Maybe Less Random Than I Planned

“I don’t think we’re going for a walk today.”

I’ve been debating whether or not to publish this post for quite some time. The tag line mentions “Random Thoughts” but there seems to be a well-established pattern. Also, there seems to be some confusion. I’ve answered questions in response to comments, in response to emails (yes NoFacilities has an inbox at gmail dot com) and on Facebook. After a recent flurry of questions, I decided to add this post to my About page and link to it on the sidebar.

Of course, not a lot of people visit the About page, or notice the sidebar. But still, if I hang this there, I can always point to it.

I probably will still respond to questions, because I was taught that it’s impolite to point. It may not be impolite but pointing does have that “I’m too busy to answer you. Go see this” connotation. Like when you ask a person in Home Depot for assistance and they tell you to download the app. I want to avoid that.

Random thoughts, life lessons, hopes and dreams…

What does that mean? Is it still relevant after five years? And how does it relate to the burgeoning pile of stuff found here?

Random is hard to explain and often causes confusion. I have a number of followers who signed-up after a rare post about politics, education or religion. In looking at their sites (something I do whenever someone follows me) I realize they were probably expecting a steady diet of the topic du jour. In most cases, they don’t come back. I switch topics based on my state of mind, where I’ve been, what I’m working on and the weather.

I try to avoid controversial and polarizing topics. I’m writing to entertain rather than persuade. I also like explaining things, but I like explaining things that a lot of people don’t want to understand better – like math. I’m working on an entertaining math post. I think I can pull it off. Stay tuned.

Life lessons is exactly what the term implies, but I’m talking about my life. My life began in a somewhere-south-of-middle-class neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Pittsburgh. I’ve lived in Georgia (for less than one year), New York City (for just over one year), Seattle, Washington for about three years and Connecticut for more than half of my life, and I’ve worked forever. Seriously, I was a pin boy in my father’s bowling alley when I was 13.

Hopes and dreams – well, we all have those. What you see here are mine, or mine coming to fruition, or my attempts to bring mine to fruition, or the ones I’ve abandoned because they were false.

About the schedule: Mondays are for posts like this. And Mondays are for those rare religion, politics and education posts. Mondays are also when I like to rant. Finally, Mondays are when I give up and just throw pictures against the virtual wall and see what sticks. Yes, I know, Maddie sticks.

One-Liner Wednesday is self-explanatory, as long as you don’t expect me to think of “one line” as a limiting factor. One line is important to the story, but there is a story. Linda hasn’t sent me home with a note to the editor…yet.

Thursday Doors IS self-explanatory, and you can expect to find it here as long as Norm keeps it alive and humming. Note to Norm: we need a theme song.

Saturday. Oh Saturday. The biggest source of confusion. Let me try to explain:

The conversations are something between questionable journalism and fiction. Parts of them have happened, but not always at a bar. They are offered for entertainment, although you might find me sneaking some of those controversial and polarizing topics in from time to time.

As for the characters, I am real. I exist. I go to bars. I have friends. Cheryl is real, and sometimes I check with Cheryl to see what she would say. She’s not behind the real bar, but she might like to be, and she would be an amazing bartender. The person behind the bar is Cheryl-like, unless she’s not. When the person behind the bar shows qualities that are unCheryl, Skippy takes Cheryl’s shift. Skippy is not real.

My buddy is based on real people, who have sometimes said real things, but my buddy isn’t real in the you-can-poke-him-with-a-stick sense. However, if you met most of my friends, you would say for each of them: “oh, he’s your buddy at the bar.”

Lately, I have been trying to write the bar conversations in stream-of-consciousness style, based on the prompt Linda give us. Since real conversations are spontaneous, I think these posts might benefit from that approach. Sometimes, editing is required. I will let you know when I fail at the SoC part.

I hope this helps explain things. If not, please check out the pictures I’ve thrown against the wall. Thank you for visiting this space. I appreciate your time, your ‘likes’ and your comments.


  1. What – people don’t get you? What’s wrong with them? :-) You did forget to mention your love of cranes and your exceptional carpentry skills. There is a big crane a few condos down that I see from my walk on the beach each day. I thought kindly of you and smiled as I watched that sucker lift chillers up to the roof the other day. And, there isn’t a week that I don’t wish I could buy you a beer and ask you a WordPress question which has befuddled me but I’m positive you’d know the answer to. What do new readers need to know that seasoned readers already know – you’re deep with a sense of humor. :-)

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    • Aw, thanks Judy. I wasn’t trolling for compliments. I do know that the regulars understand this place, but I do get a lot of questions, particularly about the bar visits. I find that my sense of humor is essential, so I am glad you appreciate that I bring here.

      You can always use the email address (or a comment) to ask a technical question. I have helped some folks in the past, and I’m always willing to try.

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  2. What can I add that Judy didn’t already say?

