass up.

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  3. You’re missing out on a potentially large revenue opportunity.

    I recognize that where you live, you have limited water-skiing opportunities this time year, but it’s a good time to get the squirrel a snowboard and a season pass to Powder Ridge.

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    • Oh my goodness! I don’t feel bad at all for tossing them a few peanuts. I am not building them a pool, buying them a boat or fashioning little life preservers for them – but that is pretty adorable. Thanks Scott.


  4. You may be sorry you encouraged them — the squirrels on U of Louisville campus practically hold you up at knife point. :D Squirrels and Maddie: you know the way to my heart. LOVE the dogwood shot. Suitable for framing!

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    • This has gotten a little out of hand this year. Sammy started out as the sad little orphan, but I think he’s pushing it just a bit. Either that or he bonded with my wife.

      I’m glad you like the dogwood shot. Unfortunately, it’s from my phone, and it’s heavily cropped. I’m not sure how much bigger it could be and still look good.

      If they start wielding weapons, we might have to let Maddie off the leash. Then again, I’m not sure she cares enough to chase them.

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  5. Ha! That really is a bold squirrel Dan. Adorable pics.
    I think his soul mate lives in front of my door. Last week I came home to find a few small boxes from Amazon on the porch, and a large padded envelope inside the screen door. I noticed dozens of bits of tan paper all over the porch. It didn’t come from the boxes… I couldn’t figure it out, but I hurried to get everything inside. Then I started my after work routine and didn’t even look at things. Later I saw the padded envelope had the paper layer shredded off the back side, down to the bubble wrap liner. How odd!
    Then when I sat down with a bowl of soup a knock came to the door.
    It was a guy from across the street. (I’ve seen him in the neighborhood but wasn’t acquainted.) He had a cell phone video of a squirrel tearing into that envelope. Or trying at least.
    The oddest part is there was no food of any sort involved. The envelope contained a sketch pad. A frustrated Leonardo squirrel? I should have left the sketchbook and a marker outside for him. I might have had a masterpiece waiting the next morning. Nutter squirrel… Hugs!

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    • That’s so funny, Teagan. Budding little artist, or maybe he has a special someone he wanted to give it to. We get boxes from, and my wife brings those in quickly, because most of the contents are for the humans in the house. Thanks for dropping by.

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  6. With squirrels, the balance between cute and annoying is constantly changing. Their amazing abilities are what test that balance so severely!! No, there are probably never enough cute squirrel photos. In face, I took a few yesterday myself. But there have been plenty times, especially when we had a bird feeder, that I would have gladly seen them gone from the yard. :-)


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  7. I love this one! We had a squirrel who used to come to the kitchen window and chatter at us to get peanuts. (Alas, pre-digital) and one late autumn day she took apart our disintegrating prayer flag to line her nest. She was a hoot to watch, as she stuffed a red or yellow or blue flag into her chubby cheeks and scurried up into the oak tree. They also climbed our siding, as did the raccoons.

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    • We cover a couple of things in the yard in burlap for the winter (to avoid bird droppings). In the spring, much of the burlap disappears as the squirrels and some birds take it for their nests. It’s pretty easy to pick apart by then.

      I am worried about their ability to climb the siding. I do NOT want Sammy as a house guest.


  8. Wonderful critters :) Sammy is gettin wintery fat like whoa!
    Yeah, they can climb the siding. I’ve seen them climb across my window screens! I’m glad you give them so much food, er, I mean, LOVE!

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    • Ha ha – we actually don’t give them a lot of food but they steal from what we give the birds, and there are other houses around her the out food out. We don’t want them to become dependent. We hadn’t considered them getting f.. um heavy. We do love seeing them but I don’t want them on or in our house.

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