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Pam’s story, hits a little too close to home. For the cause of “research” my Saturday afternoons often look much like Ben’s. I wonder how Pam knew that?

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Butterfly Sand

Ben was paralyzed. He couldn’t move, couldn’t react. He watched in horror as his friend of 30 years was patted down, handcuffed and walked out of the bar in the company of four very official looking men. Four, there were five!

“You can say nothing about what you think you just heard.”

The warning was issued by a quiet, almost friendly voice. But as Ben raised his head to look at the speaker, a chill ran down his back. The man almost seemed to smile. He reached out his hand and picked up the thumb drive that Stan had dropped on the table. Snap, it was gone.

And with a slight tilt of his head, so was the fifth man. Ben inhaled deeply. He felt as if he had been holding his breath for far too long. He started to hear the regular sounds of the bar seeping back into…

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  1. Holy cow! This is so terrific and creepy real at the same time. Very creative writing. I have to go check more of her posts…..I feel the urge to follow. Lol. So glad you shared this.

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      • Thanks a bunch Dan. I’ve been following Cheryl for a while now, and that came about from a shout out you gave to a blog of hers. She’s terrific. Never disappoints ……just like you!

        On my way to ‘follow’ Pam as soon as I post this. I’ve read her comments to your blogs, and think she’s a hoot! She comes up with some unique comments. Don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Well, they don’t call me stupid for nuthin’!! Lol.

        Hi Maddie girl. Hope you get some couch time with dad today.

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