You da Bomb #SoCS #JusJoJan

If we were having a beer, you would be pondering the ecosystem.

“So, how much snow did you get?”

“Zero to forty-eight inches.”

“What? You sound like one of those TV weathermen, sorry, weatherpeople, weatherfolk – what are we supposed to call those clowns?”

“Well, there’s ‘Meteorologist Goodhair’ – ‘MapGeek Charlie’ – and ‘Parka Boy’ – all of them come in male or female varieties.”

“Parka Boy – that’s the guy that stands in front of breaking waves, hangs onto a railing in the wind or stares into the camera while getting pelted with sleet?”

“That’s the guy.”

“I love it when you boys pick on someone other than each other. Can I get you something to drink?”

“My young friend will undoubtedly have a Yuengling, I will have a glass of wine and the tab.”

“Did you bring your wallet today?”

“I did, Cheryl. I still feel bad about last week. I felt even worse when I realized that my wallet was in the console of my car.”

“You felt worse? How do you think I felt? I paid three weeks in a row.”

“Oh geeze, look what I started. OK, one Yuengling and a glass of Meiomi.”

“Anyway, back to my original question, how much snow did you get?”

“Before you answer that, Dan, I meant to tell you that we have Brooklyn Lager in bottles.”

“Ooooh, Brooklyn – yes, I’ll have one of those.”

“Ahem, waiting…”

“I was serious before. I had bare spots in the driveway and I had four-foot drifts in parts of the yard.”

“But on average, how much snow?”

“About ten inches, maybe twelve, it’s really hard to tell.”

“Brooklyn Lager, in a cool clean frosted glass, a glass of Meiomi, and a snifter of seltzer – on the house, as we’re still trying to atone for Brad’s bad behavior.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Who’s Brad?”

“The guy you insist on calling Skippy.”

“Oh, that guy. You know he’d make a good Parka Boy.”

“Cheryl, this beer is the perfect treatment for these cold aching bones.”

“I’m glad you like it. If the bottles sell well enough, I’ll try to get them to put it back on tap.”

“You are a sweetheart. Yo, old man, make sure you give her a nice tip today.”

“Why? I don’t care what beer she has on tab.”

“You’re not alone in life, you’re part of an ecosystem, and like it or not, I am too.”

“I’m fine with your being a part of that system, it’s the ‘bomb cyclone’ I could live without. Do you even know what that is?”

“As a matter of…”

“No, stop! I forgot who I was talking to. Of course you know what a bomb cyclone is. You’re like MapGeek Charlie.”

“Just for that, what you are referring to is actually an ‘explosive cyclogenesis’ – a rather common weather phenomenon. Storm Grayson was such a storm.”

“Grayson? I thought it was Brody.”

“Actually, it’s neither. Do you boys want some food?”

“Wait a sec’ Cheryl, what do you mean neither?”

“I get my weather from the National Weather Service. They don’t name storms like this.”

“Who named it?”

“If I tell you, will you order some food?”

“Yes, twenty wings, ten barbeque and ten buffalo.”

Chilly weekend ahead

“Sweet. OK, the Weather Channel called it Grayson. Channel three, called it Blizzard Brody.”

“And they kept calling it that all day long, Blizzard Brody, Blizzard Brody, Blizzard Brody…maybe the most annoying thing ever.”

“The most annoying thing is the way the TV stations make a full day event out of eight minutes of news.”

“They’re jealous of the guys who reported the blizzard in 1978. That was newsworthy.”

“Blizzard envy?”

“I put the wings in. Do you boys want another round, or are you going to wait for the wings?”

“I’m good, but I’ll take another splash of wine when the wings are ready.”

“If it will help get Brooklyn on tap, I’ll have another round now.”

“So, can I take it from your aching bones remark that you got the snow cleared?”

“I did. The machine chewed right through that. Easy peasy, but it took two and a half hours.”

“So you’re aching from the cold.”


“Why does it take so long? My guy is done in about fifteen minutes.”

“Your guy is driving a plow truck, and you don’t have a sidewalk.”

“That’s true. I never realized how much work is involved with having sidewalks. Trimming the grass, clearing the snow, I’m not sure they’re worth it.”

“They’re not, because unless everyone clears the snow, you still can’t walk your dog without going into the street.”

“You should remind those people that they’re part of an ecosystem.”

“They wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t have perfect hair.”

This visit to the bar was inspired by recent weather and the talented Linda G. Hill who offered a prompt for Stream od Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot January. According to Linda:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “eco.” Find a word that starts with “eco” or has “eco” in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun!

Linda should know by now that we always have fun at the bar. Speaking of the bar, please check out this recent post by the best bartender on the Internet.


