Thursday Doors – Be the Ball, Danny

One of the prettiest lumber yards I’ve seen.

If you’re a fan of Caddyshack, you don’t need to watch the video behind this link. I didn’t embed the video this time. I couldn’t. You’ll understand when we get to the end. Anyway, “Be the Ball” is Caddyshack code for “Lumber Yard Doors” and that’s what I have for you today. Doors from a working lumber yard near where our daughter lives. Whenever I drive by this place, I think about all the projects that start here. So many projects start with a load of lumber, either being delivered or being picked up.

I’ve had lumber delivered. I’ve picked up lumber in a pickup truck. I’ve dropped lumber into my trailer, strapped it on a roof rack and, although I shouldn’t remind the Editor, stuffed it through the passenger-side window of her ’76 Chevy Nova.

A couple of years ago, while I was on my way to feed the boys (Moncton and Preston) on Labor Day, I took the opportunity to roll into the closed yard and snap some pictures of the various doors. I love sliding barn doors, and this place has some of the largest ones I’ve ever seen. I didn’t stay long. I do sometimes worry about people taking notice of a strange guy in the parking lot of a closed business, taking pictures. This lumber yard isn’t far from the local police station, and there’s that whole “no bail” thing that Norm has going.

Come-on Back

In case you don’t know, Norm is the Yard Foreman at Thursday Doors Building Material, Inc. up in Canada. Each week, people like me load our trucks, hitch up our trailers and stuff our cars full of doors and head to Norm’s master yard. He buys from us, wholesale, and then distributes the doors around the world. If you have some doors you want to add to Norm’s inventory, strap them down, cover them up and head to Norm’s place in Montreal. The Load Builder will meet you at the bottom of the page. Click on him and get ready to unload your doors. Or, if you’re in the market for doors, follow him into the yard.

Now, about that non-embedded video.

Lately, I’ve been getting a little flak from a few of Maddie’s fans. It seems that they’re upset that there are no Maddie pictures on Thursday. I’ve been trying to compensate with the blue frog, but I sense that isn’t enough. I did include a Maddie door today. I don’t have enough to make an entire post, as Maddie is only concerned about three doors. The one leading to the back yard, the one we exit to begin a walk, and the one on a building in the park that she can only see if we are going the long way around the ball fields. I’ll dribble these in over time. I must warn you, every week won’t have a Maddie-door. This week, I also have a very special video of Maddie, as Faith is about to visit.


  1. What strikes me the most is that this lumber yard is immaculately clean. The building and doors are well-cared for, but so is the property! I would be attracted to this place for that reason alone.

    Love the Maddie door. It’s the look of anticipation on her face 🙂

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  2. LOL… Maddie could barely control herself. We should give her a lot of credit. I was afraid she was going to jump right onto Faith’s head.
    Dan… well done, my friend. Double kudos from this editor on a well written post. This lumber yard was a great subject. I agree — I’ve never seen one prettier. I wouldn’t have guessed what it was. I enjoyed visiting it. Hugs to you and yours.

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    • Thanks Teagan. She gets so happy when Faith arrives. We used to try and keep her “contained” but it was “let me go, let me go, Faith is here to see me!” At least she does calm down after a few minutes.

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    • Thanks GP! I’ve been getting requests for Maddie on Thursday, so I caved to the pressure. Maddie is a handful. The dance she’s doing for Faith’s arrival is a slight variation on a theme of what she does before our walks, or when it snows, or when she thinks something happened / is about to happen / or should happen. But when she’s cute, she’s really cute.

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  3. Okay, now that is a LUMBER yard. Wow – impressive. I’ve never, ever seen one that looks like that. Great doors, and the entire place looks like it has been cleaned and manicured. :-) Faith certainly doesn’t have to wonder if Maddie is looking forward to her visit. :-)

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  4. There is nothing like the excitement of a dog–the Maddie video was wonderful!! Wow. I am impressed with the campus that sells lumber. It’s beautiful! This weeks description of Norm….you have outdone yourself, Dan. I look forward to that as much as I do to your featured doors.

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    • Thanks Lois. When I don’t have much to write about the doors, I work a little extra on Norm. I wish I knew why this place is so clean and green.

      Maddie just goes nuts for Faith.


  5. Nice shots of an impressive lumber yard; everything looks so neat and orderly.
    The Maddie video is the best. There’s nothing more heartwarming than an enthusiastic welcome from a loyal friend who’s truly overjoyed to see you.

