Thursday Doors – Oooh Wait a Minute

Inside 30th Street Station

I was out of town this weekend and the early part of this week. On the flight home, I pecked out a nice post about the architectural walking tour I took in Chicago. I thought that would be a nice piece to follow yesterday’s post about the concert the night before I left on that trip. Unfortunately, midway through the flight, Delta’s onBoard WiFi died and my story disappeared into clouds, instead of being backed up into Cloud-based storage. What’s a boy to do?

My business trip included mandatory attendance at a Super Bowl party. Based in Connecticut, you would imagine that some of my coworkers are fans of the New England Patriots. While that’s true, they aren’t a majority. Many are Giants fans, and we have the odd fans of the Bills, Cowboys and even a Browns fan. So that no mistakes would be made about my allegiance, I wore a Steelers tee shirt.

One of our Board members is a lifelong Eagles fan, and he brought his family to the party. A casual poll of the room turned up a few more Eagles fans, a lot of fans of “whoever is playing New England” and a few fans who don’t like either team, but like New England less. That’s the boat I was in – Eagles fan for one night. It was hard to root for Philadelphia, but I reminded myself that both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are in Pennsylvania, and in 1943, due to the war, the Steagles ( “Phil-Pitt Combine“) were the combined team assembled from those two cities.

I have been to Philadelphia four times (attending the AIIM Conference) since I started carrying a digital camera, but not since I started focusing (pun intended) on doors. The last time I was there was in 2010. Still, I had photos, I must have captured some doors, even if they weren’t my target. The gallery captions tell the story. Some of doors are hard to find, but I don’t think Norm will revoke my membership.

Norm (Frampton), if you’re not familiar, is the founding father of a weekly bloghop known as Thursday Doors. Each week, the Intercontinental Congress of door aficionados gathers to redeclare that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all door photographers are created equal, that they are endowed by their sponsor with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are a camera or smartPhone, a Linky List and the pursuit of unencumbered access to doors.” These same photographers make note of the fact that our declaration holds no promise of bail, should our pursuit of those photos run afoul of local rules and regulations. If you’re interested in sharing or viewing doors, head up to Exposure Hall. Check out Norm’s doors. Then click the Sargent at Arms (blue frog) for entrance to the great hall.

Please enjoy the photos in the gallery. If you want to see the descriptions, please just click on any door to begin a slide show. Maybe I’ll find those Chicago doors by next Thursday.

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  1. I do wish I could visit some of these iconic cities, Dan. Of course there is the food everywhere. But I missed the last few photos. I’m still standing in front of that Ale House, wanting to go inside….😊

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    1. The first time I was in Philadelphia, Cheryl, I discovered McGillin’s. Inside, the ceiling is low, probably lower than 8′. But the atmosphere was total “meeting place” where you might expect people just to hang out after whatever. Every time I went back, I ate there at least once. I also had breakfast and at least one lunch at Texas Weiners. I wish I had been taking door photos then, but I’ll get back for sure. 4 hours by train.


    1. I’m glad you liked that photo, Deborah. I remember wanting to take that, thinking I’d never have a use for it but I loved that window.

      I liked Geno’s better but I think my buddy preferred Pat’s. Have one of each and decide for yourself ;-)

      I don’t think I could eat that much these days.

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  2. When I see or hear the word “Bellevue”, health bath or saunas are not what come to mind! Lol.

    That church is a beauty and the doors are perfect.

    I’ve never had a cheese steak ‘wit’ or ‘wit-out’ onions. Fageddaboutit!!!

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    1. I like that response to the cheese-wit, Ginger. Philadelphia has so many interesting and historic buildings, it’s hard not to walk around with your head bobbing.

      I agree with your opinion of Bellevue. I wasn’t interested in the baths.


