Thursday Doors – New York Leftovers


I have been very busy since returning from a trip last week. I haven’t had time to hunt for new doors, or even deal with the doors I was planning to share today. Well, I did have time to deal with those, but I’ve been watching the Olympics. Fortunately, I had some interesting doors leftover from my visit to New York in November.

Since they’re leftovers, they don’t fall into a cohesive group, except for a few doors from The Molly Wee. Anyway, I added captions to the photos to explain what I know/remember/imagined. You can read those by clicking on any photo and starting a slide show.

This post is part of Norm Frampton’s fun, weekly blogfest – Thursday Doors. Each week, Norm opens the main gallery and people from all over the world gather to share their doors. Visit the site, check out Norm’s doors and look for the blue frog. Click him and enter a world of doors.


  1. I love leftover doors 🙂

    Hands down, the one with the face in the round window is my favourite … but it’s the unusual door handle that seals the win.
    … but special mention has to go to the use of fake squirrels as an ornament. That is something I’ve never seen before 😆

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    • Hmmm, I replied to this earlier. It seems like WordPress is messing with me again. I do enjoy leftovers, Cheryl. Lunch today is leftover fettuccine alfredo and visiting a bunch of Thursday Door posts.

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      • Yum. We found a great new Mexican restaurant and had our Valentine’s ‘date there yesterday afternoon/evening. Tonight I am enjoying leftovers. WP has been naughty lately….😏


    • Thanks Judy. 50% Olympics and 50% difficult week at work. I alwats prepare ahead of time when I know I am traveling, but I never take into account how long it takes to readjust after traveling. I hope you found some doors to like.

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    • The Olive Oil store was such a great place, but it was hard shopping for me. They asked me a bunch of questions about what my wife likes and what she doesn’t, before helping me choose. I wrote the questions down, emailed my daughter and went back the next day with the answers. I’d love to just let my wife go there and shop, but I’m not sure it’s worth a 6-hour round trip on the train (for her, 6 hours on a train is a bonus for me :)


  2. Great collection of doors. I really like the one with the face and the neat handle. Of course, I’m a softie for all the shots that pick up reflections. But the best one? The subway door, hands down. I would love to watch some guy whose had one too many trying to find that door! Lol.

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    • I’m glad you like the subway door, Ginger. I was trying to take that picture clandestinely, and I had to crop people out of every attempt, but I had to have it. It seems that you and I and many others like reflections. The funny thing is, I don’t like my reflection.


    • Thanks Norm. It’s always good to have some leftovers in the fridge. I had a different introduction planned for you, too but I’m sure you’re fine with a normal intro (maybe even breath a sigh of relief).

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  3. It’s fun to see your leftovers. NYC is never lacking when it comes to doors. You’d kind of think that the Waldorf would have doors, no matter where they are, that project a more grand image, wouldn’t you?

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  4. Hi Dan – left overs with the pumpkin … ‘spect it’s gone now – hope so anyway. Such an interesting range of doors provided … some I’d enter, others not … cheers Hilary

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  5. Dan these leftovers are “delicious” to the eye. That gilded golden loveliness at the oyster bar was unexpected, but I like it. How could I resist that first one though, with the jack o’lantern — my favorite. The composition is perfect from the long stairway, to the “framing” of the door, to the bright pumpkin. Great photo.
    Enjoy the Olympics! You deserve a break. I haven’t had a chance to catch any of it yet, but I hope to see a few minutes here and there.

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  6. Hope you enjoyed the Olympics – several Americans took gold away, so that should make you happy. Maybe because I didn’t watch it, I didn’t understand why the sister of the president got so much attention. About your doors, the hall of the oysterbar is shiny! and the black door front with the flags is beautiful!

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    • Thanks. I like it when USA wins, but I like watching the athletes from everywhere. The Japanese womens curling team beat team USA but the Japanese team was so much fun to watch.

      I really like the curves in the Hall by the Oyster Bar.


  7. I like the first image the best! I left a comment on that image.

    I’m so glad I ate a big lunch cause your other images would have me starving!

    We have an Olive Oil store nearby. The olive oil is great, but I LOVE their flavored Balsamic Vinegars more. The Raspberry one is my favorite. Just pour some in a glass for me please. :) It’s that good!

    Great set of Leftovers, and title for them too.

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    • Thanks! I had been walking by the Olive Oil store for years, but I always seemed to be on the run on the return trip, so I never managed to stop. I liked how helpful they were because I really didn’t know what to buy. I think I managed to choose two nice selections.

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  8. Oh yes, great leftovers! I imagine I’ll be having mine next Thursday. That Oyster Bar look amazing and the subway end I like plenty too. In other news, Slovenia just beat Slovakia after penalties… There can be only one. :D (We lost uglily against Russia though, as I imagine everybody will.)

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