Jury Duty – #SoCS

Today’s bar banter has been inspired by the lovely and talented Linda G. Hill, as part of her popular Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘so far.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

If we were having a beer, you would be angry with me.

“Oh, I see you decided to grace us with your presence.”

“What? I’m always here on Saturday.”

“Yes, and apparently you’re also here on other days.”

“Hey how are my favorite customers doing today?”

“I’m not sure, Cheryl. So far, I seem to be in some sort of trouble.”

“Awww, you want a comfort beer, Dan?”

“I do. Let’s go with a Naughty Nurse.”

“What about your buddy?”

“I haven’t decided.”


“So, what’s your beef with me about ‘other days?’ I didn’t know I needed your permission to come here.”

“Here? This wasn’t the only place you went on Monday without inviting me.”

“Monday? Dan, you know Monday is my day off. Here’s your beer.”

“Look guys, don’t get upset. I had jury duty on Monday. I got out early and I stopped here to celebrate.”

“Oh, OK. I’m good with that. Have you decided yet?”

“No, I haven’t, and you don’t know the whole story, Cheryl. He also had breakfast at Allegro on Monday.”

“Sounds like a high-calorie day, but I don’t care where you guys eat breakfast.”

“How do you know I had breakfast at Allegro?”

“I saw the picture of their door on your Thursday Doors post.”

“That could have been an old picture.”

“Was it?”

“No, I had breakfast with John.”

“You could have invited me.”

“Oh, for the love. You don’t like going into Hartford, and you’ve never been to Allegro.”

“All the more reason to offer. Besides, I like John.”

“Cheryl, bring Sad Sack a glass of Bourbon.”

“The good stuff?”

“I gue…”

“Of course, the good stuff, he owes me some consideration.”

“You were just looking for a way to get me to pay.”

“Did you buy John breakfast?”

“No, we split the check.”

“Do you guys eat the same thing?”

“No, but we’re not accountants, so we just split the check.”

“I’m not an accountant.”

“You’re just cheap.”

“I think the jury is still out on that. So why did you get off early?”

“The bad guy took a plea.”

“They couldn’t have offered him a plea last Friday?”

“They have more leverage when they can say ‘there’s a jury panel ready to go’ like on TV. “

“Yes, like Jack McCoy – ‘this offer is good for…’ it’s such a game.”

“OK, Bourbon, seltzer and a glass of ice. I’m glad you didn’t have to serve.”

“Me too, Cheryl, it’s no fun.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been.”

“Never? Cheryl how can that be?”

“I’ve never been called either?”

“Never? You guys should be buying me this beer. I’ve been called like five times.”

“I thought you were exempt after serving.”

“If you aren’t needed, you’re exempt for one year. If you serve, you’re exempt for three years.”

“OK, I’m going to stop asking about it. I don’t want to jinx myself. Let me know if you boys want some food.”

“Well, I have another question, what if you go in like you did but don’t have to serve?”

“It still counts as service.”

“That doesn’t seem fair to the people who sit on a trial.”

“Said the man whose never been. For your information, I’ve been on two trials.”

“Civil or criminal?”

“One of each.”

“What was the civil case about?”

“Slip and fall. A woman fell at a rest area. She was suing the State of Connecticut.”

“Like they have any money. Maybe that’s why they closed the rest areas.”

“This was back when they were open twenty-four-seven.”

“What about the criminal case?”

“A guy ‘allegedly’ stole something from a department store.”

“Department store? Do we still have those?”

“This one was out of business at the time of the trial.”

“Was the guy guilty?”

“It’s funny you ask that.”


“During the voir dire process, his lawyer asked me if I thought the guy was guilty.”

“What did you say?”

“I said I didn’t know. But then he said: ‘look at him, he’s guilty of something, right?’ “

“That’s funny. What did you say?”

“I laughed. The guy was pretty big and he looks tough. I said I would try to keep an open mind.”

“I guess that’s the best they can hope for.”

“So, was he guilty?”

“We never got to decide.”

“Why not? Did he take a plea?”

