I’ll Have Fries With That

“His nibs is late, and there’s only one seat at the bar, Dan.”

That’s OK, Cheryl. I’ll snag that table in the corner.”

“Want me to bring you a beer?”

“Yes, Corona please.”

“What the heck are you doing at a table?”

“The bar is full, unless you want to sit in my lap.”

“The bar is full? The bar is never full.”

“OK Yogi.”


“Yogi Berra once said: ‘nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded’“

“What if we don’t get Cheryl?”

“Relax. I already saw Cheryl, she’s bringing me a beer as we speak.”

“Bringing – you – a – beer. How nice. I don’t suppose you ordered anything for me.”

“I never know with you. Is it wine? Bourbon? Beer? Plus all that other stuff you ask for. You’re too much trouble.”

“Hey there, good to see that you made it. Here’s your Corona, Dan. Fresh lime, no glass but an intriguing coaster.”

“Thanks Cheryl, I…”

“…I believe she addressed me first.”

“By all means.”

“I’ll have a glass of Mieomi.”

“See, I told you she’d find us.”

“I still prefer sitting at the bar.”

“As do I, but we can’t always get what we want.”

“Speaking of that, would you mind switching seats?”


“I don’t like facing the wall.”

“You’re not facing the wall, you’re facing me.”

“Yes, but beyond you is the wall. Can we switch?”

“I wouldn’t mind, but I can see two TVs from here, and they both have Olympic sports on. The only TV you can see has Katie Couric.”

“We don’t come here to watch TV, we come here to talk. It would be easier if you switched.”

“Here’s your wine, and your assorted side glasses.”

“Geeze, Cheryl – you scared me!”

“I’m sorry. I thought you knew I’d be coming back with the wine – you – ordered.”

“I did, it’s just that I didn’t see you…”

“Here, take my seat.”


“You’re welcome. I’m sure it’s easier than listening to the explanation.”

“You said ‘two TVs showing Olympic sports’… They both have Curling on.”

“Curling is an Olympic sport.”

“I know, but it takes so long,”

“It’s faster than the Cross-Country skiing.”

“Not by…quick, get your beer. Get your beer, let’s go, let’s go.”


“Follow me. Quick!”

“What are you guys doing?”

“Those two people left, I want these seats.”

“Well, you could let me clean up first.”

“Don’t worry, he has to make two trips to bring all the paraphernalia that goes with his Bourbon.”

“Well, I don’t like people sitting in other people’s messes. Lift your beer so I can wipe under there.”

“You make it sound like the scene of an ax murder, Cheryl. One glass, one napkin, and curiously, two credit card slips.”

“Why are two credit card slips curious?”

“When I came in, they were pawing all over each other. I wasn’t sure they needed two stools, let alone separate checks.”

“They’re not really together. That’s all I’m saying. You look like you’re ready for another beer. And, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get you a new glass of ice and a new snifter of seltzer, these are sitting in a puddle.”

“And a new glass of Bourbon?”

“Nice try. I’ll assume the alcohol will kill any germs.”

“Nothing ventured…”

“Cheryl, I just noticed this coaster. Is it here? On tap?”

“Yes, after over a year of asking, Naughty Nurse Amber is on tap.”

“I think I can switch for this round.”

“Oh my God, the same two teams are still curling.”

“There are two ‘ends’ to go.”

“Two ends, eight stones, two teams…how much do they think we can take? Cheryl, I need more Bourbon.”

“You want to switch to Katie?”

“No. I want to see the men’s downhill.”

“That starts tonight at eight o’clock. We can’t drink that long.”

“We ustacould.”

“Ha – that’s true.”

“You boys want any food?”

“I’m going to take some wings to go, Cheryl.”

“And fries at the end?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“What does she mean ‘at the end?’ “

“Once the wings are done, they toss in an order of fries.”

“Why wait?”

“So they’re as hot as possible when I leave.”

“How big a difference can that make.”


“He’s right, it makes a big difference. Otherwise, they put the fries in right away.”

“So you’re in this with him Cheryl?”

“I’m in it with his wife, she’s pretty sweet and the fries are for her.”

This visit to the bar was inspired by Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘his/her(s).’ Use one, use both, bonus points if you start your post with one and end with the other. Have fun!”

I was going to include “You can’t always get what you want” but that song is over 7 minutes long. I decided to add Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit” because it was the next song up. I watched that video, I don’t think the song is hypothetical.

The gallery includes some photos from my daily commute, a little rainy weather and the usual suspects. See Cheryl’s latest post here.