  1. I think winter storms do get names these days, but the bar conversation was great!
    Maddie will be forever grateful for Mt. Maddie being built – I’ll bet you slept well that night !!

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    • I don’t think NOAA gives names to winter storms, unless they are huge. In recent years, they have actually asked the Weather Channel to stop giving winter storms names, because winter storms are less likely to have a uniform impact. Still, these days. everybody and their brother cooks up a name for every storm, no matter how small.

      I slept very well that night, but I had to get up at 4:30am to clear what the wind blew back into the driveway before going to work. If I had to rank winter things in order of what I don’t like, I’d go with:


      And if you put any two or three together, it’s just that much worse :(

      I’m sure you could rank the weather extremes in your area as well. Thanks for dropping by today.

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  2. Maddie doesn’t understand how much work is involved in creating Mt. Maddie, but she sure does love you for it. :-) Family at home moved about 18″ and are dealing with -21 windchill today. SC is still seeing mid 20’s and there are a half a dozen cars still frozen solid on the upper level and the ramps going down are in the same condition. They are going to have to wait until Monday when the temps rise and hopefully it melts and they can move freely again. Stay warm this frigid weekend. :-)

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  3. Thanks Judy. I knew the storm hit your area harder. this was a classic Nor’easter. that’s when we get the bald spots in the driveway and drifts higher than the snow blower. I actually know where the drifts are going to be, and I love that the area in front of the garage door is almost always clear (cause I have to shovel that).

    I hope you return to normal temps soon. It’s one thing to be cold up here, but I don’t think SC and FL are ready for this, and I don’t imagine it’s the weather you were hoping for.


  4. Maddie must be beside herself with excitement from all this snow. It’s a pain for you, but a happy place for the redhead. This is not going to be an easy winter, unless things change very soon. You guys went from cold to a foot of snow. Ugh! We’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow, but not too much that we can’t enjoy our high of 27. It will feel so warm!

    I think you deserve a rest today from the snow blowing and trudging off to work in the white stuff. Take it easy and relax and stay warm!

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    • Thanks Mary. The redhead is excited to see Mt. Maddie, but it was -4 overnight, and she isn’t interested in playing. Although, yesterday when it was 9, she tried to get us to put her cot out so she could sit.

      That will all have to wait until we climb into those 20s…maybe Monday.

      I’m going to take it easy today and then conduct some research for future bar posts.

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  5. Wow, Dan. That looks like a lot of work clearing the snow and reclearing it when the wind blows it back. We’ve avoided all but an inch or two of snow, but not the wind and brutally cold temperatures. We haven’t gone below zero yet, but at night we’ve dipped down into the single digits multiple times already this new year. We are a little better equipped to handle this than Georgia and South Carolina, but I am ready for a break. For the record, a heat pump is not very efficient in heating a house when it is this cold.

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  6. I think you and the snowblower deserve a well-earned rest. Like you, we have wind-blown bare spots alongside drifts…..very deep drifts.

    Great shots of Maddie enjoying the white stuff. Glad someone is! Hope Sammy and Sally can find their stash of nuts.

    You are so right about idiot meteorologists who are out in the worst conditions possible, all the while telling us not to go out because it’s too dangerous. Meanwhile, they’re being blown across parking lots, knocked down by waves, or being buried by snow compliments of a passing plow. Go figure.

    Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend all toasty warm in front of the wood stove. That is, if MiMi lets you share her space!! Lol. —-Ginger—-

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    • Thanks Ginger. I had to replace a faucet in our bathroom today. That’s done so relaxing now. The Editor is starting a fire now.

      We haven’t seen much from the squirrels since the storm. I hope they’re hunkered down in their nests.


  7. Wow – you got quite the wallop in that storm. I could feel the cold waffling out of your photos – or it could simply be that it’s -22C right now, which I think is a record breaker for us this morning.

    Our driveway looks tiiiny compared to yours! I’m surprised you managed to get all that done in 2.5 hours … or you were just highly motivated to get out of the cold ;)

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  8. When I lived in South Bend Indiana I put reflectors along the drive and sidewalk. Made it easy to find both when there was twelve inches of snow. (Like every snowstorm). Maddie looks in her element. Stay warm, Dan

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  9. I’m almost embarrassed by how little snow we have. I did say ‘almost’. it was -29C (-22F) windchill this morning. I am so staying inside! Looking great Maddie! (Dog not Mount)

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  10. Dan, you did say you were dealing with cold aching bones so I will cut you some slack. I just don’t understand how you could have dealt with ecosystem on only two beers. if we were having several more beers we could properly start in on this subject. it might even require a couple of sides of wings. Then again i am still working on my next cup of coffee. So i will take a said-a-give and just calm down. keep warm as you work on Mt. Maddie.

