Good Day Sunshine – #1linerWeds

Or perhaps that’s good-bye sunshine…

If you’ve been following No Facilities for a year or more, you know that I am no fan of Daylight Saving Time. Don’t get me wrong, I love longer days and I love sunshine and I am one of the two people responsible for that crazy redhead, Maddie who loves to sit in that sunshine. But, longer days come on their own – that’s nature – moving the schedule forward an hour is mankind’s unique idea. I think it’s a bad one.

I am an early riser, and I like to see the sun as early as possible. I’ve been enjoying the sun during my morning commute, and it’s coming to an end.

I stopped, yesterday, at Great River Park, to enjoy what might well be the last bit of morning sunshine I will see there until April. No, DST doesn’t start tomorrow, but they are predicting a big snow storm to start. That means I will work from home tomorrow and possibly again on Thursday (when the storm is expected to end). I will be back in the office on Friday, but Great River Park won’t be open, unless they clear the snow faster than they normally do. That means I won’t see GRP until Monday, the day after we “spring ahead” into darkness.

The gallery are my last photos of GRP sunshine (for about a month).

And yes, I included the song, (Paul McCartney’s version) just in case you’re humming it.

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  1. Ahhh, Dan you know I share your distaste for DST. It was so nice to be without it in CR. Of course daybreak there was at 4:30 am. Every day. Sunset by 5:30. That was weird but we adapted. The days still seemed long and languid. I love your city in the water reflection shots most of all. But. You know some will be noticing the obviously missing photo of Ms. maddie. 😉

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  2. I love the morning shots and definitely the song. For me, the good thing about DST is that the later sunrise gives me a chance of seeing it at my recent favorite wildlife refuge, whose automatic gates don’t open until 7:00 a.m.

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    • OK, I can understand that, Mike. Great river Park is open Dusk to Dawn, unless the gates are locked. If they are locked (as they will be today) it’s closed for the day. A few years ago, someone slid into the river while trying to park at the boat ramp (where there is no parking allowed).

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  3. I can understand your point about seeing the sun in the morning, but my last 10 years of work, I preferred not to see the light. I used to go in at 6am and if I worked through lunch, I was out by 3pm. I used to joke that by the time I woke up – the shift was almost over. And believe me, you didn’t want to see me in the sunlight until I woke up!! :)

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    • Ha ha – Seems like we’re on a similar schedule. I leave for work at 6:00 am. If I get there by 7:00, I can leave at 3:00, so have the afternoon sun anyway (I don’t golf). I really enjoy the diversion at this park. It’s a nice place to stop and collect my thoughts. The worst driving of my commute is behind me at that point, so I can get ready for a good day.

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  4. I’m with you, Dan. I love the morning sunrise on the way to work. The light and colors always wake me up. It’s too bad we can’t have it both ways all year round…early sunrise, late sunset. Right?

    Nice photos of the river, park and skyline. I expect after the snowstorm, there will be happy Maddie photos and a small mountain.

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  5. I hate the change in time. Hate is a strong word, but that is the right one because it affects my lack of sleeping which just gets worse. Oh well, nice shots, I’ll look forward to Maddie this weekend, and hope you don’t get too slammed with this storm. But, if so, I bet those new shed doors will roll right open for you. :-)

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    • I’d be happiest with Standard Time all the time, but I’d take either variety if they just stopped changing.

      So far, the storm hasn’t amounted to much. A dusting at best. But they say we could still have heavy snow this afternoon and tonight. The shed doors work very well in the snow, better than I had hoped they would :)

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  6. And so it is that there will never be a one-size-fits-all decision that makes everyone happy. I for one am in the league of people who celebrate the change to Daylight Savings Time every spring. I understand your unhappiness about losing the early rising sun for another month or so, but I will still do my happy dance 🙂

    Great photos Dan. It looks so calm with all the beautiful reflections. My husband was supposed to be in Philadelphia all week and had to fly home yesterday afternoon instead. All his appointments and meetings for the week had been cancelled. Just like you, everyone is staying home.

    Hope you ride out this storm ok!

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    • I am happy for you, Joanne. I’ll get over this. In a few weeks, I’ll be back driving to work while the sun is rising. I’ll console myself by saying that I get a second dose of sunrise commutes, but I won’t buy that from me.

      So far, the storm is ether late or lame. I guess we won’t know what we get until we wake up tomorrow and see if we need a broom, shovel or snow blower.

      Thanks for the comment – enjoy your happy dance :-)


    • Thanks Lois. Massachusetts wants to vote on that, but they want the other New England states to go along. Given the economy of Florida’s dependence on golf an leisure, I can see how it might make sense. Since I normally only visit during February, it would be one more thing I don’t like about going there, but like you say, I just do what I’m told.

      I’m glad you like that picture. I need to find out what that building is.