“No, the only evidence the State had was a cop who said he had seen this guy driving away. He said he read the license plate, but he was over 300 feet away.”

“Officer Clark Kent?”

“Really. The judge threw the case out.”

“That’s better than wasting your time.”


The gallery includes some pictures from our most recent Nor’easter and a few of the resident red head. Cheryl’s Thursday Doors post was pretty cute, you might want to check it out.


  1. Jury duty . . .I’ve been called twice . . .never served. As for your snow? I have way too many memories of that weather, I prefer they stay a memory! Hi Maddie! Pretty girl!

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  2. Oh there are so many things I would “fix” with the legal system if I could. How a case goes to a judge when the only evidence is a cop who sees a license plate from 300 ft – what a waste of time and money. Someone needs to smack that prosecutor.

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    • I know, Norm. The cop was in the courtroom. He was adamant that he read the license plate. They asked me if I though police were better observers. I said that they probably are. They asked if I thought he could read the plate from 300’. I said “that’s a football field? Does the guy have superpowers?”

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  3. Looking at those photos brings that New England word to mind – wicked storm. I do love your cover for your snow blower – makes way too much sense. And, of course, I loved the Maddie shots. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dog love the snow any more than she does. :-) Have a good weekend, and I hope the next one blows right by you.

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    • Thanks Judy. Not as much as up your way but more than enough. The storm cab is worth every penny we paid for it. The dealer thought I was crazy, but no more coming in soaking wet and covered in snow. The next one seems to be headed for a more easterly course. I hope so.

      Maddie does love to run and play in the snow.

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  4. “I think the jury is still out on that”–perfect. I was called about every year for a while and was foreman twice. Knock wood–but nothing so far. I love how much Maddie loves snow. She is a joy to watch. Hello, MiMi!

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    • Thanks Lois. I would like to avoid serving if I can. I know it’s a privilege and a duty, but just the same…

      MiMi cane out because there was a fire in the wood stove. I wouldn’t want her on my jury, she doesn’t seem to be in a generous mood.

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    • The judge explained that “being able to seat a jury today” is often essential to getting that plea. It’s s crazy system. We were told to be proud of the fact that, in this country we take more criminal and civil cases to trial than any other country in the world. Hmmm…

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  5. That’s a lot of snow, Dan. But I could go for some of the breakfast in that last shot on the left. :-) Enjoy your Saturday. I’ll be working and it will be interesting to see if we get packed after the St. Paddy’s Day parade is over. This is the Naperville parade, not the big on in Chicago where they turn the river green.


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  6. Glad your jury duty ended with a plea, Dan. I was called once for jury duty, but it was from the wrong county. My address was Appleton, but where I was living, I was in a different county. So, I escaped jury duty and neither county has contacted me since.

    I love to see Maddie having so much fun in the snow. Life’s too short to not run around with a red ball in your mouth. Happy pup!

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  7. Wish I was off ALL day on Mondays..😏I just wanna know if you missed your ‘good’ bartender. You didn’t get Skippy did you? Hey, I don’t begrudge anyone a good breakfast. I recall once upon a time when I was in my early twenties having to go to the courthouse-this was pre-automated calling days-and they ended up cancelling the case and dismissing everyone prior to selection. I really meant I have never served. I was also called prior to an out of state move. I had to wait in line to explain to the defense attorney that I would be moving in less than a week. I got off but I was sweating for a minute. My step-mother served once and loved it. She found it interesting. No. Way. When my Dad got called a few years back they dismissed him after he couldn’t even hear the judge calling him from the back of the room. 😂i hope your weekend is great Dan. ‘So far’ mine is quiet. Well, except for Yogi snoring in the other room. 🙄

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    • The Monday bartender was OK, but not like Saturday. She left me with and empty beer :(

      My mom served on a death-penalty trial. She had a good time being sequestered – she liked staying in a hotel, having room service.

      I have had breakfast in three different places this week (unusual) It is my favorite meal.

      The jury process is a bit scary. Not knowing how plans might be interrupted. I was worried because I have travel plans and we’re very busy at work. I won’t have to deal with CT court again until after I retire.

