Happy Easter from the Bar

Once again, our shared story from the bar is somewhat inspired by Linda G. Hill and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Linda couldn’t have known that our favorite bartender has a sweet tooth and a sharing spirit, but she still pitched us a softball with:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bun.” Find a word that contains ‘bun’ or use it as a word all by itself. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be surprised by the bowl of candy on the bar.

Cheryl, what’s this? Did the Easter Bunny stop in for a few pops before beginning his rounds?”

“No, he won’t show up until tomorrow night. That’s from Target, they already put their Easter candy on sale.”

“Well, it was sweet of you to share. I need to take one of the Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs before Dan gets here.”

“Don’t worry. I bought plenty of those for him.”

“Hey guys, sorry I’m…wait, I’m actually a little early. Did you sleep here?”

“I came early to get the Peanut Butter eggs before you got here.”

“Ooooooh, I love those.”

“We know…”

“We know, Dan. You want to wash one down with a beer?”

“I do Cheryl, but let’s keep it light.”

“I’ll send a Corona out to find her lime. How about you?”

“Hmmm, dark chocolate goes with red wine, but I think milk chocolate goes better with Bourbon.”

“John Howell’s bourbon?”

“Of course.”

“Yay, top shelf! Coming right up.”

“How did your Pirates do on opening day?”

“Rained out.”

“Rained out on opening day. Do you suppose that’s a sign?”

“I’m not superstitious.”

“Said the man wearing a Pirates tee shirt under a Pirates hoodie. Did you leave your cap in the car?”

“I did. I’ve lost too many of them in bars.”

“Here’s your Corona, your bourbon. I’ll be right back with your seltzer and ice. And, Dan, we have a big bunch of lost ball caps over near the coat rack, if you want to look.”

“Thanks Cheryl, but I’ll pass. I’m guessing most are Yankees and Red Sox hats.”

“I might check that out, I need a new Red Sox cap.”

“Did you lose yours?”

“No, but maybe I’ll find a good one in the pile.”

“It’s a lost and found bin, not a charity give-a-way. Besides, you can certainly afford to buy a baseball cap.”

“That’s not the point. I’m just trying to save them from being thrown away.”

“Only the Red Sox caps are in danger, Bobby’s a big Yankees fan. He’ll probably keep them here all season.”

“I think as the manager, he should be neutral on sports.”

“Are you crazy? That’s like asking me to root for UConn.”

“You might as well, you don’t seem to have a team left in the tournament.”

“That’s not how it works with true fans.”

“I’m just saying, you could adopt the UConn women for a couple of games.”

“No thanks. Besides, they lost last night to Notre Dame by two points.”

“Ahem, there’s a hard-working bartender who could use your support. You boys interested in some food?”

“I think we could get behind that cause, Cheryl. Dan probably wants wings, so make it an order of twenty.”

“And another round when the wings are up?”


“Speaking of worthy causes, bourbon and adoption, did you see that John Howell adopted a puppy?

“I did see that, although it almost looked like a baby bunny in that picture.”

“I’m not sure Lucy and Bailey would like sharing their house with a bunny.”

“Your house, maybe. Maddie doesn’t seem to mind sharing her yard with rabbits.”


“Bunnies are rabbits.”

“Rabbits are in the woods. When they move into our yard, they become bunnies.”

“You see, that’s your problem, you’re too soft.”


“You’re too soft.”

“Repeating the phrase isn’t an explanation. Where did that come from?”

“From under your Pirates cap and your WVU shirts and your Pitt jerseys and your Penguin socks. You stick with your teams, even after they’re out of contention. You should at least support UConn and Boston teams when they’re winning.”

“The Penguins are hardly out of contention, and the baseball season just started. The Pirates won their first game, albeit it took 13 innings, but…”

“And what, you seriously expect either to win it all?”

“The Pens have won the past two Stanley Cups.”

“OK, I’ll grant you that, but the Pirates? They haven’t won the series since…1971…”


“Oh right. We are Family.”