  3. It’s fun to experience a city through another person’s experience. I’ve only been to Philadelphia once – to run a race – and I experienced a very different part of the city … well, except for maybe your photo of the Texas Weiner. I saw many streets like that 🙂

    I’ve never had a cheese steak sandwich, but I like the idea of these two restaurants facing off against each other on opposite corners.

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    1. You’re making me feel guilty. You went there to run. We went there to eat like pigs. Still, I’ll write it off as research.

      When I cut down that street by Texas Weiners, I was a little nervous. When I looked in the window at breakfast, there had to be 20-25 policemen eating, so I figured it was safe. There are a lot of sketchy streets, including the alley McGillan’s is on. I wonder how much is still standing after the celebrations.


      1. hahaha! If you’re planning to eat in a restaurant and find it full of policemen, it’s likely a good bet 😀

        …. and just for the record, Philadelphia is the last race I ever ran – 2014. Sometimes I miss it – but not enough to start running again 😉

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  4. I so love the description of Norm that you give each week, Dan. That is as much fun as reading about the doors–which, by the way are beautiful this week. 30th Street Station—gorgeous. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that health bath thing….

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  5. Well Dan you really outdid yourself this week with your description of me and our #ThursdayDoors club :-D
    I’ve only been to Philly once and it wasn’t for long enough. If I ever get the chance I’d love to go back and delve a little deeper into the history and architecture there.
    Fun post :-)

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    1. Thanks for being such a good sport with the descriptions, Norm. I wish I had been more involved with photography the times I was there. Still, each visit was relatively short and jam-packed with official stuff. I’ve learned that if I want to see anything on these trips, I have to get up and out early (which means I have to behave the night before).

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    1. The guy at Texas Weiners would appeal to your sense of humor, too, John. The first time I went for lunch, I was trying to figure out what to order, looking around, etc. The guy must have known it was my first time there. I ordered two dogs with onions and a little mustard (even though they had a million choices). He yelled over to the cook: “Two with everything!”

      Do you think the Producer would authorize comparative cheese steaks? I mean, for research purposes…


  6. Dan,

    Thank you. Your photos took me on a journey back home. I lived in Philly for many years. So many of my memories live inside your pictures.

    The church is St. John The Evangelist. Inside is a beautiful statue of St. Anthony.


    1. Thank you for the information! I will update the image, attrib to you.

      I need to go back and just visit. I was there for technical conferences and a quick in and out to have dinner and a few beers with my brother.

      I am very happy that you enjoyed this, Anthony.

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    1. The company I work for has a series of meetings, including our Annual Meeting, which all begin with a Super Bowl party. I suppose I could opt not to go, but I’m not sure how that would look. Besides, I do like the people.

      Let’s hope Steelers can get there next year.


  7. Fun post Dan! You are lucky you didn’t get swamped with the crowds on Sunday night!!
    I live 20 miles west of Philly. The best cheesesteaks according to the locals are Jim’s Steak’s on South Street. Try it next time you are in town.

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  8. Good you like your mandatory superbowl party! Am glad that that was not a “reguirement” in my job. Went to one once, because we were invited by my best study friend. When we said at 3pm we were leaving, her husband, who is a Brit, was surprised.
    My hubby and son also went once with a whole bus to a football game with friends. They wanted to go home after an hour. You understand, not our cup of tea:)
    Love the window above the garage (?) door. It’s striking in design!

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    1. The party is part of a three-day series of meetings our company sponsors. I’m glad to be in the group that gets invited. On the other hand, this game, these two teams – not something I’d choose to watch.


  9. wow – the partygoers summed up what I think many superbowl parties were comprised of (and did I read Bills fans – right on – I guess they can be found everywhere)

    and nice idea to have a Phillie Doors’ post – three cheers (and as noted – the sauna sign has me wondering what they look like in that building??)

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    1. Our new CEO is a Bills fan.

      I wasn’t planning to say anything about the Super Bowl, as I didn’t expect my wish to come true. I have always enjoyed visiting Philadelphia, so when I lost the text of my post, it was just a matter of finding some door photos.