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  11. With the last storm, we only got about 6 more inches. But up here, we’ve been trapped in a proverbial deep freeze. It’s been -30ºC for two weeks now. Yesterday with the windchill they said it was -43ºC. I’ve been burning so much wood that I think I’ll be out cutting more come March, and despite the extra fires, I STILL can’t feel my fingers most of the time.

    And just think, only 4 more months to go!!! :PPP

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  12. If I could possibly feel any colder, you photos would do that for me. But as I set the heat at 66 from our nighttime 55 at about 7:20, the furnace hasn’t stopped working and my hands are still freezing. :-)

    This is what got my attention: “… because unless everyone clears the snow, you still can’t walk your dog without going into the street.” That is SO true. When we lived on the east side of Cleveland at the western edge of a snow belt whose other end was Buffalo, we got lots and lots of snow. I used to snowblow/shovel our drive and sidewalk and then do all the sidewalks along the block until I got to where someone else had cleared theirs for that very same reason. It wasn’t a great idea to walk in the street when there was all that snow and drivers were even less in control than usual, but people just don’t do their sidewalks, maybe because lots of them rarely walk anywhere. Anyway, it was a pet peeve of mine. I still shovel ours here in Chicagoland, but it rarely snows enough that we would need a snow blower, it just gets cold.

    Stay warm, my friend, from the most interesting woman in the world. :-) Been watching too many sports shows, I guess.


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  13. See Lynn Chuckle – Not because you are freezing and have aching bones, (we don’t have nearly as much snow – just enough to look at in the yard, but the streets are pretty much clear), but because I love reading your SoCS posts! As for weather people, erm, men, folks, whatever, along with Parka Boy and Map Geek, we also have “Over-There Girls.” These are the sweet young things who stand in front of the green screen, point in the general direction, and, because they really can’t name the states to which they point, they say brilliant things like, “A cold front will be moving in through this area here…” Ughhhhh! I’d rather watch ParkaBoy! At least his stupidity is amusing! ~ Lynn


    • I have seen the “over there girls” – actually there was one on Thursday that didn’t realize they had changed maps. I felt bad for her but she was pointing at a different state. It was comical. Thanks for your comment.

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  14. A well-deserved surprise, that Brooklyn. That bit about the sidewalks was my fave. It’s utterly true, which is why I think men like you, my husband, his dad, my dad, always cleared the sidewalks that weren’t done, whether out of carelessness or inability. Here, we have no sidewalks :D It’s nice. The driveway is long enough for things people tend to do on sidewalks, and we have a huge patio, so we’re not missin out. Mail carriers cut through the yards, cross the drives, so we shovel a bit more for them, a faux sidewalk, with salt.
    It’s melting quite a bit today. Toward the end of my street, I saw asphalt again. More snow is coming, but not before some higher temps! I’m pretty excited about the 30s! Hah!

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    • Thanks Teagan. Maddie is tired of the cold but she loves to run in the snow. It’s supposed to warm up this week (30s). Maybe we’ll be able to walk next weekend.


  15. Thanks Dan. You are by far the best patron a bartender could have. Brains and a heart. 😉I do not, repeat, do NOT envy you the taksk of snow blowing. Leaf blowing is fun, for about a minute. Lol. Besides Hubby loves leaf blowing. I think he raked one too many piles of leaves as a kid. Me, I like raking and sweeping. It keeps me from needing gym time for the glutes and pecs, such as they are. It keeps the sags away, anyway. And I am all for any natural means of exercise. I have been using the 9 flights of stairs as work as much as I can since I no longer have my dear lighthouse to work out in. Weather people? Paleeease. You mean those gals in cocktail dresses or hoe down outfits? Or the guys with the suits that either don’t meet in the middle or the Boys to Men look, for ‘on the street’ reporting. I just ask Alexa 🙊or use my weather app. It is SO accurate. Right now we are “chillin’ between 19 and 35 most days….but I console myself in the knowledge that even sunny Florida is in the low 40’s. And I get to wear something other than sandals and shorts! 👏 Have a super weekend.i am in writing mode so look for some input requests. 😉

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    • Thanks Cheryl. The best part was the last. I look forward to those requests. I might get back to your lighthouse in May. I haven’t been invited to St Augustine yet but hopeful.

      I do the stairs at work, even after this. And, I totally get your hubs. I love my leaf blower. My wife prefers to take, but I’ll take the leaf blower out for anything more than 6 leaves.