  1. nice take on his/hers – and you really captured something that happens a lot – the moving to grab a spot that is messy. So interesting how at times this is ok, other times it might make someone mad, or seem like the customer is being pushy- but sometimes we just have to claim our stake in the opening.
    and last month we were watching this lady Carol sing and an entire six top – in a prime spot – sat empty for the final hour – folks came – walked up to it – and then left for a booth far away – or stayed standing – it kind of amazed me that not one person sat down – there were only a few glasses – a few napkins – but nobody wanted it that badly

    that amber beer looks pretty tasty!

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    • Thanks. There’s such a different vibe at the bar than at a table that it’s worth the mad rush.

      The amber was their first beer and i still think it’s the best beer they make.

      That’s funny about everyone leaving a prime spot. Who knows?


  2. I think Maddie’s cot manufacturer is missing some sales here because she’s a pretty good saleslady for that product. :-) I was in a bar and grill last night and watched folks jockey for stools as they became available. Blue Moon and scallops basket – pretty good. Have a good weekend, and I hope the weather allows for Maddie to have a good walk or a good sit. :-)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Judy. Maddie certainly could be the Cot Girl. She loves that thing. She is laying next to her harness, as I write this. She went over and pointed to it about 5 minutes ago. I told her “7:00”

      Mmmm, scallops basket.., that sounds good.

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  3. I got to chuckle a number of times during this read, Dan, so thanks for that. I’m sipping my warm water with lemon while reading and just about ready to see what’s on the Olympics this morning. We’ve watched some curling and are getting a better idea of what it’s about. It really takes skill, but certainly isn’t as attention-grabbing as many of the other Olympic sports. I really like biathlon, but we’ve been enjoying skiing of all sorts and the ice skating.

    I love the names of beers these days, such as Naughty Nurse. It gets to be a lot like naming Quarter horses or race horses: there are only so many names, but so many animals/beers needing to be named, so you get some pretty crazy names. :-) We’re headed over to Solemn Oath brewery at 11 this morning as they’re tapping a couple of coffee beers in conjunction with Intelligentsia Coffee. And at noon, a nearby upscale grocery store is tapping a couple of interesting-sounding stouts. Not sure if we’ll stop there or not, but I may need to pace myself.

    I’ve forgotten what else I was going to comment (pretty sure the joys of really hot fries was in there somewhere), but this is long enough to be my own SOCS, so I’ll stop. Hoppy, I mean Happy, Saturday.


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  4. Thanks Janet. I got all exited lat year when I saw the Naughty Nurse tap handle, but it was the IPA. Several of us have complained that they have too many IPAs and no good lagers. The bartender (normally played by Cheryl) has become the bar manager and she agreed to switch the IPA for the Amber. Such a good choice.

    Enjoy your tasting(s) – it’s Saturday, I think you can handle two.


  5. “I wasn’t sure they needed two stools”…… I’m still cracking up! I think that couple gets around to a lot of places. Lol.

    Naughty Nurse beer…what an odd name (to someone who doesn’t drink!). No doubt there’s a story behind that name.

    Love the reflection photos, but as always, Maddie photos win hands down. There she is just relaxing and letting it all hang out. No worries about where her next meal is coming from, or hugs or kisses. She’s content with her many toys, even the ones she’s ‘unstuffed’!

    But the last picture of Queen Maddie, sitting up so tall surveying her kingdom. The only thing missing is her crown!! Good girl Maddie!

    Hope the Editor enjoyed the fries and that they were still hot.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I usually manage to get the fries home while still hot. The fires, are also for Maddie. My wife always saves a few for her. One day, my wife didn’t want any fries. I came home without them and Maddie was very upset. She kept sniffing the counter looking for them. So now, I always bring them home even if my wife is having something else. Queen Maddie indeed.

      We had our walk this morning. It’ supposed t snow tonight and then get very warm. Maddie will have fries today, snow to play in tomorrow and warm sun to sit in by Tuesday.

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  6. Accckkkk – I just realized that my buddy started drinking wine, but it mysteriously turned ito Bourbon by the time he got to the bar. Oh well, Linda says no editing – I’ll just have to chalk it up to magic.


  7. Yep. That’s my bar. Nice and manageable. 😉 Looks like a cool place to hang out. Ummm younsure your friend’s name isn’t Lee? Ahem. Just sayin’….lol. Great photos. I see her royal higness Maddie is adaptable to any temp. Seems we all must be these days. Well, I am off to write about our excursion last night. Thanks so much for the link. Since mine is essentially a bar post, I will be linking back here. Have a super weekend, Dan! PS. Good on you. No one likes ‘dead’ fries, and rigamortus sets in quickly once they cool off….