“That’s right, and that’s how we roll. Family. We don’t switch our allegiance to the current winning team.”

“I thought you hated Disco.”

“Willie Stargell could make anyone love disco.”

“And wings. Wasn’t he famous for giving away ‘Chicken on the hill’ when he homered?”

“He was. I’m surprised that you knew that.”

“So that’s why you like our wings. Here you go boys. I’ll get those drinks now.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“I saw a documentary on ESPN. Weird how he died, though.”

“Yep. Opening day at the brand-new PNC Park. I think once they were out of Three Rivers Stadium, he was ready to move on.”

“Well, opening day is over, and I’m ready to move on to football.”

“That’s bad. I hope the Easter Bunny leaves coal in your basket.”

Thanks for joining us at the bar. To those of you celebrating Easter tomorrow, I hope it’s a happy one. Also good wishes to those observing a Passover. Today’s gallery holds a mixed bag of March leftovers. Note: no edits in this post, except adding the late score for the Pirates and UConn’s loss.


  1. No more hills for Maddie, but she seems pretty content with her cot. :-) I was thinking of you as we swept through Hartford on Thursday. We timed it to get there around 9, and we were shocked that we just cruised right through.As we moved into MA, we saw a DD sign and pulled off. As I pulled open the door to the Gulf Station/DD shop, I stopped dead in my tracks. The employees and the customers were all belting out Sweet Caroline. Along with my coffee, I got a huge laugh and a smile. :-)

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    • Ha! That is a great tradition with the Sox. Welcome home, Judy. I’m glad Hartford was kind to you. You were lucky you didn’t try to beat the rush by going early. There was an accident on 84-E at 6:00, when I was coming through.

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  2. Ha! Loved the rabbit vs bunny definition, Dan. “Rabbits are in the woods. When they move into our yard, they become bunnies.”
    I only got a few minutes of sleep each hour so at 3 AM I gave up & got up — so your night-time photos really clicked with me. Lovely shots. Happy Easter hugs to you and yours. Wishing you loads of peanut-butter eggs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Easter Dan. For this one weekend only I can stop feeling guilty about all the chocolate I’ve been eating 😏

    I too smiled at the bunny vs rabbit portion of the conversation. I think ALL rabbits are bunnies and the chocolate Easter Bunny is my favourite 🐰🐰🐰

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  4. I was surprised to see that sign in Spanish as well. It seems far from home. Isn’t Canada much closer? In French no? Or are Mexicans famous for fishing all the way up where you are?

    Happy pass-over-pasqua (I made a mash). Pasqua is Italian for Easter.

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  5. Happy Easter to you, the Editor and Faith. Hope Faith is able to spend the day with you. Maddie will be thrllled.

    Love the way Maddie got into the Saturday conversation, and of course into today’s gallery! She looks so content lying on her cot, soaking up the sun while surveying her kingdom. Maddie, I hope the Easter BUNNY brings you and MiMi and MuMu a special treat tomorrow!

    Rabbits are bunnies here too!

    The black squirrel seems to be enjoying the attention from your camera more and more. Probably figures the more he poses the more peanuts he’ll get!

    Once again, great reflection photos. But the “student driver” truck…..that’s a first for me! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. The black squirrel is getting bolder and bolder. I think he’s figured out how this place works. Faith is planning to visit, so Maddie will be in her Easter glory. I love the reflections, and I’ve been amazed at how they change with the light and with the current.

      The first time you pull up behind one of those student drivers, your heart skips a beat, but they’re out in force, so we’re used to them.

      Happy Easter!


  6. Thank you for the Twiggy, Lucy and Bailey mention, Dan. Those early morning photos are lovely. Seems like a peaceful time of day. The Maddie lay down after work is courtesy of Daylight Savings time. Have a Happy Easter.

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  7. Happy Easter, Dan! I love the bunnies v rabbits definition. Makes sense to me. Save that Yankees ball cap for me! As long as you eat chocolate standing up in the kitchen, over the sink, there are no calories. Enjoy!