      I hope my buddy left a nice tip 🙂

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    • It was pretty Deborah, but I was using my iPhone so the glove had to come off 🙁

      Maddie would like it to be warmer so she could play longer and sit a spell. It’s going up into the 30s this week do she’ll be in her glory.

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      • Nearly warm enough to wear shorts! Probably need to be in the 50’s for that. :)

        I wish I could find a nice pair of gloves that keep my fingers warm and use my camera controls. I keep waiting for the gloves from astronauts who use tools to fix the stuff on the space station and shuttle outside in space. I’m pretty sure they all still have their fingers and thumbs. I want their gloves!

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        • I use bike gloves. I can’t use my phone but they are thin enough that I can use my camera. My wife got me a winter pair for Christmas. They’re a little thicker but I can still turn camera on, zoom and push shutter


            • I have lightweight ones that have been good when it’s been in the upper 20s. These are plenty warm, at least for the time I’m out with Maddie. I also use the lightweight ones when I’m in the workshop. They’re tight enough to the skin that I don’t worry about them getting tangled on a tool, and I can feel the “feedback” pretty well as I’m working with tools.

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      • Just to let you know, Dan – – my daughter bought a pair of gloves for me with the pointer finger having some kind of tech ability to push the camera taking button and swish from picture to picture or answer my phone while wearing them. . .
        This wouldn’t help Deborah since it is just the tips ability to “sense through it” to the phone. Hard to describe and they didn’t have a box to show or explain in an articulate way. 🙂

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  16. That pretty redhead always looks like she’s enjoying life! But MAN it looks cold and icky out there! We haven’t had any snow (yet). It usually hits us in February. We get through January, and we’re all like, “Winter is almost over. This wasn’t really such a bad one, really.” Then February. Ugh. As Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan put it, “…for such a beastly month as February, 28 days, as a rule, are PUL-LENTY.”

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  17. I just love how excited Maddie gets about the snow! We had a new phrase on us since it got so, you know, cold for Florida. They have been rescuing turtles that were ‘cold stunned.’ It was an interesting read in the newspaper. The turtles are going to be fine, but now it is not only cats and dogs to worry about but turtles, too. You are a good neighbor, Dan. But I hope Sammy & Co are safe and warm.

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    • We haven’t seen Sammy in a couple of days. I hope he had a stash of nuts. I know he had packed on some winter weight, but it’s been tough out there. I feel bad for the turtles, and the people who aren’t prepared to deal with this cold, it’s up and down the east and midwest.


  18. I like how you wove the prompt into the story in more ways than one. What I don’t like, though it sometimes cracks me up, is when they turn a few minutes of news into an all day even with it’s own ominous/exciting THEME MUSIC.

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    • Thanks JoAnna. When they keep going on and on with the same “news” for hours on end, it’s crazy. I remember when they would have to regular programs and a crawl across the bottom with the facts. Then hourly or half-hourly updates.

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  19. If they’re going to name winter storms, we should be able to give names to heat storms that melt the highway. (google ‘Hume Highway melting’ if you don’t believe me.) We got to 44C yesterday. Your snow looks inviting. Now I know how you survive the cold though. You keep warm shovelling off the driveway so you can leave the house. That looked like an epic effort in your photos.
    I also drank beer yesterday. Quite a few actually. It’s the best thing to do when you’re basically a puddle of sweat. (Wild Yak Pacific Ale, fyi)

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    • Yuck, that’s hotttt. I’m pretty sure I’d be drinking beer too. I think you should be able to name that just to keep people from adding their own descriptors.

      We’ll be warming up tomorrow. I hope you will get some relief too.

      Due to the wind constantly trying to blow the snow back into our driveway, I’ve been pushing the shovel around a lot this weekend.

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  20. Fun barside banter here… Wonder why I’m craving wings now. :-/

    You beat us in the eastern half of NYS in amount of snow, but we beat you for cold last night by a few… -13 with a windchill well into the -30s Crazy weather year.

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  21. The fun of labeling people expands when I am with one of my grown children sitting in a mall. I love people watching and predicting food or coffee choices, Dan.
    My Dad liked to use his snow blower but when the snow got heavy and wet, we three kids had to get bundled up and shovel!
    Oh, snow isn’t too bad when I rent but the side streets were horrible which I use to cut down on traffic lights. No school for almost 3 weeks counting Christmas break. My DIL was going a bit nuts. 🙃 😜

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  22. I really didn’t enjoy the recent spate of Arctic chill days, but I’ll still take it over a lot of snow. It doesn’t take much to all but paralyze those of us in the D.C. area, I’m afraid. Maddie, however, looks like she knows what she’s doing!


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