Easy Monday

Maddie’s park on Saturday morning. The snow is gone now.

So far, 2017 weather has been cold, colder, colder-still, warm, cold, warmer. This weekend was warm enough to change the yard from snow to mud and for Maddie to be able to sit without her vest on. So, that’s what we did. We also went for the first walk of 2018. And we, well I spent a few hours under a sink.

So, it’s your choice. Pictures of winter scenes, Maddie, MiMi and a rare picture of MuMu, or a story about connecting the pieces parts of a drain.

Go ahead.

Think about it.

Take as long as you want.

Yeah, I thought so, the pictures.


    • MiMi always seems to need to inspect my work. I think she approved, but she didn’t sign off on the permit.

      Maddie misses the snow (we miss the snow because it’s now mud) but she’s content to lie in the sun.

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        • MuMu has always been the shy sister, but she was much more comfortable with our previous dog. Mollie, was so gentle, the cats could just snuggle up on her and sleep. Maddie has neurological issues, and she’s nice sometimes, but then snaps for no apparent reason, so the cats can’t trust her too far.

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  1. Maddie is so adaptable, isn’t she, as long as she gets to go outside? She and I have much in common. Excpet for her love of snow. Not so much here, at least as far as sitting my naked bottom on it. Lol. I felt like a dog getting out yesterday after it warmed up and I was cooped up in classes all weekend. We got out early yesterday and I came home, grabbed my leash and dragged hubby to the park. Beautiful photos Dan. Enjoy your week. Plumbing….uggg…pedestal sinks are my favorite, BTW. 😏

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I’m glad you got our early enough to enjoy some of the weekend. Maddie was happy to finally go for a walk. It had either been too cold, or raining or the sidewalks were covered in ice-melt. She got to run in the snow on Saturday and lie in the sun on Sunday. Not a bad weekend. It seems that, as long as we do one of her special things, she’s better able to cope.

      Pedestal sinks look great, but the drain is hard to deal with. There’s just no room under there.

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  2. Maybe I am in the minority but I want to know what you were doing with the drain. You see I live in hope that maybe one day someone will explain how you are meant to contort your hands, wrists and elbows to actually get those pesky lightweight plastic nuts to seat properly.
    Still, the photos were nice – snow is much more of a rarity here, but yesterdays Crunch rugby match was delayed 3 hours while they mopped the floods off the pitch!

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    • Two weeks ago, I replaced the faucet on that sink. There is so little room to work inside the base of the pedestal, that I had to remove the sink bowl from the base. When I put it back, I couldn’t seem to get the drain nuts tight enough. Last weekend, I tried to stop a very minor but annoying leak and I discovered that the drain was rotted at one connection. So, this weekend, I replaced the drain, altogether. It’s just so hard with the pedestal. As you say, I can’t contort my hands in there, and the slip-joint pliers only get about 1/8″ movement with each bite. It’s done – no leaks – everything is tight, but it took forever.

      I even went to the store to see if they made some kind of wrench that would fit in there better. I guess I should have pulled the whole sink out, installed everything and then moved it back like I did 20 years ago when I installed it.

      We’ve gone from sub-zero to 50°f and heavy snow to heavy rain in the first three weeks of this year. It’s been crazy!

      Thanks for asking!

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    • Thanks Lois (MuMu says thanks too). The squirrel did make it under the gate, but he had to squish himself pretty flat. There are better places for them to go under, but he was trying to get a bit of walnut.

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      • That squirrel–that was the cutest photo! We used to call Teemu Mr Mu…cause Mr T just didn’t sound right for him. Every time you talk about MuMu, I have to smile cause I think of my little guy.

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        • I think of him when I call her by name. I don’t see a lot of MuMu. she hides stays in a gated room until Maddie is done roaming for the night. Every now and then she comes out and demands to be scratched.

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  3. Glad you and MiMi were able to repair the leak. Always wanted a pedestal sink, but now I have second thoughts! By the way, that’s a beautiful tile floor!

    Great shots of MuMu…You really captured her shyness.

    Maddie is so in her element when she’s outside. She really loves surveying her kingdom from her throne. I don’t think she’ll even miss Mt. Maddie when it disappears totally because of warm weather.

    Did the new squirrel manage to squeeze under the gate and find the “nut people” (or should that be “nutty people”?!!) who will keep him well fed? *Ginger*

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    • The initial installation of the pedestal sink was pretty easy, Ginger. All the work was done before the back was turned to the wall. I should have pulled the whole thing out this time as well. I told my wife that if we ever have to replace that faucet, we’re getting a new sink.

      Maddie really does like sitting most of all. This is the first year that we’re sitting with her in the winter, so I think she’s less stressed about Mt. Maddie.

      The squirrel did make it under the gate, but he had to squish himself pretty flat. There are better places for them to go under, but he was trying to get a bit of walnut.


    • Ha ha – Paul, you’re the best. I should have just pulled the sink out and rebuilt everything at once, when I replaced the faucet. At least it’s all back together, with no leaks. I just don’t bend all the ways I need to to work under there.