    … except, I am one of those rare people who DOES read the About page of a blogger who is new to me and I’ve been following you long enough to know there are no surprises in this post 🙂

    Happy Monday Dan!

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  3. Thank you for letting us know you better Dan. I love this post, because you are sharing what is meaningful to you, and answering the curious peeps!
    Maddie’s photo is always a hit. And some nice food helps 😉

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    • Thanks Val. I know that when I’m short of inspiration, I can always turn to the little red head for some help. Maybe we walk, maybe we sit, maybe I just put her picture out here.

      Like most blogs. everything here has evolved a little over time. It’s easy for the regulars but sometimes it seems to confuse new visitors.

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  4. Exactly what Judy and Joanne said! What’s not to get? The photos of Maddie are so pretty, but the “I don’t think….” photo is especially beautiful.
    For Norm: wouldn’t it be great to open up a ‘door ‘ post and have The Doors singing, “Hello! I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?” I’ll give you time to let that sink in, Norm. Maybe read Dan’s ‘About’ page and think on it….. :)

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    • Ha ha – that would be a good theme. And it’s certainly stuck in my head (looking for that video now).

      I’m glad you like that photo. We had been out in a very cold rain. When we came back in, she instinctively went to where her harness is kept, as if we were going for a walk. “Sorry pup, not today.”


  5. Pertaining to the above three topics:

    “I’m working on an entertaining math post. I think I can pull it off. Stay tuned.”
    Oh boy, I’m excited. :-/

    “I’ve worked forever.”
    Congratulations, I know how you feel.

    “or the ones (hopes and dreams) I’ve abandoned because they were false.”
    The ballroom dancing thing didn’t work out, huh?

    I admire your tenacity in posting four times a week regardless if you’re busy or sick or taking Maddie for many walks. I don’t know how you do it, but all of your followers are glad you get your life out there. Cheers to the blogging life!

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  6. I wonder why folks had questions. To me, it is pretty straightforward. You keep me in a great mood by being able to accompany you into your world, imaginary or not. You also know I live vicariously through you when you start eating anything I can’t have. I also admire your view of life, and what you call rant I call a moment of truth. Keep it up, Dan. You are terrific. (Being a Steelers fan doesn’t hurt either)

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    • Thanks Teagan. We had just come back inside. Our normal routine is to go out and “do your stuff” and then go for a walk. It was pouring and 30 degrees. I promised I would make it up to her. So, the next walk will be a little longer.

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  7. I read your posts BECAUSE of the diversity. I like to be surprised and you do just that. I find humour and pathos as well as education. That’s a tall order and you succeed brilliantly. Your pictures are lovely and quite touching at times. And then there’s Maddie. Sigh. I miss my animals and Maddie provides a little bit of sweet in a world gone sour. I look for to seeing her and you in my in-box every morning.

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    • Awwww, thanks so much, Pam. I’m not sure humor mixes with everything, at least not in the moment, but I find it essential in my life.

      Maddie can be a challenge at times. We keep trying to figure her out, but walking and sitting are the two givens in her life.

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  8. As far as I’m concerned, you could win The Entertainer of the Year Award, hands down. I don’t blog myself, but I have a choice group of bloggers that I follow because I look forward to their blogs. First and foremost, you make me laugh. I love that. You make me think about something you said. You write so well you make me want to come back for more.

    Your photos are always right on. Like today……trees reflecting in a puddle…..a formation of geese against a gorgeous blue sky…..Maddie, America’s Dog!!

    I am very interested in the math blog you mentioned. I’m one of those people who can add 2+2 four times and come up with three different answers. Hope it’s a Math Blog For Dummies! Lol.

    Please don’t change a thing. I like you just the way you are. And anyone who is dissatisfied, well they can just go to……the Unsubscribe Button!

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    • Thanks so much, Ginger.

      “America’s Dog!!” ??? Oh my, don’t let Maddie hear that. She’s hard enough to live with, and that might draw a fierce rebuttal from MiMi and MuMu. Murphy might also have something to say…

      I am glad you enjoy these posts. I am also glad you said (earlier) that you don’t have a blog, because I kept looking for it and I was worried that I was ignoring yours.


  9. Love the pictures! We had a bucket-load of rain, too. Many bucket-loads. It’s sunny today, though, and I forgot I was going to do laundry and hang out clothes, so I’d better get on that. If I ever come up to see the sights around there, do you think Cheryl would get a job at the bar, just so I could see her at work? You can bring in any random friend to play the part of The Guy At The Bar.

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  10. Nice overview Dan. Im so glad when your ‘good’ bartender goes bad, she is transformed to Skippy. Cuz I’d never be like him! 😱 Great photos. You know next to Maddie the reflections are my faves. Have a great week too!