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  8. Wow – that’s a serious amount of snow you got. You were really hammered by that storm – meanwhile we got nothing. Nada. A few half-hearted flurries.
    It sounds like you and I had identical experiences with jury duty this year. I was good with that 🙂

    Happy weekend, Dan. Hope all that snow is gone soon … even if Maddie is loving it now!

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  9. The white lilac was the best!! Ha! And what’s the red cover with the coffee holder over the snow blower? Your snow covered screens look like ours. This was one tough storm. Great story telling with Cheryl, Dan. Always a favorite.

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  10. That’s truly a ‘white lilac’ now! Glad I didn’t see that scrumptious breakfast before I ate my boring Cheerios. I would’ve thrown them out!

    We got hammered with the sticky white stuff too, which is now frozen! Sigh…..

    Never had to serve on jury duty. No tears here. My dad served every 3 years and believed it was an honor and a privilege. I didn’t inherit those genes!

    Maddie looks like she’s having the time of her life. She’s dancing like nobody’s watching! Sweet, sweet girl.

    Ummmm, don’t think you should’ve woken up MiMi. She looks a tad annoyed! Lol.

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    • Ha ha – thanks Ginger. Yeah, MiMi was asleep. “You and the dog, go play.”

      I do recognize the duty/privilege aspect, but if I don’t have to decide someone’s fate, I’m good with that.

      I’m hoping this next storm veers out to sea. I can live without more snow.

      Maddie wore herself out, but enjoyed every minute.


  11. Hi Dan – great to see Maddie cavorting in the snow. Well that’s another year off … I guess lots of stories could be written from Jury duty … and do the police have super memories too – for all the tiny bits and bobs they might need … but am glad we have some honest and good ones -cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I truly appreciate people in law enforcement and the judicial system, but nobody is infallible. Some times, the bad guy gets away, but I’d rather see that than have an innocent person in jail. It’s not a perfect but it’s better than the alternative.

      Maddie is enjoying the snow like a little kid.

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      • I went to see Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri … it made me think … it had excellent action, a little far-fetched yet told its story so well – humanity et al … definitely worth seeing. Time out for you all … perhaps not Maddie! Cheers … we’ve had a glorious day here … HIlary

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  12. Great pictures! Ooooo, that breffiss looks good! Me, I hate jury duty. I get called as soon as I’m eligible. I only served once, though. Found the guy guilty, and it scarred me for life. Last time, I was excused because I was caring for Mom. The time before that, they tossed me off during voir dire because I said I wouldn’t find anybody guilty of battery for pushing somebody’s shoulder. I was like, that’s an insult to people who get battered so badly they need medical attention. I don’t care if it’s legally battery, that’s stupid. Somebody was just trying to make trouble for somebody she got into an argument with. Bah

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  13. I did jury duty once, and almost got to decide a case between a builder, an insurance company, and the people who were suing the aforementioned. They threw me out because I’m a client of the insurance company. So my week ended, and I didn’t get to sentence anyone to death…

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  14. Never can decide if it’d be awful or fantastic to be empaneled on one of those trials that draw nation-wide attention. I’ve been summoned once, edited an issue of AIIM E-DOC Magazine for about three hours before they sent everyone home.

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    • I was bummed that they didn’t have WiFi and I had a horrible cell connection. I had brought a good book with me, so I was able to read for a few hours. I’m not sure I’m what the court is looking for in a juror.

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  15. I wonder if we’ll ever have jury duty via computer screen. It would be creepy in some ways, but easier than having to go do all that sitting and waiting. Maddie is so happy! She’s lucky she doesn’t even know what jury duty is.

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  16. WOW, I do love the lighting, and fence covered in snow! I also liked the image from inside your snow blower. Cool vantage point!

    Jury Duty. I get called all the time. I don’t know why. Fortunately, I haven’t ever had to serve. The last few times I’ve been called when I’ve had vacation planned; tickets booked, hotels, etc. so was excused.