    • Thanks. The cats are inside cats, so no trouble from them. Maddie has no interest in the squirrels or bunnies, if she’s sitting or if we see them on our walk. If they run out while she’s in the yard, she will chase them. Maddie will periodically chase the cats around the house. We have tried to get her to stop, but she has some issues and she’s not that easy to figure out.

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    • I prefer the dog to the drain too! But after messing with those pipes for as long as I did, I had to include one picture.

      Yes, MiMi is the helper cat Actually, she’s more like the inspector cat. She tends to get up close and check out the work I am doing, and se always messes with my tools.

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    • Thanks Judy. I knew you would like the photos. Given that this was the third attempt at that sink, I’m not so sure how happy she is ;-)

      Actually, she’s glad it’s done and she felt bad I had to keep going back at it.


      • And a fine supervisor at that!! The ups and downs of your winter….we just had a cold front move through…first time our nighttime lows have gotten into the 30’s. We usually have a couple of “frost warnings” in Dec/Jan or Feb….but nothing yet…really been a warm winter for this par to the country…not complaining mind you….:)

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        • I know you’ve experienced rough winters in other locations. You can appreciate that our lowest point was a couple of weeks ago when I left for work while it was -9 Starting from there, 30 felt good.

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          • I do remember a winter in Iowa where it was like 20 below and my VW Bug (college years) was about the only car that cranked over the next morning….I remember days where 30 to 40 made you want to put on shorts after a long period of sub zero.


    • Ha ha, I like the “cat scan” comment. Maddie is good, as long as she sees them coming and no one goes crazy. Once, when I was sitting out with her, a bunny came up from behind. Maddie lunged and pulled me and the chair over. Maddie actually likes to have the leash on. She rarely pull on it, but she gets nervous on her own.

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  4. It didn’t take me long to pick. Pictures! There’s not much snow left!

    Did the squirrel make under the fence? Looked like a tight fit. :)

    Love your supervisor for your plumbing job. Both kitties are adorable. I like the look of space a pedestal sink gives, but I’ve never wanted to give up my drawers or cabinet space for one. Now I know they’re hard to work on. He-Man wouldn’t like that.

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    • Not much snow left and today’s forecast is for 59 degrees and rain, so I’m guessing even the last remnants of Mt Maddie will be gone by the time I get home.

      The squirrel sucked-in his gut and made it under the bar. I guess I have to raise that gate :)

      MiMi ultimately approved the plumbing. I realized, after the fact, that I should have pulled the sink away from the wall to replace the drain.

      Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated.

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  5. Jeez, I have so many things to say! First of all, pedestal sinks — never again. Never. My sympathies and also, good job.
    MuMu’s faaaaace! Oh my dog, what a cutie pie! Right up there with Maddie’s windblown hairs. (Me too, Maddie, me too!)
    Birds in the forsythia, nice, I do enjoy when they fill in as if there were still leaves and blooms — they still manage to camouflage.
    Very pretty snow shot at Maddie’s park. Loving this mild weather. I shall love it as long as it lasts :)

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    • Thank you for the comment and your sympathy on that sink repair. It was actually my idea to get the pedestal sink when we remodeled the bathroom, so I guess it’s my fault.

      MuMu is a cutie. I don’t see her very often. She prefers to sit with the Mrs at night, but every now and then she comes out in the morning and screams to be scratched.

      Maddie is never sure what to do with that hair or those ears in the wind. She will try to chase the birds out of the bushes – I guess that’s her job. I think I’m supposed to shoot them and fry them up for dinner, but, little and I don’t hunt, so…

      The snow will be gone today. 59 and rain is the forecast. Kinda yuck for January, but I’m not complaining.

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      • Yeah, pedestal sinks fall into the category of “Seemed like a good idea at the time” for me. Kinda like garden tub…
        I’m relieved you don’t shoot the birdies and fry them up for dinner. I really am. I feel like Maddie’s diet is just fine as it is!


  6. Love this gallery collection! It looks really cold there! Well it’s winter… haha…it’s super cold here in Beijing too…today the temperature reaches -11C…your post made me think I should find our dog a vest too when taking him out for walks. Keep warm and have a nice week!

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    • That is cold! We weren’t sure she would like the vest, but she does pretty well with it. Of course, now she points to the vest as a way of saying that she wants to go outside and sit.


  7. I do wish I didn’t have allergies, then I could have pets like yours. :) I love all three of them! (Even the pesky, visiting, squirrel!)
    I don’t envy your drainpipe problem…

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  8. Hi Dan – well done … horrid jobs those sorts. I think you should bring Maddie out here – not much wind to ruffle her feathers (so to speak) and a few extra red-headed hairs for me would make me happy … I might need to wear a cap like you soon!! We had a bit more snow high up – actually lots up the Island … but now almost a lovely day! Cheers Hilary

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  9. Of course, Dan our favorite posts include inside pets, Maddie and critters outdoors, too. . .
    I like your curious MiMi and your shy MuMu. I will just blow kisses now. xxx for the pets and x for Sammy. 🤗

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