Easy Wonderful – #1linerWeds

“It’s amazing how good you feel after performing
a little act of kindness.”

In an apparent contradiction of my post on Monday, I am not going to share the story behind this one-liner. But, if you have the opportunity to share a little kindness, trust me, it’s worth it.

I have had the benefit of a little sunshine on my way to work for the past few days. And Maddie has enjoyed a few afternoons where it’s been warm enough to sit for an extended period. The gallery tells that story.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. You are so right about acts of kindness, Dan. Your photos are beautiful. The clarity is amazing. Where and how the sun is can really make a huge difference can’t it? Hello and Happy Wednesday Maddie!

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    • Thanks Chery. This is my sunrise teasing period. I get to see the sunrise on my way to work for a few weeks, then DST, and I’m back to driving in the dark. That’s the part about DST that bothers me the most. The sun makes a huge difference. It makes a difference to Maddie, too. She tries to tell us when it’s s nice day to sit.

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  2. Love the reflections. But, of course, my favorite is Maddie and her cot. She just makes me smile, which is always good first thing in the morning. See you did a kindness by sharing Maddie with us. :-) Happy Wednesday, Dan, safe travels to and from work, and just maybe the Editor will want some take out on the way home.

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    • Thanks Judy. The past few days, I’ve been going straight home, so I have a few minutes to sit with Maddie. A little bit of rest on that cot makes a big difference in her behavior. We both try to sit with her for a bit.

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  3. I’m giving you a pat on your back for the act of kindness, Dan. I believe that acts of kindness are a way to show others that there is goodness and light in this world and always hope that the recipient finds a way to pay it forward…spread the kindness.

    The photos of happy Maddie on her cot never fail to make me smile. Glad you both got to sit and enjoy the warm sun!

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  4. The quote is so very wonderful and true, Dan. The reflection photos are beautiful. I always enjoy those. And Maddie…how can you not smile when looking at photos of Maddie? She looks the picture of contentment on that cot.

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  5. Come on, DST!!! Even though I sleep even worse than usual when it’s light out early, I have absolutely HAD it with winter. It’s been so long and dreary this year, and I know there’s likely another two full months to go, so at this point, I don’t care about the sleep, just give me the light.

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  6. I’m in total agreement with Maddie. The sun feels marvelous! I love how warm it feels and I swear my bones drink it!

    The reflections and colors on the water are gorgeous! Have I told you lately that I’m a bit envious of your waterfront? :)

    Yup, a little kindness feels ever so good.

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    • I do enjoy stopping at that park on my way to work. Not every day, but a couple of times each week.

      We have been enjoying some warm sun in the afternoon. We are still bundled-up, but Maddie is very happy.

      Kindness always seems to help.

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  7. You were very kind to share those photos with the beautiful reflections. But the photos of Maddie with the sun shining on her gorgeous coat while she’s enjoying the sun’s warmth with her favorite people, that’s a special kindness.

    I agree with you that we should be kind to others as well as to ourselves. Kindness is free and it doesn’t have to be huge. And paying it forward is a wonderful way to spread the wealth.

    Hope someone is kind to you today Dan.

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    • I know how her fans like seeing her. When we first got to the cot, I said: “how about a smile for your fans?” This has been a pretty good week, Ginger. I think I am pretty lucky.


  8. Acts of kindness last a long, long time. I remember many small acts of kindness that the people who performed them don’t remember performing, but those acts touched, softened, and warmed my heart. I’m a better person for having received them. I’m grateful for them. The only thing that makes me sad is that I’ve probably forgotten a lot of them. But even that is sort of like knowing there’s a hidden treasure in your house, isn’t it? :)

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  9. Yay kindness and yay Daylight Savings Time (sorry). I thought that DST wouldn’t be such an important “thing” in my life once I retired, but I still love it. I guess it just means spring and summer to me so it makes me happy. As far as kindness goes, let’s all practice a little bit more, then a little bit more than that.

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    • I won’t hold your love of DST against you (but you are on the list…just kidding). I like the longer days, but I just wish they would leave the clock alone.

      You have the right idea about kindness, though.


    • Thanks for the comment. I should have been more specific, since there are so many buildings in that picture. The building on the left, with the overhanging arched roof, is the Connecticut Science Center. It took so long for them to finally gain funding to build that, and I love the way they did it.

      The large curved building was being built when I worked in downtown Hartford and I used to watch the construction at lunch if I was in the office. I like the way the curve lets the building present itself to you, regardless of where you are standing.


      • It’s hard to see the details of the left one from a distance. Love the airy ambiance coming from the right one.
        Sorry for the late reply, but it has been a difficult learning curve for logging in and out two yahoo emails and two separate wordpress accounts (don’t even want to tell how much time I spent on that!). The last one I never noticed, because I had just one blog, till now. One thing is sure, wordpress has a more secure security system than blogspot.

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        • I forget how much of these buildings I “see” because I see them so often I just know what they look like.

          I was in blogger for a couple of blogs prior to this and WordPress is better in so many ways. It’s not perfect, but it is better.


  10. Yesss. I forget what day it was, maybe Tuesday, the sun had warmed my car up and lunch time was so toasty and cozy :)
    I share yours and Maddie’s sun-seeking pleasures. Not a lot of that this time of year!

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    • Thanks Robin. Kindness and charity are hard to write about without sounding boastful or like you’re begging for a compliment. I’m pretty sure none of us choose to be kind for those reasons. I’m glad you liked the pictures – my favorite times of day.


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