Behind the Big Door

Linda G. Hill has given me the ideal prompt for her fun Stream of Consciousness Saturday blog thingie. I am going to let the voices visit the bar with my buddy and Cheryl, as we deal with:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘door.’ Write about a door you walked through this week that wasn’t your own. Enjoy!

Tunxis Grill
This is the main entrance to my favorite restaurant.

If we were having a beer, you would be waiting inside that beautiful door.

“Well, look who made it.”

“You seem surprised. I’m here every week.”

“You are, but I read in your blog that you were sick.”

“Sick? You know what they say Dan, starve a fever, drown a cold.”

“I thought that was ‘feed a cold’ Cheryl.”

“I can handle that, too. But one thing’s for sure, you need Vitamin C – I suggest we send a cold Corona out to find her lime.”

“That sounds good!”

“Wait a minute. Were you sick or not?”

“Whoa, first things first – not that this conversation needs more alcohol, but what can I bring you to drink?”

“He’s been raving about that Naughty Nurse, let me try one of those.”

“Wow, taken out of context, that statement could get you both in trouble.”

“The beer, Cheryl, the beer. Now, I think it’s time for true confessions, Mr. I-was-too-sick-to-research.”

“I was sick, earlier in the week. Thursday was my first day back at work. I didn’t have time to do a proper job on the WATW post. I don’t think it’s a crime.”

“OK, one Corona, medicinal strength, and one Naughty Nurse. Let me know if you want to feed that fever.”

“I thought it was starve a fever.”

“I’m in the business of selling food and adult beverages – no starving allowed.”

“Besides, I just read that you should feed everything.”

“Where did you read that, the window at McDonald’s?”

“I read that in Scientific American, if you must know.”

“That bunch of cone heads? I don’t usually go there for medical advice.”

“Well, I’m not a member of AARP, so I have to rely on science.”


“Go easy on him Dan. You boys need anything else?”

“This Corona went down fast, Cheryl. I think I’ll switch to Naughty Nurse.”

“I’m good for now.”

“You appear to be good for the afternoon.”

“We’ve had this discussion. Unlike you, I don’t guzzle my beer.”

“You both are OK. It’s less beer. Bottles are twelve ounces. Drafts are sixteen.”

“Whatever you say, Cheryl. So what’s this feed everything nonsense?”

“The article points out that when your body is fighting a cold, or the flu, it needs enormous amounts of energy.”

“I think they mean fluids, fruits, vegetables, maybe a healthy breakfast.”

“I think I’ve covered that.”

“A lime wedge isn’t ‘fruit’ and a Corona isn’t ‘fluids’ – I don’t even want to know what you had for breakfast.”

“I went to Allegro.”

“I thought the Health Department closed that place.”

“That was years ago, and it was only for three days.”

“Eeew, Dan, he might have a point. Here’s your Nurse.”

“It’s OK Cheryl. It was a technical violation. They only have one Men’s room, and they were storing the mop in there.”

“From what I know about Men’s rooms, I feel bad for the mop.”

“I would defend my gender, but you might be right.”

“I suggest we drag this conversation out of the Men’s room. I was thinking about ordering some food.”

“That’s a good idea. I’m still a little full from breakfast, but I could eat.”

“What did you have for breakfast?”

“A Western Omelet.”

“Oh, I love those. I guess that means you wouldn’t want to split a sausage, pepper and onions pizza.”

“I think that would be too many veggies for one day.”

“Ha! Cheryl, we’ll split an order of wings, and I’m ready to switch to wine.”

“You were pretty quick to order wings. That’s usually my thing.”

“I’ve been craving them. I haven’t had wings since my Super Bowl party.”

“Not a fond memory for you, huh?”

“No. I notice you declined my invitation – again. Although I’m glad you weren’t there.”

“I was in Florida – on business – again.”

“Flying in the winter, that will get you sick.”

“Kissing the Lombardy Trophy can’t be too healthy either.”

“Oh, that was disgusting. Here’s your wine. Wings are in.”

“I wouldn’t know. I turned the TV off after the clock hit double-zeros.”

“I did feel bad for you, and I didn’t bring it up.”

Sorry to my friends who are NE fans.

“No, the stupid ESPN app did. I typed NFL instead of NHL and bam, that score came up.”

“I’ve been there. When we lost to Green Bay – It stays there until August.”

Thanks for joining us today. Check out Cheryl’s latest post. It seems she’s found another good place to grab a brew and a burger. The gallery has a couple relevant pictures as well as a few from my trip to Florida.


