Have Laptop Will Travel – #SoCS

Linda G. Hill is making my life difficult. It’s time to go to the bar, but the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt has arrived and it’s going to be hard to work with:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘picture.’ Write about, or theme your post on the first picture you see when you sit down to start writing. You don’t need to describe the picture necessarily–you can even put yourself in it if you’re not already there. Enjoy!”

It’s lunchtime, and the first picture I see is the sunrise over Pittsburgh image on my laptop. It takes me away from my desk and it is my desk. Let’s see if I can work with that.

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about the week I had.

“Can you tell me why on earth you drove up to Burlington, Mass this week?”


“You mean business.”

“No, I mean money.”

“As in making money, as in business, why are you being so cryptic?”

“I’m not the one being cryptic. I’m being blunt.”

“Cryptic, blunt, business, money…whatever you guys are talking about, it sounds like you need an adult beverage to coax the thoughts to the surface.”

“That’s a good idea, Cheryl. I will start with a Naughty Nurse.”

“And for your buddy?”

“Let’s guess. It’s my week to pay, so…”

“I’m guessing Bourbon.”

“You would be right, Cheryl, but not because he’s paying. In fact, I think I will pick up today’s tab.”


“Yeah, wow. Why so generous?”

“I realize the disparity between the cost of top-shelf Bourbon and run-of-the-mill beer.”

“Run-of-the-mill? This ain’t Bud Light, this is a very nice lager from a fine local brewery.”


“That’s what I say, here’s your fine local lager, and here’s your top-shelf Bourbon.”

“Can I get a…”

“…Snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice. Yes, of course you can, I thought I’d bring the important stuff first.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Now, what made you drive to Boston this week, and if you say money, I’m giving you the tab.”

“OK, but money was the motivation, really, I can explain.”

“Can you explain in fewer than two hundred words?”


Sigh… “OK, where does this begin?”

“Last Tuesday. I was supposed to be in Boston last Tuesday for an event.”

“It snowed last Tuesday.”

“It did, twenty-two inches in Burlington. So, we cancelled the event.”

“What does that have to do with this past Tuesday?”

“It was too late to actually cancel the event or my hotel room. I could postpone, but I couldn’t get out of paying.”

“So, you moved it to this Tuesday and took your chances with the weather.”

“I did, and despite the doom and gloom weather forecast, it worked out well.”

“Did you go up and back on Tuesday?”

“No, I had a meeting on Monday, the event Tuesday and another meeting Wednesday morning.”

“That first beer is almost gone, Dan. You want another?”

“Thanks Cheryl, yeah, the first one goes down fast.”

“Three days, where do you eat when you’re up there?”

“At the hotel.”

“Yuck, why would you eat hotel food?”

“I’ll give you a hint, the name of the restaurant is Chopps.”

“Good steak?”

“Very good.”

“Steak? You boys in the mood for steak? Here’s your beer, Dan.”

“Thanks Cheryl. It’s a little early for steak.”

“We have a fixed-price lunch special today – appetizer, entrée and dessert. One entrée is a petite New York Strip”

“Hmmm, let us think about that.”

“Oh sure, since I’m buying we can think about steak. Tell me. when you’re not at the bar, and not in meetings, what do you do in Burlington?”


“You can work remotely?”

“I can.”

“It’s nice of your company to let you do that.”

“Thank you.”


“Making remote work possible is part of my job.”

“Have laptop will travel, eh Paladin?”

“I loved that show.”

“If I recall, Paladin worked out of a hotel, too.”

“He did, The Hotel Carlton in San Francisco.”

“And you’re in…”

“The Burlington Marriott.”

“Not quite the same sense of panache.”

“Well, I’m just a road warrior. Consultants are the hired-guns of our industry.”

“Didn’t you bring one of those guys in here once, Dan?”

“I did, Cheryl, Boris. But I just met him for dinner a couple times. He was up here fighting for someone else.”

“I just remember that he loved our pizza.”

“Now you’ve got me stuck on Paladin. Didn’t he fight for the poor?”

“Sometimes. He also had some wealthy clients. San Francisco was expensive, even back then.”

“How about your buddy, was he up here fighting for some under-privileged database owner?”

“If you were doing charity work, would you come to Hartford in February?”

“OK, so he was here for the money.”

“Kinda like me, how long are you going to nurse that Bourbon?”

“You can bring another, Cheryl.”

“OK, and here’s that special menu – you boys interested?”

“Grilled double-cut bacon?”

