Burlington MASS – #Thursday Doors – Meh

Burlington Town Hall

In the past three weeks, we’ve had three nor’easters and the threat of a fourth nor’easter that fizzled, unless it didn’t. At one point, they were predicting an all-day event that would dump 12″(30.5cm) of snow and then blow it around from one corner of the state to the other. Now, it’s supposed to keep snowing until well after I finish this post, but only bring about ¼ of the amount of snow. Another meh in my day. The doors of Burlington, meh? Pretty much. While it’s amazing what skilled craftsmen can do with wood, give those same craftsmen aluminum and glass, and prepare yourself to be underwhelmed.


Did you know there’s a ‘meh’ emoji? I didn’t. There is. Actually, to be grammatically correct, I should say. “there are” (The Editor is a stickler for proper plural stuff). I found a ‘meh’ emoji, then, when I tried to verify it at Emojipedia – of course there’s an Emojipedia – silly! I found that there are many sad/frowny/unimpressed faces that are thought to express ‘meh-ness’ about things.

Anyway, back to these doors. I visit Burlington, MA (for those of you outside the US, those of you that are bad at geography and those of you who moved to Florida to forget all about nor’easters and snow, ‘MA’ stands for Massachusetts, the sixth state to ratify the US Constitution. I used the old abbreviation in the title, the one I was made to learn in school, the one before 1963 when the US Post Office introduced Zip Codes and reduced abbreviations like Penna, Conn, Calif and Fla to PA, CT, CA and FL. My brother’s state, Iowa, used to be abbreviated ‘Iowa’ because what was the point? Now it’s IA.

See, this is what I do when I don’t know much about the doors I have to share, or when those doors are meh. I know, I could just post the doors and move along after 65 words, but that would be so unDan of me.

Anyway, we’ve had two-character state abbreviations since 1963, and there has only ever been one change. Nebraska used to be ‘Nebr’ then became NB (there are rules for when you use the 2nd letter and when you use the last one, but they don’t always work). Nebraska was NB, I don’t know why because it doesn’t seem to follow the rules. Maybe they didn’t want an ‘NE’ and an ‘ME’ (Maine). But, they changed it to ‘NE’ so you wouldn’t get confuse Nebraska with New Brunswick – like that was gonna happen. New Brunswick is one of eastern Canada’s Maritime provinces – Nebraska is in the midwestern Great Plains of America. There ain’t nothing maritime in Nebraska…just sayin’.

Speaking of Canada. That’s where Norm (Norm Frampton) and the nexus of Thursday Doors is located. Canada. Norm is in Montreal – which is, according to Wikipedia, “…is the most populous municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-most populous municipality in Canada as a whole” – good that we got that settled.

Each week, Norm summons doors, from around the world. His sidekick, the little blue frog, stores the doors in a giant virtual warehouse. If you have a door, several doors or if you just like looking at doors, head on up to Montreal. Click the blue frog. Fill out the form, and your door is added.

As you may have guessed, my gallery is filled with doors from Burlington, MA. There are some good ones, and some that are meh. Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors and thank you for visiting No Facilities.

85 thoughts on “Burlington MASS – #Thursday Doors – Meh

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  1. 😂Oh Dan, it so needs to warm up where you are. That cold is tripping your brain switches. Nice photos, as always. I so agree about those abbreviations. It think it was about the same time they changed the pronunciation of Car-ib-be-an to Car-ib-bee-an. 🙄Ah, those ‘powers that be’. Nice job, stretching your words….😉Have a great rest of your week. This week the only doors impressing me are the ones leading out of the clinic. So busy.

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. I’m looking forward to seeing the office doors close behind me. I took these pictures in anticipation of the storm that never happened. I thought it was just me with the whole Caribbean thing :-)

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  2. Really enjoyed reading about the state abbreviations. The history (and humor with Nebraska and maritime thought). also, I think I miss the old abbreviations and for some reason – I started using Fla. in the last six months. Maybe feeling like a rebel – or I had just seen it used in a few news articles. And here is where I learned that this change happened in 60’s – I thought this was a late 70’s early 80s initiative –

    and for the doors – no “meh” here – has that New England vibe through and through…
    and hope your coming snow is mild as spring makes its way….

