Procrastination Almost Saves the Day


I’m writing this on Saturday while I’m supposed to be doing my taxes. I’ve already read every blog in my inbox, including Teagan’s. I always read Teagan’s, but I usually save them for a quiet time because I don’t want to rush through the story. I’m worried, though – Bob the hummingbird is in trouble, and I somewhat identify with Bob. He’s quick to jump into action, but his train of thought is easily derailed. Yes, taxes, that’s what I supposed to be doing right now.

I also had a friend call to ask for some help with a Microsoft Windows/Office technical problem. I stink at giving support. I mean, I know what I’m doing, and I can usually walk a person through to a solution, but I have a lousy bedside manner. I guess that’s computer-side and I guess I have none. That’s because most of the technical support requests that I get are from coworkers and most of those are self-inflicted wounds, or things that they’ve been warned not to do, or trained how to fix. I help them, but I remind them about the training and warnings and stuff.

I know – it’s not what they want to hear. It’s like when your mechanic says: “you might want to replace these brakes” and you say: “can we wait a little bit?” Then, a few months later your brakes sound like the Radio Flyer wagon your son left out in the snow all winter, and the job costs $1,200 instead of $600 and you’re angry. It’s your fault. You’re mad at your mechanic mainly because you know it’s your fault. He refrains from saying “I told you so” because he needs your business.

I don’t refrain.

Now, there are a few of you who might come to my defense because I’ve helped you with a WordPress problem in the past, and I was nice about it. Well, that was email. It’s hard to be snarky in email ‘cuz I actually have to look at my comment and ask myself: “do I really need to say that?” and of course, the answer is “no, no you don’t” and I delete the snarky bits.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m procrastinating on the taxes. If I don’t finish this post, I’m going to make a bunch of notes, go visit Teagan’s site to get the URL so I can link to it here, and before long, it will be time to go to the bar, you know, to conduct research for those posts.

My wife just told me that a branch may have fallen out of our neighbor’s tree. Actually, the branch fell in 2011, but it got hung up in the tree on it’s way down. It’s been hanging there lifeless for seven years. Tree people call those ‘widow makers’ ‘cuz they can fall out of the tree at any point. Anyway, she thinks I should check to see if it fell into our yard (between the fence and the side of my garage). Normally, I would say: “yeah, yeah” and check in October when I clean the gutters. But, with those taxes looming in my future, I’m thinking I should check now. If I have to get the chainsaw out, that could really mess-up this day.

OK, the branch is 100% totally in my neighbor’s yard. But, all was not lost. I mentioned to the Editor that the slipper-like shoes I wear when I just need to run outside might be good for wearing on the treadmill thingie we have. It’s not a treadmill that goes by itself and you run along, it’s one that resists the belt so you have to move it with your feet. I’ve been on both types – I think this is harder because your legs are pushing against a force, not just keeping up. Of course, I had to try it out. The shoes do work, so maybe I can easily add this machine to my routine. I also had to take Maddie out, because I had been outside without her and she doesn’t like that.

I like the idea of the treadmill because it fits with the recommendation of an article I read recently that says you should try for ‘three-tens’ a day, instead of 10,000 steps or other such nonsense. ‘Three tens’ refers to three 10-minute periods where you get your heart rate and respiration up. Not so much that you can’t talk, but far enough that you can’t sing. Anything that prevents me from singing is a good thing for those around me.

It’s Sunday. The taxes are done, but I fought a good fight.


  1. I love those black squirrels. I think hubs is procrastinating too. We must owe money. 😏Big surprise. He keeps doing projects to help my day to day doings. Yay. And ‘what’s up with that?’. Lol we had great weather theough the weekend though chilly. I hope you have a good week Dan. Oh, and thanks for editing out the snark when I’ve asked for some technical assistance with WP. I know the answers are ‘out there’, but I am not nearly as tenacious as Mulder….

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  2. I thought your taxes weren’t due until mid April. That would mean that just thinking about doing your taxes in early March is the opposite of procrastination in my estimation. 😉

    On the other hand – look at all the other stuff you also did while doing walking on the taxes. I call that multi-tasking 🙂

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  3. I did my taxes yesterday, too! But I’m so mad. I accidentally hit print (as in send a printed copy to IRS) so TaxAct charged me $29.95. Then (after I paid, of course) I was able to go back and hit e-file. Oh, well. At least they’re done. When I do them, no one breathes until they’re completed. I’ve never seen black squirrels. We had an albino squirrel here for a while. Sammy has a bit of…girth to him? He looks pretty stout on that tree trunk. Have a good Monday, Dan.