“Yep, one appetizer is bacon.”


“Two please.”

I apologize for the food pictures in today’s gallery. Chopps was part of a Boston area Prix Fixe program. I couldn’t resist. Cheryl seems to like little critters, too.


  1. I watched a lot of Paladin. :-) It’s a good thing you didn’t show those fish tacos at the beginning of the post because I wouldn’t have absorbed a word you wrote. WOW – those look amazing. Working remotely is one of those double edged swords. Do you remember the years when you went on a business trip and maybe you called in daily, but the actual work awaited you when you returned? Or if you were on vacation, you didn’t call at all. Now, you are employed basically 24/7. Oh well, it’s reality today. Glad Maddie got to sit outside with her furry friends and once she was exhausted could grab a nap. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy – those fish tacos are the best! The fish is great, and the taco shell is lined with cool, crisp, dry-ish coleslaw – mmmm. The salsa is excellent and I don’t even think I would normally like it! How far is Burlington from where you are in NH?

      I do remember business travel when it was a get-a-way deal. Now, you can’t even escape while in flight. Planes, trains, everything has wifi, and people text and email 24/7 for sure (and expect an answer).

      Maddie is liking the change of seasons and is looking forward to being able to “sit” on a regular basis. We think her furry friends must be working on babies, because they are eating every nut they get. Not the time to bury and save, it’s like spring break for these guys.

      I’m being told that it’s time for our Saturday morning walk. Safe travels.

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  2. That Chopps menu does look really good … we must all be hungry this morning drooling over a dinner menu! Thanks for explaining double cut bacon … I had no idea what that was, nor have I ever seen bacon as an appetizer.

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  3. My husband watched Paladin just the other day! He watches this channel (ME-TV or GET-TV) and they have all these old westerns on. I love Rifleman. Oh, Chuck Connors……! Polenta and mushrooms…..I make that for dinner. So the app would be my main. And gelato trio for dessert. Yes, please. Hello, sweet Maddie.

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    • The Rifleman was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I catch an episode now and then, and I still like it. The Bailie’s gelato is made by a local dairy near the restaurant. Oh my, Lois, it’s so good. I hope I didn’t make you too hungry, if so, start working on the menu. Maddie says HI!

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  4. I remember “Have Gun, Will Travel.” Good stuff, as is the rest of the post. (Just realized that if “post” is mis-typed, it could come out as “pots”. Just saying.) But it’s cruel and unusual to make me see all that lovely food when I have to work from 9:30 am to 5 pm without time for a lunch break or any way to have more than snack food. :-( The good news is that the snow many were predicted didn’t come and doesn’t appear to be on the weather menu. I’ll be content with that.


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    • I am sorry when I post food pictures, Janet. Especially when you have to work through lunch. But, if I mention the food without a picture, I’d be in almost as much trouble as if I didn’t include Maddie.

      I’m glad your snow storm fizzled. that’s a good feeling in the spring. i hope you have a good weekend (enjoy dinner).

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  5. The hubs loves the Palladin song. I love the theme from Branded. Sorry about your mixed up weeks and travel. I sure hope you didn’t get hit in the eye by one of those nor’easter half dozen snowflakes. Something like that could put your eye out. 😏
    Oh I love my bar. I would have to stifle a giggle every time I pulled a Naughy Nurse draft. That food looks amazing but I had a difficult time moving past the gelatto. Last week was just plain weird for me. Didn’t feel in sync with everything. Maddie looks like a mother hen counting those squirrels as they scramble past her. Ahhhh….a nice, cold Corona. Not a bad bottle choice if you’re going lighter. I hope your weekend is full of relaxation and good things, Dan. You deserve it. Now, I am off to tackle this prompt…and I have to squueze my doors in there too. This may take awhile….

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  6. Dan, you have me craving steak and bacon and fish tacos for breakfast. Yum!

    You did a fine job incorporating Linda’s requested picture into the bar conversation. Although, I think you’re spending a little too much time with that naughty nurse. Does the editor know?

    Give Maddie a pat or two on the red head and tell her she’s a very beautiful girl.

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    • Thanks Mary, Sorry about the food cravings, but they were all very good dishes. The Editor knows about the Naughty Nurse, but I have to make sure it’s the name, the noun, lest I find myself needing a real nurse.

      Maddie has had her walk, and I’m sure she’s looking forward to sitting with the Editor later today.

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  7. On the Chopps menu…….23th???? Is this a new way of saying 23rd? Or am I that much of a dinosaur?

