Timing is Everything – Unless It’s Nothing

Last week’s attempt at working the bar-banter around Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was a failure. Let’s see what I can do today…oh, great:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘Why/Y.’ Theme your post on a word that starts with ‘Y’ – bonus points if you start or end your post with ‘Why.’ Have fun!”

Fun? That seems unlikely.

If we were having a beer, we’d need to get something straightened out.

“Why are you always late lately?”

“It’s two fifty-five. We generally meet at three. So, I’m not late, you’re early.”

“If I have to wait for you, you’re late.”

“Who died and made you king?”

“Wow, I haven’t heard that expression forever. But, if you must know, I’m older so I’m right.”

“Before you boys get any older, would you like to pour some alcohol on this feud?”

“The entire time I’ve been waiting, Cheryl, I’ve been craving some red wine.”

“Dan, he got here about forty-five seconds before you. What are you drinking today?”


“Frosted glass?”

“Yes please.

“You got it.”

“Yuengling? What happened to Naughty Nurse? What happened to Corona?”

“I refuse to be defined by my past.”

“Excuse me?”

“One glass of Meiomi, one ice cold Yuengling. I’ll be back with your setup. You boys thinking about some food?”

“Maybe later, Cheryl. Any good specials?”

“All seafood specials today.”


“Yes, what?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. ‘I refuse to be defined by my past’ I was wondering where you parked?”

“In the lower lot.”

“Uh huh, and would that be your Jeep in the upper right spot in the lower lot?”

“It would be.”

“The upper right spot where you ALWAYS park?”

“What’s your point?”

We’ve had this discussion before. You are such a creature of habit that you’re like the poster-child for OCD.”

“Doing the same thing for good reasons, isn’t OCD, it’s logical, rational behavior.”

“What’s the good reason for parking in that spot?”

“There’s no chance I’ll have to squeeze in between my car and someone who parks to close too me.”

“Hmmm, that does make sense. Still, what about all those other things?”

“Like his snifter of seltzer and his glass of ice on the side? Oh wait, those are your things. Sorry.”

“Well played, Cheryl. I think we do have a case of the pot calling the kettle black.”

“OK, OK, I guess we’re all creatures of habit. It’s just that I thought you had given up on Yuengling. I figured it was a political statement.”

“I’m not much on political statements.”

“I just meant that I heard there was a call for a boycott and then you switched beers, so I just put two and two together.”

“And came up with five.”

“So how do you explain the brew shift?”

“I like a lot of beers. I switched from Yuengling around the time of the boycott because they stopped serving it on tap and they started carrying Brooklyn Lager in bottles.”

“Chris, the old manager, said Yuengling sales were down after the boycott started, which is why she removed it.”

“So, she changed beers in response to the boycott and you just followed suit?”

“Whoa. Before you leap onto another train of thought, you’re stretching the limits of cause and effect to a breaking point.”

“Seems pretty clear to me.”

“The boycott may have impacted sales. Chris took it off the tap line because it wasn’t selling well. She wasn’t making a political statement. I switched to Brooklyn because I like it. I wasn’t making a political statement.”

“Then how do you explain switching back to Yuengling today?”

“I’ve been thinking about Pittsburgh.”


“The Pirates are doing pretty well, the Pens are still in the playoffs, the NFL Draft just started, and the Gateway Clipper has been active on Twitter.”

“Did they serve Yuengling on the Clipper? That’s the boat you used to work on, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I mean no.”

“Care to explain?”

“Yes, I used to work there. No, they didn’t serve Yuengling – they served Iron City.”

“I hate to scratch an open wound, but would either of you care for another round?”

“I would, Cheryl, but make it a Corona – do you still have any of that spiced salt?”

“I do. How about you, you want another splash of Meiomi?”

“I do, and how ‘bout we split a pizza?”

“How ‘bout we get two small pies?”


“Because you like pepperoni and I like sausage, peppers and onions…that’s why.”

We’ve had a week of sun, rain, fog but it’s been warm, so I’m calling it spring. Cheryl makes a case for saving the fairies, this week.


  1. Your Stream of consciousness always makes me giggle!
    We thought spring had sprung here after around a week of lovely weather, but it’s raining and cold again here now!

