My Mistake – Let’s Fix This

My ball

I didn’t understand why so many people were asking for Maddie’s picture after viewing my Thursday Doors post today.

Apparently, I didn’t read my own post. Actually, I simply forgot that I was going to include a picture of Maddie to make up for the fact that I didn’t include a picture of her yesterday. Rather than comment to everyone, I decided for an unprecedented second post today.

Here you go folks:



Taken before Maddie had a cot and had to lay on the ground like a dog.


      1. Awwww, you’re such a good dad. Leftover pizza would work here! Yeah, our hairy kids know how to put us on a guilt trip. After all Dan, no matter how great your blog is, Maddie is THE STAR ATTRACTION!! Lol.

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  1. I am having myself a large chuckle here, because I refrained from saying that I didn’t see Maddie’s photo. I had to hold it in, but it was worth it to see those lovely shots. I really do think she could have her own photo blog. No words needed, well, except when she talks to Sammy. :-)

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  2. Awww, Maddie looks so cute, a little forlorn in the first one, though. As if she is saying, “Daddy you forgot to include me!” I’m heading backwards so this will make sure I don’t ask: “What happened to Maddie?” ⚽

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        1. I’m not sure about that. She’s to so good around people. I think she likes to be admired from a distance. Our second Setter was a real ham for people. He knew he was handsome and loved it when people told him that.


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