Movin’ on

I’m beginning to think that encouraging Linda to get the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt out earlier in the day on Friday wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe it’s the hour, maybe the coffee, I don’t know, but she seems to be raising the bar. Our assignment this week:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: movement. However, don’t use the word ‘movement.’ Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!”

I must confess, I tried to make this work, but I had to edit…a lot. Maybe, I can slide it under #JusJoJan

If we were having a beer you would be picking on me, Pandora, Cheryl and SoundHound.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m snagging this song on SoundHound.”

“Why? Surely you know that’s Johnny Cash. I mean you’re one of them.”

“Wait, what…?”

“Wait what, what?”

“I’m trying to figure out where to go with that. There are so many things wrong with that statement.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you, but I never understand why you look up songs you already know.”

“I was going to tweet the fact that they’re playing this song. The app makes that super easy.”

“Aww, is that your special song, guys? That’s sweet. Were you in prison together? You want to order a couple beers to help celebrate?”

“Ha ha, not our song, Cheryl. In fact he’s busting my butt over my wanting to tweet this song.”

“You should absolutely tweet that, after you order.”

“Are you one of them, too Cheryl?”

“One of them…?”

“Exactly my question, exactly who is it that we’re one of?”

“Country music fans.”

“OK, Dan, I’m gonna leave this to you. If he’s paying today, I don’t want to jeopardize my tip.”

“You can’t get off the hook that easily, Cheryl. Who put this playlist together?”

“Pandora. We just cue up a couple of songs we like and ask Pandora to suggest something similar.”

“And who exactly picked ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ you or Pandora?”

“I’m gonna go get those beers.”

“I didn’t order a beer. I’m still trying to decide between wine and Bourbon.”

“You’re having a beer. Don’t worry, it’s on the house, but maybe it will help you appreciate country music.”

“If I need to know more about country music, I can ask my young friend here.”

“We can start with how you’re missing out if you dismiss Johnny Cash, or his daughter.”

“Amen. Here’s your beers. You guys want some food, or should I wait for intermission?”

“By ‘his daughter’ can I assume you’re talking about Rosanne Cash?”


“Yeah, well I just heard one of her songs, and it didn’t make any sense.”

“What song?”

“I don’t know. I changed the station. Something about an eighteen-wheeler rolling down the track. Mixed metaphor if you ask me.”

“It’s eight, eight-wheeler, not eighteen. An eight-wheeler IS A Train!


“And, ‘Movin’ On’ is a great song. I’d tweet that in a heartbeat.”

“I know you would. I saw the songs you tweeted last week.”

“Actually, I don’t remember.”

“You were all agog about ‘I’m Learning to Fly’ and ‘Midnight Rider’.”

“Learning to Fly? Tom Petty wasn’t a country singer.”

“You boys ready for another round? It doesn’t look like you’re giving up on this argument.”

“Yes, Cheryl, and throw some wings in, please.”

“Still, you thought Tom Petty was good, but you slandered a great musician in between those songs.”

“Now I remember. Neil Young. Is that what this is all about? My saying that ‘Heart of Gold’ wasn’t a good bar song?

“Yes. Just because he wasn’t looking for a heart of gold in the back seat of a bus or on a train rolling past a prison.”

“Country music is more than buses and trains.”

“Not much more. I’m sure you’ve seen the jokes about how once self-driving cars are on the road, country songs will be about how ‘my car up and left me’ along with the wife and dog.”

“I’ve heard those jokes. They are pretty funny.”

“And, ‘Movin’ On?’ What’s that song about?”

“A woman who’s leaving her…”

“Husband, boyfriend, lover, whatever – if it’s a guy singing, she left. If it’s a woman singing, she’s leaving. Bus, train, truck, it doesn’t matter – she’s gone.”

“Wow, you are really spun up over this.”

“Well, why did those two guys get special mention while Neil Young got dissed?”

“They both died in 2017. Did you read the tweets, I said I couldn’t believe they’re gone.”

“Oh. I guess I didn’t get that.”

“And besides, Neil Young’s whiny voice doesn’t belong in a bar.”

“He sings about issues.”

“So does Rosanne Cash. So did Johnny Cash.”

“Maybe you’re right, but all I remember is trains.”

“Siri, play Old Man.”

“Very funny.”

If you’ve been following me this week, the gallery will need no explanation.

Also, please enjoy Rosanne Cash “Movin’ On”


  1. Hm… I wouldn’t say any of the musicians mentioned above is country music (other that possibly the lady above who I don’t know and have yet to give her a listen). I love them all but probably Neil Young the most.

    But what do I know, I’m far and when I hear “country”, it usually means that I don’t know the performers. Such as Shania Twain or that Dwight, or Yoakim? hm…. Nevermind.

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    • Johnny Cash and Rosanne cross a lot of boundaries in their music. The Allman Bothers were “southern rock” and Tom Petty was just special. Neil Young is good but I can only listen to a few songs at a time.

      The other country artists are part of a new country revival. There are some good ones, but I remember the older country as well.

