Sunrise, the Flag, Geese and Maddie

Maddie’s park is quiet. We’re out early.

In anticipation of a very busy weekend, I planned to share some pictures today. I took these on one of the few sunny walks I’ve had with Maddie this year. When I was trying to decide which ones to upload, I noticed that I had a series, of sorts, of four different subjects. The title gives a pretty good hint.

The sun was struggling to find a way to break through the clouds. Maddie was being obnoxious and photo-bombing my attempts to get a picture of what had been an interesting patch of ice, and the sun and the wind were working in tandem to light up and spread the flag in Maddie’s Park. It’s also known as Veterans Park, but… On our way back, we noticed a flock of geese that seemed to have lost their choreographer.

I hope you enjoy the gallery. To see the captions, click on any photo to begin a slide show. I tried to organize the gallery by series. If you want to see it in order, start at the upper left.


  1. Aw, if we understand anyone photo bombing your shots, Maddie is the girl. :-) We see some geese down here along with the seagulls, pigeons, and egrets. The best team won yesterday, and I’m happy they get to celebrate their first win at that level. One thing about sports – there’s always next year. :-)

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    • I was at a Super Bowl party with a lot of Philly fans. I was pulling for them, not that I’m a fan, but I really liked the Nick Foles story this season. It’s hard when your team gets so close, I’ve been there. I don’t like the Patriots, but I feel bad for my friends who do.

      I didn’t think anyone would be sympathetic to my being photobombed by Maddie.

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  2. Your first photo of the sunrise is an oil painting waiting to happen, as is the second to last. Just beautiful.

    Sorry Dan, Maddie makes that ice much more interesting and her “feathers” are terrific.
    The geese? Well, they kinda look like they had one too many Yuelings (sp?)!!!!

    The shots of our flag are really special. Yes, “long may it wave”.

    Hope today is the start of a good week for you.


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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie’s feathers are special, and I like when the light hits them. The geese really looked like they were having a problem. It was a good weekend, still very busy, but getting past that spell.

      I hope you have a great week.


  3. Well, I love the very first photo…sunrise over Maddie’s Park. It’s getting lighter out in the morning and I think I’m close to seeing the sun rise on my way into work. Then again, my new office has an east-facing window and I’ve been enjoying the morning rays very much. (Tune into one-liner Wednesday this week to see what I mean :-)

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  4. Maddie’s feathers ARE beautiful, and I’m not just sayin that because we share the same opinion on sunrises ;)
    It’s pretty, and the best one is “on the way home.”


  5. Of course, I love the sunrise pics, Dan! With your permission, could I try one of them to see how they crop for a blog header on the Welcome page? You’d get your name & website there to introduce it. Maybe a pic of Maddie too! Let me know, please! Happy Week! 🌷 Christine

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  6. Dan – this is a very special series of photos (IMHO) – so artsy – so “you” and so unified.
    so the wave of the flag is in sync with some of the waves of the hair
    the light you grabbed in M’s fur – behind and thru the fur – adds interest – and then the collage set up lets us feel the sun bursting through. and then Maddie has red hair – so it adds to the sun colors – as I am sure you know – and then you did not write too much – not that you ever do – but just a few sentences led us right into your image rich post…
    oh and the flag – that patriot vibe ((not to be confused with anything football related))
    perfect 10 here…

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    • Thanks Deborah. Maddie gets away with so much trading on those looks. I did like the picture with her feathers in the light. I tried so many times to catch the flag where I wanted it. Backlit with the perfect amount of curve. I saw it a couple of times, but I couldn’t snap. The problem with a point and shoot is the lag time between shots. I should learn about burst mode…

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  7. So love the creativity I am seeing here, Dan! Way to go! I laughed out loud regarding Maddie… What can I say? It is really cold here as well and I have opted to catch up on some cleaning inside versus being outside. However, I don’t have a dog that I must walk so there are advantages of having only cats. Love your gallery! Have a great day! 👏👏👏

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  8. Great bunch of pictures! I love the critique of the geese; I see what you mean about how they lost their choreographer. LOL Maddie’s “feathers” add a great splash of color to that ice shot. I appreciate it that you didn’t edit her out. :D

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    • Thanks Marian. I did like the shot with her feathers. She pretty much ruined the ice, anyway. I guess I didn’t have my priorities in order that day. The geese were just too funny – “honk honk honk”

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  9. Wow, Dan. I loved the sunrise over Maddie’s park. It is simply gorgeous! Maddie herself is sweet and cute, eating and sniffing ice and frozen puddles.
    I liked that stunning capture of the “V” of geese. Thank you for such a lovely post. The flag is my triple focus on Monday, President’s Day.

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