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    • I did my mom’s taxes online with TurboTax last year and had the same problem. I just wanted a copy for reference, but I ended up paying extra because I wsn’t sure what they meant. I think their instructions are designed to confuse :(

      Sammy has, um, survived the winter well. I don’t think anyone is worried about the squirrels around here starving.

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  4. Good morning, Dan. First off — huge thanks for the shout-outs! What a wonderful surprise. You know how to brighten a Mordor Monday. Thank you.
    All the procrastination was really cracking me up. I deliberately put my taxes off until March because I always get late forms (like the one that arrived Saturday…). They come later every year… so maybe I should hold off until April… ;) Hugs

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    • I wouldn’t want to rush into it Teagan. I was going to invite Pip to join me at the bar, butI realized she’s underage and that’s Wednesday’s post. It felt good reading your latest episode early in the day :)

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      • LOL… Well, it was a different time, and drinking wasn’t legal for anybody then — so you can take that poetic license any time you want. Pip could always order a Coke (which [I think] still was made with cocaine back then… so there’s another conundrum). Yep, a different time for sure.
        I’m just glad you enjoyed your escape to Thistledown. More hugs.

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    • Thanks Marian. I was thinking of publishing a blog during the day to generate more chatter. I figured my friends would come to my rescue. Then again, the Editor really likes to get those taxes out of the way.


    • Thanks Laura. He flew up there pretty quick. I don’t think it was his most graceful landing, but they were chattering warnings – maybe there was a hawk in the area, although Sammy might be a little heavy for your average hawk…just sayin


  5. I had my taxes done in January. Unfortunately, as soon as the refund came, it went to the good cause of bill payment. I understand why you were procrastinating, though. As simple as my taxes are, I still hate doing them. It has nothing to do with math, but rather wanting to spend my time doing something else. Glad you got them done and can focus now on Maddie walks and squirrel feeding.

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    • Thanks for the support. I had taken Maddie for a walk. I would have walked longer with their, but it was pretty cold. Ours aren’t too complicated, but I worry that if I need some help, it will be harder to get the closer we get to April. Plus, if I have to travel, I will end up doing them in crisis mode. Paying bills with your refund is like buying underwear with Christmas money when you were a kid.


  6. My son-in-law holds the title of King of the Procrastinators. But now he has to move over a bit because it would be a tie between the two of you! Lol.

    And yet you got the dreaded taxes done, checked out the 7-year old limb in your neighbor’s yard, and even tried out the treadmill!! Boggles my mind what you might accomplish when you’re on a roll!! 😂😂

    Haven’t seen a black squirrel in forever. Don’t know if that’s Sammy, but talk about a tree hugger! Looks like he needs to be running up and down that tree, not hugging it. Lol. That must be him hiding in the brush…..too embarrassed to show his girth!!

    Maddie apparently found something very interesting in those leaves. Hi Maddie!

    And those ‘quackers’…..they must be having a late winter convention.

    As always, great post Dan.

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    • Thanks Ginger. Yeah, Sammy needs a few minutes on the treadmill. He says he’s still worried about a late winter cold snap. Doesn’t want to be caught off-guard.

      The black squirrels have a large population in this area. The ones by us are actually getting a little more friendly, in that they will now wait for a peanut.

      Maddie photobombs me all the time. She either wants me to get moving again, or she figures: if I find it interesting maybe she should check it out.


  7. Dan, I am just an ameture crastinator. Except when it comes to throwing deprefixed words at the dictionary. At those times I am a half step up from ameture. Is there a crastinating 102 course ? I heard a theory that crastinating is just a preliminary phase of indifference and oblivious. And that outside of Ireland one can merely be blivious. I am going to wait a bit before I run that bit of trivia down. Hopefully this will not require high power thinking fluid. It is still a bit early in the morning for that. Does that delay make this a premoderated comment ? Which brings me to another wisdom. Always imbibe thinking fluid in a t-shirt or a flannel plaid. Neither of those ever require links nor the disgusting aforementioned moderation. hmmm it must be time now…

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    • At least you’re not anti-crastination, because then, I’d have to imbibe even earlier. Moderation, there’s a topic I think we could have less of. Thanks, as always – your comments make my day.

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  8. Hi Dan – well done on admitting the procrastinating part in such an eloquent post … fun and am glad the taxes are done – you had that enjoyable Maddie walk, and lovely to see the photos. Here’s to a good week … cheers Hilary

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  9. Love this post. I can procrastinate about house cleaning but when my bassets find things to eat on the floor I have to do something! About computers….one of my friends who always needed help lost the blank Word page that comes up when you open it. One of my favorite fixes…I put a blank document on her desktop to use instead! HA!