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  2. I must confess that my clock radio wakes me up to the sounds of a country music station each morning. It’s kind of a “guilty pleasure” for me and is a bit at odds with growing up in the suburbs of Boston. Most of the time, though, I more a fan of rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. I love your dialogue about country music–it is only a slight exaggeration that in country music songs someone is always leaving someone else. :)

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    • I still switch between classic rock, country and NPR on the way to work, Mike. My father introduced us to country music, in the 60s, but it stuck in my head somehow. Thanks for joining us at the bar today.

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  3. I told John I found it hard to combine movement with blogging when only about 4 fingers were in thumping motion during that time. I like your story though – I see why I’m not a professional writer!!

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    • Thanks Judy. We just got back from a long walk. Cold but sunny. I have some work to do, but I promised her we’d go first.

      I like some country artists from all generations. Every now and then I switch back steady for a while. But I’m always sliding over on the dial to a country station (of course that statement also speaks to my age)

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  4. Like Mike, I wake up to country music on the clock radio. I like a lot of different kinds of music, but country is my favorite since my teens, even though I was in love with Elvis!! And yes, some gal is always leaving or complaining that her ex old man is with her ex best girlfriend! You gotta love it.

    Great post, but I wonder if we should be joining you at the bar so early in the day!! Lol.

    Great pix of Maddie and MiMi. And Maddie actually has a toy that still squeaks! Give that beautiful girl an extra treat. *Ginger*

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    • Thanks Ginger. This series started in response to a “if we were having coffee” prompt but that didn’t work got me. I’ll have Cheryl bring you a hot cuppa something.

      Maddie has a few toys that she hasn’t shredded. No rhyme or reason that we can figure, except for the classic toys we won’t let her tear.

      Elvis, now there’s a guy who could sing every type of music.


  5. Country/country-western is (are?) one (two?) of the many kinds of music I love. #4 Daughter went through a country/country-western phase when she was about 10 and I was in hog heaven. Then she … er … moved on to other styles, most of which I also like. But she still loves Johnny Cash. As you said, he crossed a lot of boundaries. Every so often, she’ll play me an indie song, and we’ll be like, “Johnny Cash would totally have covered that.” Thanks for the Maddie pictures! She’s looking kind of thin; is she okay?

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  6. I have said before I dig all kinds of music, including classics like the country greats-John, June, Conway, Reba, George Striaght, Hank Sr. But since I pretty much don’t enjoy the new style country music genre since it all sounds the same, I’m sure I miss a few really good songs from some I would like. I’ll have to check out Roseann’s song now. I trust you’ll clue me in on any others that are exceptional. Neil Young..yeah not a fan of Heart of Gold. The fact that music has morphed from Sweet Cherry Wine (Tommy James) to Sangria by the stunningly handsome yet whangy voiced Blake Shelton as bbeing mainstream popular is beyond my understanding. Cheers Dan. I am appreciative of Pandora every day. Soundhound is cool although I don’t utilize it much. Hubby has a wealth of song knowledge locked in that head….at least anything before 2000. 😉

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  7. You created movement through several types or modes of transportation, Dan. Music is transformative! 🎶
    I loved Johnny Cash and Roger Miller. My parents took us to see Johnny Cash and the Carter Sisters at a place were RV’s were staying overnight places, not hotels. We were at Ponderosa Park where the pool was the shape of a guitar. My two kids who were with us- – Jamie and Felicia. Carrie was away at Girl Scout horse camp.
    My only three “country” 45’s are “What is Truth/Sing a Traveling Song” (I liked “A Boy Named Sue”), Tammy Wynette’s “Wonders You Perform,” one side the Radio Station version, other full version, and “King of the Road/Atta Boy, Girl.” I wish I had a Patsy Kline 45. I still have my RCA stereo player, repaired in the 90’s by a man I watched his kids free for a week in exchange for his electronic knowledge. 😊
    We liked Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kenny Rogers. Nowadays, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Blake Shelton are just plain nice musicians my Felicia likes, too.

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  8. Funny, but when I think of “Learning to Fly” I hear Pink Floyd!


    Sent from my iPad

    “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.


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  9. For living in the South, I don’t listen to much Country music. I actually prefer the old stuff, like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and such. You don’t get much of that on the radio these days…

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  10. As a Northern transplant, I have learned to like (not love) Country music. You listen to one line and you are sucked into the song. The funniest title I ever heard was, “Mama Get the Hammer, There’s a Bug on Daddy’s Head.” Tom Petty—his death was truly a heartbreaker.

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  11. Still laughing about the being in prison together remark, Dan, while thinking about music. I like a variety of music. The pre-sets on my van radio are set to several Christian music stations (praise music), a classical station, and a jazz station. I like rock, especially the older stuff…I’m talking British invasion and that era, but later music as well. I’m not really up on lots of current music and I don’t like rap, but I’ve seen a variety of musicians in concert over the years (none in the near past), starting with Jefferson Starship and moving on to such diverse people or groups such as Boz Skaggs, the Beach Boys, Billy Joel (3 times), Gordon Lightfoot, Linda Ronstadt (at Red Rocks in Boulder), etc. You brought up some good memories here, Dan.


