Scrumptious – #JusJoJan

I don’t post on Tuesdays. Well, I did, on January 2nd, because that was the day Linda G. Hill used my contribution to her super fun Just Jot January prompt series. So, I thought I’d play one more time, as we are rapidly running out of January, and Linda has done a fantastic job of motivating lots of wonderful bloggers.

But, in deference to my equally wonderful readers, I offer very few words, as the prompt and a single photo from breakfast last Friday with my best friend are all I need.

Oh, one more thing, give nod to Judy Martin, the contributor of today’s prompt.

As Linda is so fond of saying, Enjoy!

Trust me, this was scrumptious.


  1. I trust you Dan. Steak, potatoes and eggs. What wouldn’t be scrumptious?! Time spent with your best friend! Priceless.

    Now, my idea of an equally scrumptious breakfast is chocolate cream pie, or leftover pizza, or baked ziti or lasagna…..cold! Lol.

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    • Good for you, Judy. Heart healthy…right? I meet my friend after I get my hair cut, but he isn’t always available. So, I have that breakfast, maybe 8 times a year.

      I have other nice ones at other times, but I wouldn’t call it a regular thing,

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    • Technically, I hadn’t stater to eat, Janet. My friend and I split the potatoes because they simply give you too many. I was holding one piece of toast, in order to better show the eggs. That said, I only had time for one quick snap ;-)

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  2. I think this one was equally special and tempting. . . This could be the perfect meal before going to bed, Dan! Sub: fried balogna since I don’t have a ham slice! Scrumptious! 😉
    (Naw, I ate two cookies and milk!)

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