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    1. Thanks. I do agree there’s a New England vibe going here, but I was so pumped to see an old historic Town Hall. I think they changed those abbreviations right after I learned the old ones. Fla seems better to me than FL. Maybe you’ll start a trend.

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  3. I like the look of the Town Hall. It does’t look old but it’s pretty. The town over from me is called Burlington so I’m always doing a double take. They changed our postal codes too. ONT became ON, NFLD became NL etc. meh!

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    1. There are a lot of Burlingtons. I send out invitations to this periodic meeting, and one woman was all excited because she thought we were having it in Burlington, Vermont. I like the old abbreviations better, but they never listen to me.

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  4. Dan, you could never be “unDan”. It’s not in your DNA! I laughed at the ‘B line’ sign. Mathnasium? That door was just waiting for you to pass by.

    Hopefully the ‘door’ in ‘the modern building’ is fake ’cause that would be a helluva drop!

    And yeah, state abbreviations can make you crazy. Add to that time changes. Let’s not forget zip codes. And address changes for 911 calls. Meh!! Lol.

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    1. Thanks Ginger. It really is a nice town. I was hoping for a few more historic buildings but the area definitely says “you’re in New England.”

      I remember the abbreviation changes because I think I had just learned the older ones. I know, I know, old :(

      I think if I wrote “I just have pictures of doors and nothing really to add…” people would think I had been abducted by aliens.


  5. I left NJ and it remains NJ but FLA became FL because, you know…..3 letters is way too much! Hey–DNA, DAN…gotta be something going on there. The Burlington Police have a pretty nice building. I just love the old (or older looking homes/buildings). Such character that newer buildings seem to lack.

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    1. Thansk Lois. There are a lot of nice older homes in the area. Maybe when I’m back up there when it’s warm and I don’t have to tromp through snow to get a picture, I’ll take some and do a nice feature on Burlington. If FL gets to be too hard, we could go to just ‘F’ you are the only one.


  6. Mary here..from App, WI. While the doors from MA are a bit 😶😶😶, your writing is always 😀😀😀 with help from the editor. 😎

    I hope you see sun and warmth and less meh doors very soon. Happy Thursday!

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    1. Thanks Mary from AppWi. ;-)

      I hope the weather permits a real doorscursion before next Thursday. These weeks of delays and closings and shoveling and snow blowing really need to come to an end. I thought I had stock-piled enough doors to last all winter.

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  7. I’d like to permanently put the “meh” emoji next to the word “nor’easter”. Up here, that’s just called “any given Tuesday from November to May”. When it drops 8-10″ of snow at a time (which is ALL the time), they don’t shut down the gov’t and give everyone the day off work. You just get up, dig out, and then hurriedly haul yourself to work/school. :P

    And no, Dan, I definitely didn’t expect you to walk past those doors. So, did you just get your brows done, or did you splurge for a facial too? Posh Lash sounds right up your alley. xD #Joking

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    1. Ha ha – well-said. My boss grew up in Buffalo, and he and I have to work out whether the office is going to open “regular time” or be delayed or if we’re going to “encourage people to work from home” I don’t think he ever understands the chatter in the office prior to these “mega-storms.” I’m happy to work from home, only because driving here on clear warm days is a nightmare.

      The weather people in the media really want us to stay in a constant state of crisis (not sure it that state would be CR or CS) so that we tune into more often. Bad weather sells.

      I just drove by the doors, no lashes, no facial ;-)

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  8. At the grave risk of totally missing the main point of this post – is there a singular to emoji ? is it emoj ? i hope when the other half of California secedes they don’t change their name to Emoji. Mainly because i do not want to see what the Post Office does with that ! Yes these spring Nor’Easters will do that !

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    1. Good question, John. And, I’m not sure there was a main point to this post. Sometimes, that’s all I’ve got.