    Lord have mercy, those meals look sooooo good. My Rice Krispies are doing nuthin’ for me right now. Lol.

    Loved Have Gun Will Travel. Great show. Sometimes I’m actually glad for reruns!

    Sweet Maddie looks so happy to be on her cot, no coat on, chatting it up with the squirrels, and just enjoying the warm sunshine. Way to go Maddie!

    Great post Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. I didn’t notice the “23th” that’s the kind of thing that makes the Editor squirm and rant – “doesn’t anybody read…?” I liked those old westerns so much when I was growing up. Of course we’d watch them and then go outside and pretend to be those characters.

      Maddie is welcoming spring and the warm afternoons on her cot. She’s content to sit and watch the squirrels. We worry that they might forget she’s a dog and get a little too close. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to throw the peanuts fast and far enough.

      Sorry about the affect on the Rice Krispies. My toast isn’t going to taste nearly as good either.


  8. Tee-hee! The perfect fun post for a Saturday morning. Your title immediately made me think of “Have Gun Will Travel” even though I don’t really remember it. My small town TV station probably didn’t show many of the reruns — they had a very small selection. I mind skipped from that to “The Guns of Will Sonnett”… so my head is now stuck in the wild west. (Look out — I’ve never written a western, but you never know…)
    My eyebrows were headed to my hairline with “Naughty Nurse”… but of course that must be a drink. I expect it packs a strong *shot*.
    And finally BACON!!! Happy weekend hugs!

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  9. I remember the name of the show, Paladin– but not a thing about it. Now Boris I’m familiar with. He was the inept dastardly cartoon villain who made me laugh, as a child, every time he goofed up. Thanks for the memory– and pass me a beer.

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  10. Confused here. How did you get from a sunrise from your laptop to a conversation in Cheryl’s bar? I may not be with it this morn, yet …. aint that stretching it a tiny bit, Dan? Really? I did however enjoy the conversation and the company. I laughed out loud at your pic of the huge amount of snow you got from that huge storm. Thank goodness everyone survived! And …. those pics of food …. here I have a grumbling rumbling tummy and I look at mouthwatering pics of food. You’re killing me here! *sighs* Give Maddie a big hug from me and a Happy Weekend to you and fam. 🎉

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  11. That menu looks fantastic! I’d eat all of it! Poor Maddie looks like she dreads her medication. What a soulful look in those beautiful big brown eyes. I think your nor-easter came down here. We had 4-12 inches around here. Didn’t last long, though. It’s raining here; good day for a nap, with or without a dog.

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    • The menu was a winner! Maddie actually tells us when it’s time for her meds. Her concern might be that my wife was running late. Among other neurological issues, Maddie has a bit of OCD going on.

      You can keep the snow for us. We’ll take it back in late December, if you don’t mind.

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  12. Your stream of consciousness posts begin to grow on me. It’s about “this” person who leads such a different life than I do:):) Not better, not worse, just different:) Have a great weekend

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  13. I still watch those old westerns! My Dad watched them so we grew up watching them. What I watch on TV I can totally blame on my Dad. :)

    The food looks really good. Dessert looks scrumptious! I’m glad I had lunch before reading your post!

    I’m glad you didn’t the storm they had predicted.

    Diva Dog avoids her meds which a fairly new thing with her. Age is rearing its ugly head with my baby. :(

    The meds were going down without a fuss with peanut butter, but this week she’s putting her nose up and walking away both that and food. I’m going to switch to cheese and homemade food and see if that doesn’t help the medicine go down easier.

    Does Maddie take her meds straight up or with a little yummy treat?

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    • It is nice having someone else pay for the meal, and there’s a simple pleasure eating at the bar.

      Travel is a mixed bag. I enjoy most of it, but at the end of the day, I miss being at home. I don’t think I’ll miss it when I retire. At least I hope I don’t, it would get expensive if I did ;-)

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    • Thanks. These days, working remotely isn’t that hard. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. In the mid-late 90s, it was complicated. But that’s the thing with technology. It changes constantly, so the big triumphs of yesteryear are nothing today. Fish tacos = very good.

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  14. Ah, Paladin, how well I remember. I played the YouTube and was delighted to find I could still sing along — most of the time. By now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I enjoy your bar conversations. They’re my favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janet. I’m glad you enjoy these posts. As soon as I found the YouTube clip, I started singing along, too. I remember the show, along with the other westerns of that time period.


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