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  11. I love your posts all of them. I try to comment on the ones that really hit home but really it is just the fact that your writing never gets old or stale or boring that keeps me coming back! also I hope one day to have a beer with you and have some nutty conversation like you share with us

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  12. I don’t really understand why you have to explain anything. It’s your blog. You may write on as many, or as few, topics as you wish, and you may write truth or fiction as the mood strikes you. I personally love blogs that jump around a bit, and I like your mix of serious and light topics, fiction, and photography (you can never go wrong with Maddie pictures). Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

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  13. You are a lot more organized then I am, Dan. I never know what my next post will be like. I like you avoid the heavy subjects, at least I do try. Now the exception to that rule was when I had all those huge deaths to deal with. I know death per se is not something too many of us would like to read about, but my blog is my outlet to share my story, my life, and so the heartaches are included in that. My goodness at least you have a schedule over here. As for throwing up those pictures on the wall, you do a darn good job of that. I LOVE your galleries. Tell Maddie she is looking quite sad these days, poor girl. Sorry about all that rain. I hope you at least got some sun today like we did. Still very chilly here though …. the temps are up and down like a yo-yo. Just keep on being YOU. That’s why I follow you! (smile) 🌸🌸🌸

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  14. Ah, great photos, especially 1, 2, and 4. The fact that Cheryl is not a bartender is VERY kind of you to mention in passing like that. You could have fooled me!! Every time she writes about visiting a restaurant or a bar, I think: ohh, it must be really great there for her to like it. :D And tell Maddie that it will get warmer soon.


  15. It’s amazing that you can write so many posts a week, I try for two, but that can be challenging. That picture of the birds (geese?) flying back to Canada reminds me that I recently read why one line of the V they fly in is longer than the other.

    Oh, and math poetry… bring it on!

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  16. My favorite blogs are definitely the ones with a bit of this and a bit of that. Especially when I can learn something. I very much enjoy your blog, it’s one of my favorites, fersure. I really did think guy at bar was guy at bar, in a real tangible sense. I feel weird now that I know you’ve got imaginary bar friend. lol
    I know exactly what you mean about one post attracting people who blog about that one thing, ie: this is not a Nice Lady blog. Still, I’ve found some pretty neat Nice Ladies :)
    I love your photos, too. The first one does it for me, here. Almost liquid in its serenity. And yeah, Maddie sticks!

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  17. Always good to clarify for yourself and others what the heck you’re doing in your blog. I appreciate how you have set out your intentions, while realizing that readers often times don’t get it. Been there, used to bother me, but now… whatever, I say. 😊

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    • Thanks. It was hard sometimes when the bar conversations contained a lot of fictional parts, to handle some of the comments. At least this way, I am on record. I still get the “I thought this was supposed to be one line” comment on Wednesdays, but those have not had any effect on me :)

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  18. I really, really liked this, Dan. It answered some questions that have popped into my head from time to time and verified I had figured out your over-all scheme and mindset, which made me feel smug — a good feeling on this “I’ve accomplished nothing” day.

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  19. Not being a drinker I’ve never quite ‘got’ the bar posts, so thanks for explaining them… I get a wee bit lost sometimes on who is talking (every thought of giving names first like in a play script? No? Never mind then.) I love your photos. I enjoy your thoughtful posts that are a bit more serious and the ones that aren’t serious at all. So, as they say ‘it’s all good’. (And isn’t that an overrated phrase?)

    As for people following on the strength of just one type of post, that happens all the time to all bloggers. My very first blog – over a decade ago – even had someone who emailed me after my blog changed direction and whined that I wasn’t giving her what she’d signed up for. I said it was my blog and I was entitled to change the direction of it and she could always leave. So she did! :)

    PS if this comment posts twice, it’s my internet connection playing up.

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    • Thanks Val. I appreciate this comment because I struggle with keeping who’s talking “obvious” and I don’t always get it right. It might help if I gave my buddy a name, but I’m not sure I can do that. I try to use the hints based on the type of drink and the interaction with Cheryl, but I know it isn’t always enough. I’ll keep working on that.

      You were right to remind your whinny follower that it’s your blog. There are lots of blogging advice posts and programs that tell you to “understand what your readers want and cater to that…” but that’s not for me.

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  20. Great summary, Dan!
    I like to binge on one blog at a time. It isn’t productive nor do many people appreciate this but it is the best I can do. . . I form my own posts ahead, hoping one isn’t happy on the day children are killed in a school or sad on a day that the Groundhog “sees” a gloomy day, which means Spring is coming! Yay!
    I am random, too. May the spontaneous of our subjects be ones to have hit or misses which keeps us from being bored. I have followers who drop in like I do, which are nice but my daily friends are appreciated, as you are in my “best of friends” group. Thank YOU! ✨

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    • It’s funny you mention the danger in writing ahead. I write, but I don’t schedule more than a day out for the reasons you mention. I have several posts that were written but that I couldn’t post due to the news that day.

      I try to keep up on a daily basis. If I can’t, I just delete what’s left in the inbox, because it piles up way too tall.


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