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  10. I enjoyed this post, Dan, because there are some things I tend to procrastinate about doing. Taxes are one of them, but I only have to organize everything and send it to our tax man because ours are more than a little complicated. Usually we have one form that shows up about two days before April 15th but, wonder of wonders, my dad just called today to say that it’s arrived and he’ll send our copy shortly! Now what? I’ll have to get a move on.

    Some of the things I procrastinate about are just silly. I really hate checking the pressure in the van’s tires. I hate having to pay for air even if I buy gas at the station and the you have t park just right so you can get to all the tires before the air you paid for stops. Fortunately for me, the Toyota dealer where we bought the van will do it for free, so I have an out now.

    Guess I’ve procrastinate enough now and should move on to some work. Sigh. I have a bag of new library books and would much rather read, but now I feel guilty. :-) Happy Monday!


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    • Reading is good for you, Janet. That other stuff can wait 😏

      I’m fortunate that I have a compressor for a bunch of air tools that I use. So I can check the tires here and fill them for free. I still hate checking the tires, but the Mrs. is relentless about it. At least I can fill hers if needed.

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  11. Oh my goodness, Dan, I laughed through this entire post! My husband right now is doing taxes and he is driving me bonkers! He goes in the other direction as in… Having to cross every T and dot every I before he can walk away in order to do something that he needs to do. He told me, which I totally believe, how difficult they have made taxes to be. Yeah he does them every single year, God bless him! I have to admit, the man does make my life a whole lot easier at times so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and not complain about how he is behaving lately. Love love love your gallery and I thank you for making my day and seeing all those God loving creatures having fun. May you have a great evening and say hi to Maddie for me. 💕🌹💕

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  12. Too much to react on, but yes I see you’re distracted from doing taxes, lol! -and I half disagree on the bedside manner. I don’t think good bedside manner includes accepting procrastination or causing self inflicted wounds as you say. Not even thinking about the fact that “bedside manner refers to treating sick people! So you’re not as nasty as you think you are:):)

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  13. On days I get in 10k steps, I also need about 10 hours of sleep. Funny, but the same amount of distance on a treadmill doesn’t do that to me. I think regular intervals of exercise sounds like a good plan.
    We have some limbs to get rid of too. I say we, but it’s he. You know. He’s talking about it now, willingly, voluntarily, so it might be done by summer.

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  14. I kept thinking, ” Me too!” reading this post.
    I save Teagan’s posts, and your posts, along with a few others for times I can read them slowly and linger, reread, and enjoy the images.

    Taxes; I too am procrastinating. I have the all the papers sorted, but I haven’t filled out the organizer which requires me to go through all the papers, and calculate all the money we spent here and there etc. I dread it. Our appointment with out tax guy is near the end of the month so I’ll do it the week of. Blech! Like you I’ll do just about anything else to get out of sorting and calculating the info to get ready for our taxes. I haven’t actually done them myself since we started buying and selling stock. It got too complex for my wee widdle brain. . :)

    I loved the Oak leaves in the fence, and the squirrels. We don’t have many black squirrels here. Mainly we have the gray ones.

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    • I’m going to go with “safety in numbers” on this one (instead of misery loves company). There has to be something better to do than taxes. I use TurboTax. It seems to be able to handle everything we can toss at it.

      The black squirrels this year are bolder than in the past. They might be getting used to the service around here.

      I’m happy to be in the “I’ll read this later” group. Any time I’m in a group with Teagan – wow!

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      • :) Yes, your with Teagan, Joey, and John.

        We tried Turbo Tax when it was fairly new on our own, and had our regular Tax Accountant do our taxes to see how they compared. The Tax Accountant won hands down. We would owe with Turbo Tax, and get money back using our Tax guy. We’ve not tried Turbo Tax since.

        No doubt the Black squirrels are thrilled to have found your house! The Gray squirrels I hope are gracious about it. :)

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        • I used to do my taxes myself. I had an Excel spreadsheet that worked for years. These days, TurboTax is pretty easy, and very comprehensive, asking a million questions if you want it to. It found a big savings for me this year, that I would have missed on my own. I’m sure a tax guy would have caught it too, I guess it’s what we get used to.

          The black and grey squirrels fight over territory, but the grey ones fight among themselves, too. We’ve had as many as 9 or 10 in the front yard when my wife is putting food out. Squirrels, birds, I’m just glad we don’t have bears (she’d feed them, I’m sure).

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  15. Awww, you captured black squirrels, your regular peanut eaters, geese in a wet field who enjoy this eating “stew” and there was Maddie nosing around in the leaves! This could be like a Chip and Dale cartoon “only other critters!” 💞

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