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  7. Great colors in the photo round the lectric thingy, nice photos overall. I’m not a fan of DST either. But, I will say, at least I don’t have to be up so early, I won’t be takin kids to school in the dark – it does make a difference.
    I’ve been enjoying the increased sunlight.

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    • Thanks! More sunlight is great. More while I am awake is even better. I know the world isn’t full of early-to-bed-early-to-rise folks, so I am woefully outnumbered. But I can still complain ;-)

      I love the sunrise behind those power lines. I don’t know why but I really enjoy seeing it.

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  8. Oh wow you really did get a lot of rain, Dan! I’m with you on the DST. WHY must we change time? It’s been SO nice to wake up to light and now again to be plunged back into darkness in the morn …. DARN IT! (you knew I wanted to say something else, right?) Right about now I feel like returning to being a 2-year old, getting down on the floor, and having a tantrum.

    Your photographs are glorious …. especially the reflections. I have those too today. 😉

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    • Thanks Amy. Maybe I won’t care after I retire, but once I start driving to work in the daylight, I just can’t stand being plunged back into a dark ride. It’s like hiking up a hill, only to find a bigger, steeper hill at the top :(

      I’m glad you like the reflections, cause I can’t pass up the opportunity to take them.

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  9. LOL… How could I forget how much you hate Daylight Saving Time? I actually like it better than Standard, but I really wish they’d just pick one and leave it alone. Whether springing forward or falling back, it wears me out. And I’m already feeling tuckered out… so even though it springs to my preference, I’m not excited.
    I loved the city-scapes of Hartford. Smaller cities are much prettier than big ones. Hugs.

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    • That is the upside story I try to tell myself, Manja, but it’s going to be a hard sell come Monday morning. Still, I carry on – it’s not like I have a say in the matter.

      I’m glad you like the pictures!

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  10. DST was enacted in 1918, I believe, ‘to preserve daylight’. WTH? HATE time change twice a year. Pick ONE and stick with it.Period.

    Love the photo reflections. In the last photo, the reflection of the building on the right makes it look like it’s made from compressed copper coins! Beautiful. That blue sky and water is a knockout too.

    Forecast here is for 15″-20″, and another says up to 2′. Neither forecast will get my vote. The good news is that if YOU get what’s forecasted for your area, WE get to see great shots of OUR MADDIE, AMERICA’S DOG, covered in snow with her ‘feathers’ sticking out in every direction and a big smile on her face. And maybe, just maybe, there might be a Mt. Maddie! Woof woof woof.

    Hope you all the ride out the storm warm, dry, with no power outage and no damage. Gotta keep that stove crankin’ for MiMi!

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    • Thanks Ginger. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of, yet. If we do, I think we are ready. I know Maddie is ready, and I know the wood stove is loaded. MiMi will come ut of “her” bedroom at the first wiff of smoke.

      I hope you get off easy, unless you’re looking for a big pile of snow.

      As for DST, I wish they would leave the timing of sunrise to Mother Nature. Pick one and stop messing with it. I’d recommend Standard, but…


  11. Love the morning light in your photos, Dan. I’d prefer to be living by natural time, but if it really starts to bother you, you could move to Arizona, where they don’t change. If you live in Flagstaff, you could even have snow as well. :-) Hope the threatened bad weather is underwhelming in its delivery.


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    • Thanks Janet. Massachusetts wants to go all DST all the tie, but they want the other New England states to go along. That would be horrible for football. NFL games are based on NY time, which puts Sunday/Monday/Thursday Night Football starting at 9:30-ish instead of 8:30-ish. I too would prefer if we left time alone.

      I’m glad you liked the pictures. I’ll have another round of these in about a month :(

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    • That’s true too. And Maddie is on medication and she lets us know when it’s time for her pill. She’s amazingly accurate. Going this way isn’t bad, but in November we have to start phasing the change in over several days.

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  12. I love the morning light, and your city skyline on the water. The reflections are so pretty.

    I thought that yellow plastic was a kayak when I saw the thumbnail, but it’s not. :) Great pop of color though.
    The Power Towers look neat in silhouette with that lovely vivid sky.

    I am not looking forward to DLS either. I wish we’d pick one time and stick with it.

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    • When I first looked at the yellow thing, I thought it was some sort of boat. Now I’m guessing some sort of debris. The power towers are a favorite of mine. I get that view from the on-ramp, whenever I stop at the park. The ramp is uphill, so I’m actually a little below grade which seems to help with the look of the sunlight. It changes dramatically if I drive about another 100′

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  13. Every photograph in this collection was beautiful, Dan! 🤗 📣
    I miss the morning sun but am so, so excited to walk out of work into a few hours of sunshine!! It really was a long, hard winter of going into work in darkness and coming out into nearly darkness, Dan.
    My son is thrilled to come home and take his children to the park since they don’t mind the cold.
    I do miss the morning sunrises, though.

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