    Last week while He-Man was in FL on business he got a Jury Duty Summons. It’s coming up in a couple of weeks. He’s not looking forward to it. I’m glad the case you were called on for didn’t go all the way to trial. What a waste of taxpayer time and money. I’m glad the Judge saw it that way too.

    Maddie looks so happy! I don’t get how she can take it being cold and wet and still have so much fun. :)

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    • Thanks Deborah. The snow on the fence was so pretty. But I knew that meant it was wet and I wasn’t going to have much time to clear it (when very wet, it’s sticks in the machine).

      I had business travel scheduled. I was hoping that would get me off. Now it’s been cancelled because we’re expecting more snow tomorrow into Tuesday.

      Maddie really should be freezing. She has no undercoat. But she doesn’t mind at all. None of our setters have.

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      • OT- Regarding that WP thing….I’ve tried 4 times to post a comment on that post sans joy. I keep getting the “Sorry that comment can’t be posted.” dialogue box. SIGH!
        Thought I try here.
        I too have had issues posting comments. I now copying almost every comment in case it doesn’t go through.

        I have trouble posting and liking on my Kindle tablets. During the day I usually only get to read blogs on the fly on my Kindle. I dislike adding comments with it, b/c I make even more typos than I normally do- auto-correct isn’t my friend on that platform as if it is anywhere!
        If I can like a post I will try to come back later and add a comment while on my PC.

        I don’t like the new editor I prefer the old one. I can schedule posts for later dates and times, but can’t figure out how to do that with the new editor. I don’t see an option anywhere for that.

        Shorter posts? I don’t they’re that much shorter. Mine surely have become shorter. :)
        Update…tryed to post this comment and it didn’t go through. I got the ” Sorry this comment can’t be posted.” dialogue box. What?

        Trying again. Good thing I copied this!

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        • Thanks for visiting here to comment. I’m sorry you had such trouble at the other place. As a reward, I’ll tell you how to schedule those posts in the new editor. It’s hidden under the “Status” options on the right side of the edit window. That said, I prefer the old editor. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to access it from everywhere.

          I don’t really think anything is much shorter (neither does the Editor) but it was a fun statistic to share.

          I do make copies of longer comments. I’ve been burned, too.

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          • Thank you so much for the tip on where to find the scheduling button! I never would have found it. I even searched WP FAQ’s and couldn’t find it.

            I’m going to be catching up some on blogs tonight and hope I’m able to post comments. I was on my PC when trying to add the comment to your WP thing post. Fingers crossed!

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  17. Nothing like the guilt of non-inclusion, and then the sadness of feeling excluded. Such human problems. *sigh* I’d never thought to get a good drink out of it. I will keep that in mind…
    Having worked in three law firms now, I’m no longer a good candidate for jury duty. I had a run years ago where I received multiple calls, and I felt fortunate that I could cite hardship. Reasonable doubt is a phrase more people should consider. Prove it to me or let them go. I tell ya, I’m not what the prosecutor wants.

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  18. Oh my, oh my. Think cactus, olive grove, yucca, ficus. I showed amore your photos and I could see his irises become pins. :D He is not a fan of snow. He said: “That’s why we live where we live.” Forgetting that we got some three weeks ago too… Also, considering that now I know Cheryl is not a bartender, these conversations gain in invention kudos. Good, Dan!

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  19. I especially enjoyed this post, Dan. I can’t tell you how many times in this small town I’ve reported to jury duty, been seated, then had the case dismissed.. It seems like I never get to hear any of the interesting stuff, only the endless quizzing of potential jurors. I’d like to be seated. I appreciate our jury system and would like to do my part.

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    • Thanks Janet. The system needs people like you, but they are happy to cut a deal at the last minute. On the case where we heard all the testimony but the judge threw it out, he took the time to explain everything to us.


  20. A fun post and your breakfast made me hungry, Dan!
    I think a bar should be ready with another drink rather quickly and yet, not deliver it until a head nod or request is made. I don’t go to bars much anymore, but had fun with Rich on 3/16. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and your patience in my catching up process.

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