      Yeah, no sauna for me either, but I like that window.

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      1. yeah – I like the window (and I do not blame you for not going up there to check the saunas out)
        and it worked out well then – to get your doors and connect to the current event (and nice play of the cloud terms there…)


  10. I’ve been through Philly on the interstate and saw the Eagles stadium from the back of a motorcycle many years ago. I might get back there one day to see the truly interesting sites rather than a house of football. I was rooting for the Eagles on Sunday night and glad they won. They deserved it more so than the Patriots and I’m happy for their fans.

    Oh, and nice doors!

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    1. I knew I could count on you to have your priorities straight. I too, have to go back to see the other historic sites (I’ve already been to the oldest pub).

      After my favorite NFC teams were eliminated, I decided that I was liking the Nick Foles story. I have always liked rooting for the underdog.

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  11. Ugh… I always hated mandatory “parties.” I’m glad you made it out alive. :)
    Awesome collection of photos, Dan. I have my doubts about the sauna in that last building, but what a gorgeous entry above the garage! The 30th street station is breathtaking in the photo. Great capture of the light streaming in, and you framed the statue well. It shows the scale very well.
    It’s been quite a week here too. — New head of the agency. Less than 20 seconds on Google turned up a connection to Putin… 10 seconds more and another. Nice. TGIF!!! Hugs.

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    1. Thanks for the comments on the photos, Teagan. Yeah, I won’t be checking out the sauna ;-)

      We had a regime change here, too, but he’s a good guy, a friend and a known commodity. I think it’s good for the company and I’m a happy camper. These parties are usually fun, but when a team I don’t like is in the Super Bowl, being in a room with fans of that team is not my idea of ideal.

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  12. I love the photos. My dad worked in Philly for 6 years — he used to bring home those gigantic soft pretzels guys sell on street corners. Oh. My. Word. I’ve yet to find anyone who can do a soft pretzel like they do in Philly.

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  13. Logically I should root for the Patriots. We’ve lived in Massachusetts and my son was born in Boston. But I like the underdog.
    I also like Philadelphia where I only went once but would gladly return. So much history is packed in the city, which I found easily walkable and friendly.
    It was in the summer and people were out and about. Food was terrific. Classics but also trendier fare.
    Glad you took advantage of a business trip to capture the beauty of a few doors through the City of Brotherly Love.

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    1. Thanks Evelyne. Logically, I should root for the Pats. I’ve lived here over 35 years and there hasn’t been a year where I haven’t traveled to Boston a few times. But I just can’t 🙂

      Philadelphia is very walkable, mostly friendly and lots of good food, history and culture.


  14. Long covered walk FTW :) That hot dog on a roll, that sounds good right about now. My grandmother used to make me a hot dog sandwich now and again. She’d slice it and load it up with mustard, onion, and relish on toast and that was always, I repeat, always “Eat this down on the dock, Little One” because all the messy foods were to be consumed outdoors. lol Thanks for the memory.
    I like that picture of hotel in the hotel in lieu of a picture of the hotel.
    I’m sorry there was no door to escape, but I bet you gave a great talk :)

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  15. The only part which I didn’t get was the part about the Eagles. Why don’t you like them? I missed this detail in your story. . .
    Anyway, the final old stoned arch over that window was beautiful. The 30th Street Station hall with all the hanging lamps was simply divine!

    I always like seeing the different eating and drinking places you take! Which place serves the best hot dog, Geno’s or Pat’s? 😋
    I like the way Friendly’s used to split a fresh hot dog bun and fry it on a buttered griddle, than add a fried hot dog into it. 🌭

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    1. The Eagles and the Steelers (as well as the Fliers and the Penguins) have been cross-state rivals for years.

      Geno’s and Pat’s both serve Cheesesteak sandwiches. I like them both. Much more research is required.

      Freindly’s does do hot dogs well.


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