    • I am feeling better, but I’m not sure I’ll be ordering wings today. These conversations are usually based on prior visits. Although, I did have that omelette yesterday but way too early for beer (which I haven’t had for a week). It’s always confusing when I mix real events into the stream. Thanks for the comment.

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  1. 74 degrees on Wednesday? That warm weather must have went underneath Wisconsin before it came to you. I’m excited it’s supposed to be int he 40’s this weekend, but whatever…

    I agree with trying to eat when sick, but not with a stomach flu. That doesn’t work. Not ever. Glad you only had a cold and are feeling better. One of my bosses was out sick with the flu all week. When I texted her on Friday that I hoped she felt better, she replied with, “This is the first day I don’t feel like I’m going to die.” That’s rough.

    Have an awesome Saturday and 50 bonus points for reminding me of the wonderful Super Bowl year in Green Bay. ;-)

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  2. I’m so sorry you were sick Dan but glad you are back up and guzzling beere and wings. 😉 Those palm trees and food look inviting. A mop in the men’s room? Ewww….in any bathroom. But most restaurant mops are perpetually disgusting. It’s as though they never heard of bleach. 🤔

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    • I am feeling better, Cheryl, thanks. I hope to make it to the bar later today, and I have been craving wings. The place my friend and I go to breakfast is a little sketchy, but they have the best breakfast. I figured I could guess your reaction to the mop – I remember the mop we had at the bowling alley, and how my dad made sure it was kept clean.

      I had a couple of days in the sun in Ft. Myers, but mostly in meetings. I did spend some time on the beach. I have some bird pictures and a cute little video to sort out and post. Maybe on Wednesday. I hope you have a good weekend.

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  3. I do like the door. I’ve been wallowing in the Olympics as much as possible and we’ll be sad when they’re over. Regarding beer, we were at a local micro-brewery on Saturday for an event between them and Intelligentsia Coffee and I had the best dark beer I’ve ever had. Solemn Oath Brewery ( gave us Beverage of Champions. Makes me drool just to think about it, but as I have to work in less than two hours, no adult beverages until after 5 pm!

    Happy Saturday, Dan.


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  4. The comment about the men’s room and the mop…..cracked me up! You mentioned the Gulf and I thought you were in my neck of the woods. Naples, eh? Rich people land. Glad you are on the mend, Dan. Yeah, if you can’t make it to work, you can’t make it to the bar, either. That old school rule never dies, does it?

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    • Ha ha, from the size of the houses I was walking past, I’d have to agree with you, Lois. I go there for this meeting, but I don’t see myself going there after retirement. I don’t want to complain about the hotel, but I’ve stayed in nicer Courtyards, and the place is wicked expensive. I’m not a beach boy and I don’t like the heat, so I probably won’t be spending much time in your state. At least it seems like you get some cooler weather in your area.

      I remember the bowling alley my dad managed. The Ladie’s room was pretty, with a nice little sitting area with two chairs and a small table. The Men’s room was your typical Men’s room. We filled the mop bucket from a special hot water faucet in the Men’s room.

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  5. Yep, if you’re too sick to go to school, you’re pretty much screwed for doing anything else!! Who made up that stupid rule anyway?

    The lighting walking to the concourse is really pretty in the photo, but I’m not sure I could take it up close and personal!

    Nice shots of sunset and Palm trees. And then there’s sweet Maddie. What can I say? She’ll always win, hands down. Murphy says ‘woof woof’ to Maddie.

    Glad you’re getting back to feeling yourself. Now you and the Editor just have to stay that way! Enjoy the weekend. This crazy weather pattern has to straighten out soon, right?!!

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    • Thanks Ginger. The lighting is only part of that experience. It’s meant to look like a jungle canopy and there are appropriate sounds to go along with it. I am always moving pretty fast through there, so the thought of something lurking in the shadows is extra incentive to get me to the gate on time.

      I don’t know who made up that rule, but I worked Thur & Fri so I get to go to the bar today. Besides, these trips are research for future posts…I mean that’s work…right?

      I almost forgot to include Maddie in the gallery.I’ll blame that on having been sick.

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  6. Hi Dan – just glad you’re both feeling better – and taking things easy as life comes right again. Love the pics and that door – brilliant door. Maddie looks ready to take you out again for some gentle walks as the weather warms … actually we’re still pretty cold here and had snow … I hope it now stays away. The omelette sounds good! Cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. We had some snow yesterday, but no real accumulation. Maddie took me for a short walk today. If it gets warm, she might “let me sit with her” later on.