      Given the possibilities for abbreviation chaos, I think California needs to remain intact .

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  9. That’s a NICE buncha doors, Dan! You mus’ jus’ be in a meh mood today. And who could blame you? Damn repetitive winter! Anybody remember vinyl records with a scratch, that played a bit then skipped back and played that bit again…and again and again and again? But I like your buildings and doors, especially that building with the long, swoopy, slopey roof. Pack some snow on toppa dat and go down it on a snowboard. Wheeeeeeeee!

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    1. Thanks Marian. As for the snowboarding, hmmm, I wonder if Norm would…oh, that’s right, he said no to the idea of bail. Yes, winter seems to be stuck in a groove here. I’m looking forward to spring building up some sunlight reserves and kicking winter to the curb.

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  10. I like the museum and the town hall best, not so much meh as just not as eye-catching as others.
    Glad to hear you were spared the worst of this most recent storm. Nothing here either but our east coast provinces: NB, NS, PE & NF all got hammered again.
    Spring will come…eventually.

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    1. I feel bad for the folks on Prince Edward Island – I think they should get three letters, Norm. This storm was a total no-show for us. Not even a dusting, which is fine by me – I’m ready for some warmth.

      I’d like to know more about the museum. I’m guessing it was originally a church, perhaps the church.

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    1. Yay! I hope I didn’t offend you with the Meh tag. I was so hoping to find a cluster of old New England buildings. These are al pretty, but modern buildings just don’t have that New England charm.


  11. Well, you didn’t get too far afield there, did you, Dan? :-) I like the bee sign best. I grew up in Nebr. and now that it’s NE (haven’t lived there for years), I still have to think for a nanosecond when I see NE vs anyone else in the NFL and as I’m not a NE NFL fan, it’s mind-stretching. Emojis are an entirely other topic, one best left alone for now. May you remain snowless from now until next winter!


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    1. Thanks Janet. I can fully support not wanting to be confused with the football team associated with NE. I used to have no opinion of Nebraska, but since it’s often easier to fly to Omaha than Des Moines, I kinda like it.

      Spring chased this latest storm out to sea. I hope that’s a sign for the future.

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  12. Hi Dan – I’m sure you don’t want a diatribe on how to speak English?! But I sure hope the Nor’Easter stayed away … it’s bucketing here … and that’s enough for today as I have to close the car door and travel out … let alone the “meh” emoji that might follow that comment! Cheers Hilary

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  13. Sorry about all the meh-ness, Dan. (But I love the word you created.)
    I heard a strange, barely believable legend… It talks about an unimaginable time of green and warmth. I believe it was called “spring.” In quiet hidden places, there are some still say that it will return.


    1. Accck – This comment was trapped in my spam folder. Whose idea was it to put Teagan in the spam folder?

      I think we are seeing spring make a stand here in the northeast. Looking at 50s and the occasional 60 for a while. I’m good with that.

      Heave a great rest of the week, Teagan.


  14. We’re having a rain event out here. Wind and rain. All the doors in my neighborhood (except the theatre) are Meh. I did get down to Oakland this week – great doors – but my husband is sadly not a Doors enabler…

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  15. I, for one, am happy that you had a bunch of meh doors for this post since I enjoyed your segue into emojis and that history of state abbreviations (Iowa was Iowa… was Utah, Utah, Ohio, Ohio?). I have always preferred Calif instead of CA for my home state. I’ve seen a lot of “Cali” lately, which I like too… very friendly-sounding.

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  16. Only you could make a post about ‘meh’ and make it laugh-out-loud funny 😆.

    Thank you for introducing me to emojipedia even though I just spent way-too-much time scrolling through emojis. The worst part is that even though I was able to copy an emoji, WP would not let me paste it into my comment. What’s up with that?! 🤨

    Besides the comment about unDan, my favourite was “While it’s amazing what skilled craftsmen can do with wood, give those same craftsmen aluminum and glass, and prepare yourself to be underwhelmed”. SO. TRUE.

