Thursday Doors – New Commute Doors

These folks are gone!

My new ‘back way’ home from work has brought me in contact with several interesting doors. In addition to the doors I featured from the library and town hall and those of St. John’s Church, I’ve collected several random doors. Those of you in the door business know how that goes – you’re photographing the doors you’re interested in, and suddenly every door looks like a potential star. You use the main doors but decide not to use the other ones. Then, one day you find yourself with a bunch of understudy doors waiting for a chance to get on stage.

I kept thinking that I’d find a reason to talk about my work day. This week, I have just such a reason, and the reason is characterized by the featured door. You’re probably thinking: “it looks empty and dark.” That’s because it is EMPTY and dark!

That’s the office of a former training center for a Hartford-area financial institution and my coworkers and I could not be happier that they have moved o-u-t-out. The regular employees were nice enough people, but the students were slobs. You could tell when they were holding a class, simply by opening the door to the Men’s room (and, I’m told, the Ladies’ room). I’ve seen cleaner bathrooms in gas stations. The floors would be covered in paper towels, the sinks, counter and surrounding walls would be dripping with water, as if someone had given a dog a bath. I won’t take you any farther into the room, but let your imagination run wild. It would sometimes be so bad, that I would walk down to use the Men’s room in the lobby.

I don’t know what it is about people that makes them think that the floor is as good as the trash can, and that others should have to deal with their mess. However, I do know that you came here to see doors, and I have a collection of understudies ready to fill in for more famous doors.

Right this way

Thursday Doors opens with a new cast, every Thursday in the Frampton Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Montreal, Canada. Thanks to Norm Frampton, Ltd. Each week’s production features stars, understudies and swings from around the world. Produced and directed by Norm, himself, the pageantry of a Thursday Doors run is not to be missed. Put on your finest jammies and robe, fill your glass with orange juice and head to the theater. Look for the usher – a stylish little blue frog – who will gladly seat you for the opening. Feel free to bring your own doors, there is always room in the cast, and even the extras shine.

Today’s gallery includes some doors along Main St. in East Hartford. I like them all. I’ve tried to explain in the captions. You can click on any photo to start a slide show if you want to read them. Note: The “usher” is a composite of icons from The Noun Project. I have a subscription, but I’m happy to attribute the work to them. You can use thier work for free, with attribution.


  1. New England is a great place for architecture – doors or otherwise. Good job, Dan. Unfortunately, our IHOP’s have all been torn down, but other long-time-past restaurants have been ‘recycled’.

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  2. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself after seeing your door photos each week, it is that I will always like any door with an arched window somewhere above it. Thus Wells Hall is the best photo in this bunch, in my wacky opinion.

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    • Thanks Ally. That was actually the first door I spied when I took this route home for the first time. It fell out of the mix, upstaged by brighter shining doors, but I kept it around. I knew I’d include it at some point. I do like arched windows. Nothing wacky about your opinion :-)

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  3. Ugh… that sounds about like the women’s restrooms in my office building. True, there simply are not enough, but still… somebody is making that disgraceful mess.
    I like the Whitney building, plain doors or not. Have a great rest of the week, Dan. Hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan. In some cases, I really wish I could see the original doors, but I appreciate the work that someone did to preserve the building. Preserving architectural elements like doors, windows and slate roofs is often prohibitively expensive. The doors may be plain, but the buildings are beautiful.

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  4. The Prospect Cafe does look like a nice place, but Xclusive Jnk caught my eye! New England architecture rocks. Brick/stonework, arched windows, always beautifully crafted.

    I like the look of that spiral staircase, but I’m glad I don’t have to go up and down it! They scare me! Lol.

    I did go back through all your photos a second time. Thought I must’ve missed it. Nope!! No shot of Maddie. Bummer. 😥

    I used to clean two office buildings at night. I could tell you stories about bathrooms that would make your hair stand on end…..but I won’t! And the individuals who used these facilities weren’t kids. They were college educated, highly paid adults. And after an office party? Fageddaboutit!!

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    • Thanks so much Ginger, for your comment and for your restraint. I’ve seen these bathrooms at the end of a bad day, and I just don’t understand. I used to clean the bowling alley my father managed; it got bad, but never this bad, and those people drank!

      My wife share your opinion on spiral staircases. She actually has reasons for not liking them, I think they would be hard for her to navigate. I did have the thought that “it’s a fire house, why not just put a pole out there?” I think I’d rather slide down a pole than take those stairs.