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  8. I’m not giving up the identity of my buddy. Any relation to real people is, um, coincidence. I think this might be the first time I have a picture of the bar. It’s not very big, but the bartender has it all under control.

    Maddie has had her walk. She’ll probably sit later and she’ll be playing in the snow this time tomorrow. A dog’s life??? Yeah, sign me up for that, any time.

    Thanks for the link.

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  9. A few thoughts here, Dan:
    1. The bar needs a mirror on that wall so no one really has to look at a wall or be scared by the bartender.
    2. I’m confused by the third to last sentence. Is it fires or fries? Fries sound good, even at 9:00 in the morning with coffee.
    3. I’ve watched some of the Olympics here and there, but not curling. It is boring to watch, unless you make it interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evNi4_2qHPY
    4. Does Maddie ever stop being adorable?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mary.

      1. I’ll pass this along to the owner.
      2. That’s a typo. I think I can fix that without sacrificing bonus points but I must resist throwing the Editor under the bus. I’m sure it’s my fault.
      3. Thanks fir the interesting look at curling.
      4. Maddie does, on occasion, behave in s less than adorable manner. We don’t share those stories so as not to upset her fans 😏


  10. Great images and tune. It reminds me of the first and only time I went sailing, to Croatia for a week, in October. There were only me and 8 guys or so. The youngest, around 23, came over with his phone, telling me that he will play me his favourite tune. It was this one, and I knew immediately it was going to be a smooth sail.

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  11. Once again, you have become my favorite Saturday morning read, proving that: 1) Yes, curling is an Olympic sport, not unlike professional paint-drying-watching, 2) “ustacould is indeed an vital word in anyone’s vocabulary, and 3) HOT fries matter! Have a great week! ~ Lynn (and yes, Maddie is, in fact, TOTES ADORBS! (does that make me younger sounding?)

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  12. Dan – saddly comments involve frustration. When using a small Android and big fingers! Add clumsy too! I will opt for a scotch and obliviate any thought of complaints to dear editor! Great reparte ! I will have a second scotch so I can say that furin word ! Now what were we imbibing about ?

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  13. I don’t like sitting with my back to the restaurant. I like to face ‘out.’ Fries for Maddie. I love that. Speaking of which, I ripped out the page of a magazine so I could remember to tell you about this book, “Maddie Lounging on Things.” Photos of this adorable dog (just like your Maddie) lounging….on things. The photos are so cute and funny. Your Maddie would be perfect to replicate those photos. You know, when someone gives Maddie her own blog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Dan. Cheryl is a sweetie. That last line of the post is perfect.

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  14. Oh wow, does that song ever take me back! We really grew up with great music, Dan! The music today …. I’m not too sure about. Go ask Alice. Glad to see Maddie is hanging out in the yard. I suggested a bed like hers to someone who wants to do macro photography but cannot lay on the ground. Enjoyed your SOC today …. Happy Sunday!

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  15. You’ve not dined until you’ve eaten in a restaurant with a PTSD vet. Back to the wall or no threats behind him, near a door. Oh mercy. He’s getting better though. (And strangely, I am getting keen to what the possible threats may be.)
    Have you heard White Rabbit, audio-only version? It’s amazing. She’s amazing.
    I’m sorry your bar was full. Terrible. My bestie and I used to go to this bar on Friday nights, this actual sports bar, not a pretend sports bar for singles, but a real sports bar, where men never spoke to us, and we’d slide into this booth with the backs way above our heads and catch up. One night, we went in there and there were a bunch of frat boys. Must have been a party. It was sad.
    Very nice about the fries :)

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    • I loved Jefferson Airplane such an amazing voice.

      I didn’t think about people who have very good reasons for wanting to be facing out into the restaurant. This is a case of following an SoCS thread without thinking too much. I hope this little bit of dialog didn’t offend anyone.

      The bar is not usually full when I get there. If it is, it’s the remnants of an afternoon event, and it clears pretty quick, so I can move to the bar. When I travel, I always try to find a place where I can eat dinner at the bar.

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    • Thanks Audrey. I wasn’t really thinking about that line, that much when I wrote it. I had recently been with a friend who was startled by the waitress. Now that I think about it (Linda suggests that you not think too much) and read the comments, I realize a lot of people prefer to be looking out. I normally sit at the bar, which is away from the action, so to speak.


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