      We are both feeling better. My wife was hit much harder by this than I was. Her’s dragged on for almost two weeks. I was back to work after 5 rough days,

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      • Crumbs – sounds nasty … and I’m in bright sunshine – and need to get out … but things to do in here – which I’d like to clear … but I too will be out and about now as the weather somewhat improves. Enjoy Maddie’s walks and sitting with her with the sun warming one side of you! Cheers Hilary

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  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures! My favorite (besides Maddie, of course) was that score. The Winner: Not The Patriots! (#SorryNotSorry, NE fans.) Another wonderful bar post. I’m looking forward to a collection, you know. What? You aren’t planning to publish a collection? Hmmm…. Where’s my plagarism hat…? lol

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this Marian. I am trying to learn how to handle a wide variety of topics from the bar. There is a method to this madness.

      I do feel bad for folks like Judy, but the score thing is one of the parts of this story that actually happened, so I felt I had to include it. I also DO remember staring at the Green Bay score for almost 7 months.

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  8. Hmmm… great point about the lime. I wonder how it would work with a Kirin Ichiban (that seems to be my only beer, although I love a frosty red ale, usually Fat Tire)… Dan, this post made me both hungry and thirsty. I really think I’d better hydrate. But first off to visit Cheryl.
    The photos look like you had a lovely getaway. Kudos. Maddie looks content too. Happy weekend hugs.

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    • Thanks Judy. Maddie was in love with that 74° day. We sat outside for over an hour. I think the warm sun did me good too. The Mrs. and I are both feeling better. Not so bad for me. She had s worse encounter, but it looks like we both missed the flu, so far.

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  9. This was funny, witty, and brilliant, Dan. Even if we lost in the Super Bowl. On a feel good side note, last night I went to my dear friend’s father’s wake. What a great guy he was. He was from Philly, and a die hard Eagles fan forever. He died the day after the Super Bowl, having seen his beloved team win. Just had to share that.

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  10. Well at least you’re on the mend :) I’m all sported out, but I’m on the mend, too ;)
    It’s a good door, led to a good SoCS. The mop and Cheryl’s job — yes. I’ve never had to starve a fever, who can eat through delirium? lol

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  11. I LOVE those God rays over the ocean! I would probably love that toast…too much and with strawberry or apricot jam even better. :)

    I’m sorry Maddie doesn’t have enough snow this winter for Mt. Maddie. :( I’d be counting my
    blessings for a warm Winter’s day. It’s been frigid here the last week. 29 degrees one day this week! 29!! My Flowering Plum withered along with me. :(
    It always, always happens after we have a warm spell in February…Winter asserts her power and brings down all sorts of cold. Never out like a lamb…no not Winter always the Lion. Sigh.

    How do you mix drinks? Beer to wine? I’d be ever so sick, sick, sick! Been there. Done that. Hanging out with the Porcelain God isn’t any kind of fun in my world.

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    • Ha ha – I’ll answer the question first, Deborah. I don’t usually mix. If I’m at a lengthy affair (that Super Bowl party) I might switch from beer to bourbon, late, but I’ll sip the bourbon a good long while. One of my bar buddies will sometimes have one beer and then switch to wine. Since the guy in the story gets all those characteristics, he has to risk visiting the Porcelain God.

      The warm-to-cold and back seems never-ending this year. In January, we went from 10 days in single and negative digits, to 50s and 60s. Today it’s miserable cold rain.

      I am s big fan of God rays. I’ve been known to pull over to snap those photos. I just love how sunrises and sunsets change as they progress.

      29 seems pretty cold for you guys. Sorry about your Flowering Plum 🙁


  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better…love The Florida pics…glad you were able to get a break from winter…not be a NE fan….and having family in Philly who went to the game…just saying…results worked for me!! Have extended family in Minneapolis and they were so hoping to see the Vikings go…see the commercial with the Vikings rowing and coming into Minneapolis…cracked me up…especially since we had just been with that extended family in early December at a wedding in San Jose…take care of yourself!

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  13. I used to live in Florida. I should have my head examined for moving back here. Oh what I would do to see palm trees and the ocean! Your pictures got the yearning going, Dan. Now those bugs the size of cars I do NOT miss however. One morning, at 5am, I awoke to get ready for my shift at 7am. I turned on the light and there I saw two spiders on my sliding closet doors, their legs fully covering each door!!! I screamed and called this guy I knew who came, no kidding, with a baseball bat. Shudder. Oh and there was another one on the hamper next to my bed! A spider the size of a car! I was so shaken up I don’t think I ever made it into work that day. Ewwwwwwwwww! True story except for the “slight” exaggeration in the size compared to a car. The legs however were very long and hairy and really did go the entire width of the closet doors. My stomach just flipped ….. LOL

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