#JusJoJan 2018–Day Two–Boisterous

Each year for the past few years, Linda G. Hill has offered a fun way to juice up our blogging energy in January. JusJoJan is a daily prompt, in response to which you can do anything. Linda gathered the prompts from her loyal fanbase, and today’s prompt was my suggesiton.

I won’t be participating in too many JusJoJan prompts, but I had to show up today.

Boisterous was my contribution
Because I can make some noise.
Like moans and groans and creeks and cracks.
And sounds characteristic of boys.
Now Cheryl and Mary would encourage a poem
And Linda says it is allowed.
It’s not often I indulge the form.
But for JusJoJan I’ll join that crowd.

There you have it. Please consider joining, today, tomorrow – I think Linda will even let you join yesterday (she’s a sweetheart).

A few more shots from the frozen northeast.


    • Thanks Cheryl! That dog has just gotta play. I know Atlanta isn’t exactly the north, but big change for you – sorry girl. Maybe take advantage of the after Christmas sales and buy a warmer coat (cuz pretty soon they’ll be selling bathing suits).

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      • That’s the only time I make major purchases Dan. In the “off” season. Fashion be damned. It all comes back around eventually. (Sometimes sadly. 😳) I have a good coat but some sweaters would be nice. 😀


  1. Awesome! I would write a poem in response to yours, Dan, but it’s too early in the morning and I’m mentally preparing myself for a boisterous day at work. Tomorrow might be a better day for poetry. Thanks for sharing a link to my blog page and starting Tuesday with a fun rhyme. 😁

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  2. hahah Loved it! Someone else was talking about ‘Boisterous’ this morning . . .hmmmm. Oh and it’s -19C (-2.2F) this morning. Yesterday was -26 (-14.8F) I love my fireplace!

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  3. You got a laugh out of me, Dan, with your little poem. And as for the temperatures … same here only colder. Yesterday when I got up I saw -11 degrees. Brrrr …. The good news for us the lakes will freeze over thus lessening the chance of lake effect snowfalls. I also feel for Mimi. I know exactly how she feels. I hope this cold spell breaks soon … my camera I hear crying in its dark place on a shelf. Happy New Year!! 🎉

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    • I’m sorry, Amy, but I had to smile at the thought of hoping that the lakes will freeze to lessen the chance for lake-effect snow. The stuff people down south don’t understand.

      Thanks for dropping by. MiMi says thanks for the vote to light a fire in the stove. (She will get one today).

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      • Yeah those who aren’t tough like we are. Those Southerners squeal at one inch of snow. Crossing fingers temps improve so I can start to get winter scapes. Apologies to MiMi for spelling her name wrong. I know how cats can be. 😉


  4. Burrr! Okay… so the thermometer photo makes me feel slightly less cold, but this is the farthest north I’ve ever lived, and I’m not cut out for it.
    Delightful ditty there, Dan. Crystal is in love with the electric throw, the heck with being in the cold window to get sunshine. LOL. Have a terrific Tuesday. Hugs.

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  5. Hah! I love starting my day with a laugh. Then I look at the thermometer and that’s the end of laughing….2 degrees here!

    I know a blogger called Dan
    And for me, he’s “the man”
    His photos are great
    His comments first rate
    And his little ditty
    Is a pity…..I mean witty!

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  6. Hi Dan – enjoy being boisterous the whole year through …and being boisterous now will keep you warm … tis pussycat weather = being looked after, zizzing happily and being in a warm place! Happy New Year and all the best – Hilary

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  7. I dislike the extremes in either direction, but I’d rather be cold than overheated. You know, you’ve heard it before: “You can always put more clothes ON….” Maddie does my heart good, the happy li’l romper. :)

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