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    • Thanks Norm. I’ve never seen a lumber yard look like this. So much grass and so well maintained.

      Maddie just goes nuts when Faith comes. It’s clear that the only reason Faith makes the trip is to see Maddie.


  6. I wouldn’t mind daily Maddie, she’s such a cutie :) We can always tell when someone Sadie loves pulls into the drive. If excessive tail-wagging and whining are a good indication, Bubba and FIL are definitely tops with her. Isn’t it amazing that we can’t even hear the vehicles coming, and they can completely differentiate them?
    The big barn doors are great! That whole place looks neat. I can’t say I’d wanna sleep there, but I’d love to tour it, sniff the sawdust, take pictures, and get inspired.

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  7. I think only in New England one would find a lumber yard like this. It’s far better than wood shopping at Menard’s or Lowe’s.
    Oh my goodness, could Maddie be more excited about a Faith visit? So sweet!
    Does she get this excited when you come home from work? Or are you the *yawn* couch sitter, feeder, snow piler, walker dude?

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  8. The lumber yard is so neat! In both uses of the word. I have no idea what to do with the stuff but I do love to dream. And the smell of freshly cut wood is intoxicating. Sorry about the pressure on Maddie. She’s so damn cute! and I miss my animals. I’ll see her when I see her. Once a week? Still friends?

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  9. Yikes!! Imagine my joy to see our favorite redhead in a ‘doors’ post…..not just an adorable photo, but a super video!! Seeing that kind of love between Maddie and Faith warms my heart. Just beautiful.

    And this lumberyard is beyond impressive. Love those huge doors. I can’t believe how pristine the grounds are kept, as well as the buildings and stock. My husband will look at this and say that going to this lumberyard might be better than sex! Well, depending on whether he remembers sex!! Lol.

    Terrific post Dan.

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    • HA! You get some kind of award today, Ginger. I knew you Maddie-fans would like the video. That’s what she does for Faith (not for me or the Mrs.). She just gets so happy!

      The lumber yard is a wholesale outfit, so I don’t think I can go there. But I’d love to poke around in the various buildings.

      As I said, she won’t be in every post, but I do try to work her in when I can.


  10. I can see why you included Maddie–she’s beautiful. And like you, I’ve always been intrigued by lumber yards. They’re so necessary to get anything done, and yet we’re likely to simply take them for granted. Thanks for sharing this one. :)

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    • Thanks Cathleen. I love the old style lumber yards. The one that I normally use has a variety of buildings and barns, but I don’t think there’s any grass. This place is like a park.

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    • Thanks Jean. Maddie seems to know her part pretty well: (when Faith comes, the red dog goes crazy). I’m glad you like the descriptions. and I’m glad Norm is a good sport.


  11. Wow, this building is so big and new looking, am used to something small and old when the word barn is used I can see why your daughter is artistic – her dad morphs a ball into a frog, haha.
    Yeah, “something is missing” when no mention is made of Maddie, and I’m not even a dog owner:):)

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    • Thanks for the comment. I’d like to think I could keep my followers without Maddie, but I’m trying to stay on her good side. The lumber yard is amazing. It’s like a little campus. I wish I could get inside some of the buildings, but I don’t imagine they give tours.

      The frog is a composite of icons from The Noun Project. We use them at work to make icons for mobile apps.


  12. That is an amazingly well-kept lumber yard, Dan. I don’t know if it’s always that clean and organized, but my hat is off to them. Good pics. As for Maddie, I understand the desire to “give the people what they want,” as the saying goes, but I don’t think even a cute dog has to be shoehorned into every post, especially when you do at least four a week. I hate to be the odd man out here, but I’d wouldn’t want to wear out a welcome, you know? Personally, I’d use Maddie pics a bit more sparingly, if only to keep it fresh. That’s my (unpopular) two cents, anyway. :)

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  13. Ahhh, you know your audience. :D Lumber and stone, all well, but no match for that joy at the end. I could post similar videos of crazy joy jumping from our bestia, but that would make it seem like a pup joy contest and we don’t want that. ;) Every joy is good joy.

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    • Thanks. That lumber yard is amazing. I have received orders on trucks like that, but the best I ever had was a heavy pick-up. Maddie and Faith get along pretty well. It is nice to see.

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