      These building are just so pretty. So much thought went into building them and making them look good.

      As for Maddie, I’m working on a way in which I can incorporate her into a Thursday Doors post. I can’t promise, but Pam also seems to have noticed an absent photo today.


      • Well, you’ll just have to take shots of Maddie in front of doors. Any door! The same door! A bedroom door. The shed door. We really don’t care. We just need our Maddie ‘fix’! Lol.

        You could hang a sign around her neck that reads: DANDY DAN’S DOORS. We’re not hard to please, but we’re Maddie addicts.

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  5. How very generous of you to have an understudy day! Your B-team did an excellent job of carrying the game today 🙂

    In general, I don’t understand the sloven behaviour of people in public places 🤨 All I can do is shake my head.

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  6. These are the STANDINS? I would want to live across the street from any of those buildings, so I could look out at them every day. Love the Door Show blurb! :D Those students should have been made to clean up their messes. That should have been part of the training. Harumph

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  7. Great doors, Dan. I’m surprised some security guy didn’t tackle you outside Pratt and Whitney’s plant. You could look like a Russian spy. I too don’t understand the pig behavior of humans. It boggles the mind.

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    • Me too, John. Maybe they do it at home. I’ve missed the trash can a few times, but I’ve walked back over and picked up the paper towel. I think my dad would reach down and smack me if I didn’t.


  8. Still writing from my other blog – Jesh StG – the renaissance Wells Hall is my favorite today – it fits with the orange juice you had in your hand:) College -for some it’s their first time away from home, away from parent’s restrictions – I remember well from my youngest brother’s stories back then that his whole nights being up, were not spent with studying! Fortunately, it was a temporary phase, and became an ultra responsible doc.

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    • It’s always good to see a comment from you, regardless of origin. That was one of the first buildings I took a picture of, but it didn’t fit with either previous post. I knew I’d find a home for it. I settled down quite a bit after college – probably a very good thing.


  9. Hi Dan – good thing you have good friends from the old days … and people who remember what doors go where! I will feature our information centre door at some stage it’s lovely … love crafted wood … fun to see your doors – and selection … cheers Hilary

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  10. I love the buildings that look like the one with the dance studio and barber shop. Don’t see as many as I’d like. I like Wells Hall and East Hartford Trust, too.
    I’ve only experienced that happiness of departure with neighbors. At work, when one company left, I was sad. They’d been nice folks.
    Maybe you’ll get in some nice folks :)

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  11. These are pretty great Stand Ins! I love the brick. Comstock Hall, and the Education Building are favorites, but I do like that red and white striped awning with the brick in the last image.

    Yep, I recognize that building as iHop. I haven’t been to one in years. I should remedy that one day. :)

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    • Thanks Manja, I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

      Wells Hall was the first door to land in the “maybe someday” pile. I had too many doors from my first visit to this street. I knew I’d come back for it.

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    • Thanks Judy – I love those two narrow buildings. I am also familiar with that era. Although, talking about my life in terms of eras is a little disturbing.

      If the new neighbors are slobs, I think they’re likely to get some pointed communication right off the bat. The bathrooms have been clean for five days. We’ve seen what it can be like, I don’t think we’re going back to what it was.

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  12. OOOO Comstock and Wells Halls …. my favorites!!!! The architecture! WOW!! Really nice selection of doors here, Dan. And as for slobs … we as people of the same race have to get back to respect for others. I know the travails of cleaning a bathroom so always when in a public one, I am super aware of being neat and clean. But that is just who I am. If we don’t run across one another …. Happy Easter!! 💞🦋💞


  13. like all your doors – laughing at this:
    Frampton Center for the Performing Art

    and as noted – the striped awning on the cool building is my fav
    but also like the one with the boarding house and man walking – has a nice vibe

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  14. Sorry for the delay Dan. “the Frampton Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Montreal” Hilarious stuff! :-D
    I got to meet up with Joanne on Toronto this past weekend and your name came up. We marveled at your ability to come up with new and unique descriptions for Thursday Doors each week.
    As for your post this week, Comstock Hall is my fave from this batch, probably has something to do with the faux columns on the upper level.

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    • Thanks Norm. I figure everybody knows what Thursday Doors is by now, but you never know. I’m just trying to cover all the bases.

      I like the way they made that building look interesting, with a number of decorative elements. I’m a sucker for brick and stone or anythign that looks like brick and stone.

      I’m glad you guys got to meet up.

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