Creativity’s Battle – #1LinerWeds

Back in October, the day before I left for my whirlwind visit to Chicago, my daughter took me to a concert for my birthday. We saw Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Infinity Theater in Hartford. The Infinity is a small venue with an attached Bistro where we had dinner before the concert.

I have always liked Mary Chapin Carpenter, and the first concert I ever took Faith to was when Mary Chapin Carpenter was playing in nearby Springfield, MA.
Mary establishes a very nice rapport with her audience. She tells stories, she makes jokes and she answers questions. At one point, she told a story, that I could relate to. She had been playing in a different city, when an audience member asked her:

“Is that a real song, or did you write it?”

You’re wondering how I can relate…

I’m going to share that next week. I know it’s not like me to be bound to the whole one-liner thing, but I think sharing that story here would tax Linda’s patience. Also, the pictures I would want to share with that story would blow up the gallery.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I encourage you to join the circus! You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

The gallery includes photos from a walk Faith and I took between dinner and the concert. I was reluctant to go as far as we did – I didn’t want to be late – but Faith said “the river’s pretty at night and you can get photos for a blog post.” She’s pretty smart, that Faith. Mary Chapin did not want us to take pictures, she asked nicely so I complied.

This just in: If you want to read a little more about Mary Chapin Carpenter, check out Thom’s post over at The Immortal Jukebox.


  1. I agree with Joanne. Awkward question and I’d love to hear how she answered it. Mary Chapin Carpenter is not on my playlist, but it sounds as if she gives her audience a good concert. Glad you were able to go and enjoy before your trip.

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    • She didn’t tell us how she answered. I’m sure it was awkward for her and I’m sure she didn’t answer the way we would want her to.

      She is excellent in concert, her band is grest and the opening singer (Emily Barker) was wonderful and joined them for several songs.

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  2. The Science Center is an amazing building. Love all the photos….the lights and especially the reflections.

    Maddie photos are always a treat. The way she’s looking at your laundry….You don’t expect ME to put that away, do you?

    And where she’s using you as a pillow and a barrier. Lol. And here I thought you were good for nothing. Who knew?! Haha.

    That stupid question reminds me of these stupid car ads where they clarify that these are “real people – not actors”. And all along I thought they were fake people.


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    • Right, as if actors aren’t real people!

      Thanks Ginger. Maddie has a few neurological issues, and one side-effect is that she really seems to have a need to be confined. Unless we’re playing with a ball, or if it has just snowed, she seems to prefer to be on a leash, even in our fenced in yard. She likes to cram herself into tight spaces that seem to offer protection, like under my desk, under a table, under a chair. She even goes in her crate a lot on her own.

      At least laying behind me lets her stretch out. I only get a little miffed when she rearranged my legs and feet so she can get more comfortable.

      The Science Center is my favorite building in Hartford. We have been members since it opened. We dn’t go often, but I like supporting them.


  3. The Science Center is beautiful. Is it attached to the hotel…or just real, real close? ‘A real song or did you write it?’ What a crazy question to ask. Gotta love the Maddie photos. She is such a beautiful girl.

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    • The Science Center is a separate building, but the buildings kinda-sorta share a parking garage. I knew people would appreciate the Maddie pics. I was getting ready to leave on a business trip. Sometimes, she cops an attitude after seeing the suitcase and she ignores me. Other times, she gets very clingy.


  4. I had a professor who once said “The only dumb/stupid question is the one you don’t ask.” While I know what he meant and agree, there certainly are dumb/stupid questions as you pointed out. Another d/s ? when I was teaching was anything I’d just answered and the questioner hadn’t heard. :-) Love that Corona shot on the bottom left.


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    • I had a professor who liked to say “there are no stupid questions, but apparently there are stupid people. “It was harsh, but it was aimed at questions like you mentioned, which had already been answered, or (a pet peeve of his) that had been answered in yesterday’s reading assignment.

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  5. I remember being stunned to learn that ordinary people — just like me — could write stories. I thought all the stories and books had already been written. So those were “real” books, and anything I made up were just stuff I made up. This was partly the result of our library being poor and having nothing but old books, mostly discarded from libraries with better funding. It was also partly the result of the fact that I was FRICKIN’ FIVE YEARS OLD AT THE TIME. An adult should know better.

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  6. I’m shakin my head at that question, but I’ve said some pretty stupid things in my life so I won’t judge. :) Looking forward to next week’s story.

    I really like Mary Chapin Carpenter. She hasn’t had anything new out in ages. :( I bet her concert was great.

    The river is beautiful at night. Good call Faith! :)

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  7. That question really takes the cake. “Is it a real cake or did you bake it?” This question can only be followed by “How high are you?” Ugh.
    Great photos — lights, bridges, ooh. That Science Center is fab. Modern, but not intrusive. I likey. Had you featured that before?

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  8. One of those awkward moments:):) I regret choosing my current url, because some think everything I post is a painting, and have added more than once in the middle of the weekly post “this is a photo, not my painting!” I know I can change my url, but that’s a hassle too.

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    • At least I have a URL that doesn’t drive anyone’s expectations. Of course they have no clue either, but…

      Changing, domain names and redirecting traffic is a hassle. I did that with my old technical blog, and it never really recovered.


  9. I loved this collection of October concert, night out with Faith photographs, Dan. Such fun and special memories created, from the first time of hearing Mary Chapin Carpenter up to the most recent time! 💞 🎶

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