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    • Wow, Janet, you hit some home runs in that list. British Invasion is where I met rock music. Before that it was my father’s country and my mom’s musical soundtracks (both of which I still enjoy).

      I haven’t heard Boz Skaggs in years. I’m gonna look for that now. Thsnks


  12. That last line Made The Entire Post for me! LOL What a zinger!
    Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash, yes. Not so much on any app that tries to guess what I’ll like next. I’ll make the playlists, thanks.

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  13. Sorry I’m late to the bar. I’ve been moving all day…except when I got a massage. I have a few comments in response to your post.
    1) Did you know that “Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
    Well I heard ole Neil put her down
    Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
    A southern man don’t need him around anyhow”
    was in response to “Old Man?” That’s what I have been told anyhow.
    2) I loved Johnny Cash. He was cool.
    3) “Midnight Rider” is one of my favorite Southern rock songs.
    4) I really could have written a post in response to SoCS, considering the past week, but I’ve spent too much time moving.
    5) Maddie and Mimi are adorable, as usual.
    6) I’m sending my sympathies to Cheryl for putting up with you two every week. She needs a raise and a donut.

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    • I had heard the Skynyrd “replied” to Mr Young. I like some Neil Young, but I can’t take too much without a break.

      Thank you so much for stopping by after all that work. You surely did have the perfect plot for today’s prompt.

      Country music is good. Southern rock is even better but Johnny Cash stands alone.

      Don’t give Cheryl ideas about a raise. I think she got her jabs in today. We (well I) always leave a nice tip.

      I hope the move was s success and that you get some time to relax tomorrow.


  14. Really, Dan? There is so much in this post to comment on I don’t even know where to start! I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and got quite the chuckle at times. But my focus is on your fur babies. How I laughed at the static on Maddie’s head and MiMi with her food service. You should see at times in the evening when I go to walk into my living room, emphasis on my, and cannot find one inch anywhere on either couch in order for me to sit. I know the feeling well when a fur baby insists on being on a couch. What does one do? One sits on the floor of course. That one wouldn’t dream of disturbing said fur babies. The whole trick is once I’m down on the floor my babies usually follow and in so doing quick as a wink I get up and covet a couch. LOL have a great day!

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    • That’s a good trick, Amy. I think that would work with Maddie, but she’s a lot faster than I am when it comes to getting up from the floor. Usually, Maddie lays on the couch with me, using one of my legs as a pillow. It seems that when she sits near the pillows, that that’s her way of telling me it’s time for her to sit with the Mrs. Like: “you can go now, I’m gonna sit with mom.”

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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  15. Tom Petty is considered country?

    There was a time I would never have admitted that I liked country music, but the playlist on my iPod outed me a long time ago. Johnny Cash could have sang anything I would have loved it.

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  16. I’ve been a Country Music fan since I was 8 yrs old and it was TWANGY! :)

    A lot of what’s comin out today I just shake my head and think that ain’t Country it’s Pop!

    I was just wondering the other day what happened to Randy Travis. His voice…swoon!

    I like all those guys you mentioned. Movin’ On is a bar song.

    Tom Petty was special. He’s making great music with some of the best in Heaven now.

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    • Randy Travis was a favorite when I started listening to a new country station in this area. There was a lot of cross-over stuff in that period, but lots of good solid country. I was a fan early, thanks to my dad. My daughter is a fan, thanks to me and the stereo in the big red truck I had in the late 80’s & 90s.

      It was a Dodge, but it didn’t have A/C so this was our favorite song – Ricky Van Shelton – Backroads)

      Like Johnny Cash, Tom Petty was his own kind of music, and very good.

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      • That’s a great song! I remember that one. Thanks for sharing those memories they sound wonderful. Good times!!

        My daughter loves Country music along with rock and classical…my son…not as much he all rock and classical. :)

        The boy across the street introduced me to Country music. He was my age 8, but oh worldly he had older siblings. I didn’t. I went weak in the knees whenever he came outside wearing his cowboy boots, and hat. We were friends for a couple of years; in the same class for years then we were inseparable for a whole year…BFF’s. We pledged to marry and be friends and in love forever. My first love. KR+DG in a heart. Yeah, we carved that somewhere. :)
        My parents had no clue or care! Of course not! LOL! We continued to move up north to a much bigger city (silicon valley) following the money after my Dad retired from the Marine Corp.
        I thought I would die! I thought we were settled; no longer moving. We weren’t.
        Life went on. The memories are great we had some great times playing in the alfalfa fields, catching frogs, swimming in the canals, playing hide and seek, and planning our futures, and I’ve loved Country music since.

        Country music; It’s not all about he’s leaving or she’s leaving on a bus, or truck or train. It’s also about deep, lasting, staying, forever love. Just sayin. :)

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        • I agree, Deborah. There have been some very deep meaningful songs on the country charts over the years. Your comment could be a country song :) I hear the complaints about it, and the insinuations made about the people who like it, but the people making that noise are wrong.

          I remember how happy country music made my father. He worked two jobs the entire time I was growing up, and he rarely seemed to relax. I remember when he installed an 8-track player in his car, and popped in Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits. I still smile when I hear “Walkin’ After Midnight”


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