Maddie’s White Christmas

The only thing better than the snow on Christmas was the fact that Faith came to visit Maddie (Maddie is sure that was the reason). Before Faith arrived, I was out with the crazy redheaded pup, and she simply didn’t want to come in. It brought to mind a line from Caddyshack:

“I don’t think the heavy stuff’s going to come down for quite a while.”

The gallery has a few pictures of our white Christmas. Below that are two videos (if I managed to rotate one) – 6 seconds of Maddie telling me that it snowed and 27 seconds of me trying to get the ball from her. There’s no way to get that ball with one hand holding a phone.

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  1. Well, Maddie seemed to really enjoy the snow. I hope it wasn’t too much of a hassle for you. No snow for us in Northern Virginia, but it is getting really cold for us with lows in the 20’s and teens later this week

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    • Maddie loves the snow and she doesn’t mind the cold. It was pretty light stuff, so it was easy to clear. I had to get it off the driveway, as the temps were falling. I think we’re all getting smacked with some arctic air this week. It was 6°f when I left for work today.


    • It’s fun to watch her run and play. It was in the low teens last night, and she still wanted to play. I’m not sure we could get her to keep a coat on, but she can’t stay out long. Then she comes in and plops in front of the wood stove. We got less snow than you. Mt Maddie is just a bump in the yard for now.

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  2. I don’t know about there but it is frigid here, as in single digits! As for Maddie and that ball, no contest, Dan. You aint gonna get that ball especially with one hand unless you want a shoulder out of place. We all can mimic Maddie’s excitement and have fun in that snow! ;)

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  3. “Oh boy, oh boy, dad, it snowed! And I have my ball! And you can’t have my ball! And I’m going to stay out here FOREVER!!!”

    It was fun to watch Maddie frolic like a child in the snow. She’s definitely going to get her mountain this year if the weather keeps up like it has. I wonder what she would do if you had the five feet of snow like Erie, PA.

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  4. Your photos certainly depict the changing weather. Can almost feel the cold just looking at them.

    Then Maddie comes along and you get swept away in her excitement. But seriously Dan, you have to set up a camera on a tripod so you can play ball with her using two hands. And since I know zilch about camera equipment, I hope there’s a setup that will follow the two of you around the yard. Wait! Maybe that’s called a hired cameraman!! Lol.

    Fortunately for Maddie, unfortunately for you, Mt. Maddie will probably be here sooner rather than later. Stay warm if you can. 2 degrees here. 😡 —-Ginger—-

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    • 2? Ouch! It was 6 when I left for work. While there’s not much difference between 86 and 82, there’s a BIG difference between 6 and 2.

      I think the camera equipment you’re referring to is another person. The problem is that Maddie extends the game to everyone in the yard at the time. The only successful videos I have of her running and getting the ball are ones that begin AFTER I’ve retrieved the ball from her.


  5. What a happy puppy!! Great pictures, as always. I love those flock-of-sheep clouds. We had a little snow on Christmas Eve, but it was all gone (except in the shade) by Christmas afternoon. We’re supposed to have the heavy stuff later this week.

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    • Ah, dreaming of a white New Years, are we? That’s a good description of those clouds. The sky that night just had that “you can’t trust me” look to it. We might get snow on the weekend. That would be OK, but it’s cold here now and it looks like it’s going to stay cold.


  6. Cody loves the snow, too. I throw snowballs for her over at my daughter’s house. It’s so funny when she chases them and then can’t find them in the new-fallen snow.

    Too bad you don’t live closer. Maddie and Cody could play tug of war with each other, and save our arms. I also usually have to pry the toy out of Cody’s mouth so I can thrown it again. When it’s this cold (2 degrees last night), inside play is the most real exercise Cody gets. After just a few minutes outside, her feet freeze up.

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    • I think they prefer tormenting an adult human. Maddie’s feet turn into globs of snow, but she chews on it and then wants to go back out. She really should hate the cold, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

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  7. Love the snow shots! Love a white Christmas….just got back from Our Seattle White Christmas…go figure, hardly snows up there and we got lucky….large fluffy flakes starting mid way through Christmas Eve and continued into Christmas Day (pretty much already gone when we flew out this morning)….so stunning….the type of flakes that stick to the tree branches! The two daughters and son-in-laws we have living up there each have dogs and I had so much fun taking them for walks in the snow…they loved it….both are rescues….one from LA area and the other one from here…so snow was new to them…have a great New Year Dan!!

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          • BRRR! What temp. do you keep the furnace overnight? Do you have leave the faucet dripping?

            We had to have a crash course in Winterizing the NV house. We removed the hoses, and opened up the cupboard doors under the sinks so air gets in there, and we set the thermostat to 55°.

            The house has a renter that should be moving in next week that will keep the house warm, and hopefully problem free for the winter.

            Here in No CAL we set the thermostat to 50°overnight, and we’ve never removed our hoses from the outside faucets, or left water dripping inside.

            You guys back east live a completely different life in Winter than me.

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            • We keep thermostat at 67-68. We have freeze-proof faucets for outside hoses, except for one. That one, I shut off and I blow the water out of the line in October. Our basement is about 60% finished and that section is heated with a timer controlled space heater. So Basement stays in 50s overnight and mid-upper 60s in day/evening.

              Heat is zoned so the room with the wood stove isn’t heated when we have a fire in the stove.

              It sounds complicated but it’s not too hard to deal with. Then again, my wife is in charge of temperature, year-round.

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  8. Such a happy pupper! :D
    We shoveled a lot yesterday, decided to make a mountain in the center of our drive, between where we park. I am the one who suggested it, thinking it would conserve energy. (The driveway is long.) When it was all done, it reminded me of your mounts for Maddie, but alas, Sadie doesn’t go out that way off leash. I’m not sure she’d care, but I did think of Maddie and smile :)

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    • Aw, Maddie’s mountain is kinda just a hump at the moment. We haven’t had much snow and it got warm after the first good storm. Maddie doesn’t seem to mind, as long as she gets some outside time. Sitting on the cot makes her very happy.

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