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    1. Thanks so much, Joanne. I spent a good deal of time looking through emojipedia too. I wish it was easier to paste them into the phone. Despite the fact that they’ve added a ton, there are still some missing.

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  17. I’m crazy about the Burlington Fire Department and liked the humor of your “meh” post packed with great doors!
    It doesn’t always have to be historically jam-packed or lots of bells and whistles.
    I liked the 🐝 bee for Faith. 🙂 💛

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    1. There’s an enormous amount of history spread through these suburban towns. I usually don’t get out to explore. This has been a strange winter. Warm spells in Jan/Feb and huge storms in March.


  18. I like the colonial buildings with all that wood, and red brick, and the wood churches. The Congregation Church would make a nice house I thought.

    I wonder why the Town Hall installed all that glass? I bet the original doors were lovely.

    Loved the Bee Bus line sign.

    I still prefer to use Calif. instead of CA. I think people will confuse it with Canada. Isn’t CA their abbreviation too?

    It looks like Punxsutawney Phil got the call right with 6 more weeks of Winter. I’m glad you didn’t get the snow they predicted.
    We’ve got rain and wind. It’s chilly too. Spring can’t be too far behind now that 6 weeks is nearly up!

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    1. It’s funny. It was in the 60s when that little rascal said we had six more weeks.

      CA is Canada. That is weird, that they would change Nebraska but not California. The actions of government agencies…

      I want to do a little looking around. I’m guessing there is an old town hall somewhere, or a story about what happened to it. Then again, our town hall has original doors and the snow blows in around them.

      I’m ready for spring, whenever it gets here. Have a great weekend, Deborah.


  19. Can I just let you know that we mid-westerners know how much the news is blowing up your ‘weather crisis’ or ‘crises’. You guys have been shoveling out of these storms for eons –tougher than me for sure– and the last couple years it’s like it has never happened before. lol We like the roll your eyes emoji. Great doors post btw.

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    1. Thanks – sometimes, I think the weather folks just want us to be scared. I guess it’s hard to be accurate in the spring, but in less than 24 hours, this last storm went from 12’17” to the dusting it turned out to be. We have had a lot of snow, but I doubt it mush over a normal year (it just came in bigger packages). I think that’s the big difference we’re seeing. It used to be multiple 2-4″ and 3-5″ storms. Now its fewer 6-10″ and 10-16″ storms.

      You guys have your own weather. My brother lives in Iowa, and I’m not sure I’d want his daily forecast any more than mine.

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  20. When I was a kid, we put everything Indpls, Ind. Now it’s Indpls, IN, but only when you mail from Indy. If you mail from Flo. now FL, one should really write out Indianapolis. 1963 is before I was born, so maybe Indiana was slow to take on the IN or the FL.
    One of the things that makes me crazy is how we have to dial area code and even 1 sometimes in the same area code and then there are all these places that used to be one zip code and now they have two or three.
    I recently got some gossip about a city we used to live in, Noblesville. We lived there for a few years until Sassy was born. My mother graduated there, my grandmother lived there for 40+ years. It’s largely rural with a town feel centrally. One of those places where you can find original Victorians and glass store fronts – you dig? Forever it’s been 46060. But now, with the new housing additions, it’s also 4606_ and _ and it has two area codes! Anyway, the gossip is that to be a cool kid, you can’t live in 46060, cause that’s old, your parents must be poor and you can’t afford the new zip code. !!! In Noblesville, Indiana. As if. LOL Kills me! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    1. Om my goodness, what we won’t make into a status symbol. That happened in CT when the state split from a single 203 area code to 203 and 860 – “Oh, you’re an 860 person…” as if it was a disease.

      Thanks for the comment here :-)

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  21. You can always count on columned brick buildings to convey municipal seriousness. As for the snow, Dan, it was the opposite experience here. We got almost no snow throughout the entire winter (a dusting here and there), with each forecast proving a bust. Then the first official day of spring arrives, and lo and behold, seven inches or so of the white stuff actually falls and sticks. Mother Nature is such an imp.

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