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  8. I remember Willie Stargell was here when I got here and Chuck Tanner was still managing the Braves. He was here when he was elected to the Hall of Fame. (Tanner’s first major league managing job was with the White Sox, by the way; he was there until Bill Veeck came along).

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  9. Well, Atlanta won their opening game but lost yesterday. I am hoping to catch at least one game in person. I mean what good is a stadium in your neighborhood if you can’t go to a game right? I agree with you Dan. A true fan dosn’t ditch their team just becausenthey have a slump? There’s a principal to true support and fandom. My family will always bleed purple and gold and thinkmof our Tigers as the team with guts and heart. I love all your photos! Maddie must be the envy od all the neighborhood redheaded dogs. 😉 I don’t blame your little squirrel. That trim looks suspiciously like a ground crawling danger at first glance.
    I can’t believe you love Reece’s PB eggs! They are my second son’s favorite and lately I have bought two bags to bring to a coworker who adores them. They disappear quickly though, and he doesn’t always get his fair share. So, I would certainly be keeping a bowl on the counter for you. I hope your teams win big this season. You are so right. A rabbit hangs out in the woods. A bunny is part of the family. We had a giant lop eared bunny for several years when the boys were young. She was so sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re almost close enough to go to an LSU game, especially if they’re playing Georgia. If you’re that close to the Braves stadium, you shoudl treat yourself to a game. Reese’s PBEggs are the best, I also get that shape when they do it for Halloween and Christmas – I think they do a football shape too.

      Maddie is the only redhead around, and she’s not fond of the other dogs. She has issues…what can I say. She seems to be loved by the back yard critters. I guess that’s enough.

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  10. Chocolate and bourbon, hm, I dunno. Chocolate and beer, not bad. I saw giant Reese’s eggs at the store last night, 2/$10. They had to be about the size of my face. Even The Mister was shocked by that one and he’s a chocolate fiend!
    Loyalty to sports teams inspires me. I have known Cubs fans since I was a kid, heard many rounds of “They’re never gonna win” and all that flak, but 2016 actually happened. It’s like a reward to the faithful. I don’t care about any of it on a personal level, but I’m sure your Pirates will win again.
    We call them bunnies too :)


    • I would eat that egg with a knife and fork !

      I love it when my friends who are long term fans see their team finally win. I have a good friend who is a Cubs fan. Even though they’re in our division, I was happy for him when they finally won. The Pirates could be good, but the owner is cheap 😏


  11. “Rabbits are in the woods. When they move into our yard, they become bunnies.” and peanut butter eggs would be good for you if they’re made with dark chocolate. I have resisted the peanut butter eggs so far, but you have inspired me to find out if they make them with dark chocolate.

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  12. My word, this was funny! Loved the sports banter. Nice that you mentioned John’s new puppy. Great photos. I can’t believe you saw a student driver truck, with a caution sign! Maddie is a happy camper. Happy Easter, Dan!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Really! That must only feel weird the first time you see the truck. This is a big time of year for sports. Watching the Sox now. I have to find out if that grandma nun good luck charm for Loyola basketball is still doin’ her charm. 🙂

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  13. I totally understand the definition of bunnies because it is bunnies and birdies in our house in cat language. For reasons that defy reasoning, (again) I come across probs with WP not showing photographs. This time it was your turn here at your blog. Oh goodness PLEASE don’t pick on me, WP! Happy Easter, Dan! May you and your family have a great one! 🦋🌸🦋

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  14. Out of the yard they’re rabbits. When they come in the yard they’re bunnies…Ya learn something new every day! I LOVE this one and I’m planning on sharing it with my whole family at Easter dinner! Happy Easter, Dan! ~ Lynn

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Paul. I am glad you (and others) like those reflections. They are only available during my commute certain weeks during the year, and I tend to scoop them up. I don’t think I’ll be seeing too many more until October.

      We had a very nice Easter. I hope you did, too.


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