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  2. Great photos. I especially like the cemetery in this light.

    The story reminded me of an anecdote from the times when Slovenia was about to secede form Yugoslavia and Serbians were urged by the national radio to boycott all Slovenian products. Which was a bit harsh because all the best were Slovenian, including household appliances. ;) Anyway, a journalist tells a real story from a bar where the radio was on and where the boycott was just announced. Two patrons nursing a beer each looked at each other, then at their beers and then turned the bottles upside down and let the beer spill out. The thing is the beer was Tuborg. Danish. Bottled in Koprivnica, Croatia. :D Too good not to be Slovenian. ;)

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  3. Good one, Dan. I told John Howell that “WHY” is the one word kids learn to torment their parents with by asking it about EVERYTHING!!
    I don’t think MiMi is interested in anything because you forgot the anchovies on the pizza for her.

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  4. Dan, your photos just keep getting more beautiful! BTW. There should never really be a beer dilemma. Just have one of each! And a nice aged whiskey to wash it all down! Love thise raindrops…😀

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    • Thanks Teagan. MiMi agrees – Saturdays, or the other six days during the week, are fine days to sleep in. She’ll get up at some point, demand that we play, demand to be fed and then go back to sleep.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

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  5. Hartford in the fog is a pretty sight. I think I’m partial to fog. I sometimes see the most beautiful things in traffic, but when I can snap shots, they don’t look like much and I’m convinced it’s my car’s fault, not mine.
    I am also a predictable parker. I don’t wanna be lookin for my car!
    I like sausage, pepper, and onion, too. (with black olives) No one ever wants what I want, so I eat cheese pizza. I can’t believe you didn’t order the seafood specials!
    I wanna be like MiMi today, but I have to wait til tomorrow. Have a great day! :D

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    • I snap stuff from the car, but you’re right, it’s often not what I saw. I think we should be allowed to have a fight bar on the roof so we can stop in traffic to get that shot, from that place at that time. The world would appreciate seeing what we saw.

      They don’t usually have seafood specials, and I had just had a seafood dinner the night before – bad timing on my part.

      I can’t do the black olives, but I do like my sausage-grinder pie. A long time ago, we started getting two small pies here. No need to kid ourselves with the notion that we like the same thing. It’s enough that we like each other.

      I hope you get your day of rest.

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  6. Lots of fog, gray, and rain lately, but the temps are rising and now we just need a little more sun. :-) But, the best part of this post was – “isn’t OCD, it’s logical, rational behavior.” I’ve been telling my husband that I really don’t have OCD, but he’s not convinced. I think I’ll forward this to him. :-) Happy Saturday, Dan. Hope Maddie gets to sit on her cot.

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  7. I can’t decide which photos I like better–the sunrises or the raindrops. Beautiful. This reminded me of when my kids used to watch Sesame Street and they were teaching the alphabet. Muppet cowboy walks into a bar and says, “I want to know why” and the letter Y flashes on the screen. This post made me laugh. Happy Saturday, Dan.

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  8. You have some beautiful photos there, Dan…and a cat who could care less! I’m with Mimi this morning…why am I not sleeping like a cat?

    Drink whatever beer you’d like. I can also be a creature of habit – nightly Star Trek, parking in the same place at work – but not with food or drink. I love as much variety as possible…except for cheese, and gluten and green peppers.

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  9. I am absolutely a creature of habit. Not much of a risk taker. B O R I N G!!! Lol.

    Great photos. Sunrises, reflections and fantastic rain drops! Sammy looks so content on his favorite limb eating yet another peanut. And MiMi looks like she definitely has spring fever. Why not? It’s been a long time coming. But where’s our redhead? Seriously Dan?

    Hoping you and the Editor have a great weekend enjoying something fun.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • It’s been raining here, so the redhead has been trapped inside. She has been for a walk today – she photobombed another reflection photo – so I’m sure she’ll show up on Monday.

      MiMi has spring fever 365 days a year, but she works it pretty well.

      I hope you guys have a great weekend, too, Ginger.


  10. The photo of the pizza makes me hungry. Around here, deep dish is king and although I like it, I prefer a thin crust and then lots of toppings. I like most toppings except for anchovies. A beer sounds pretty good right now, too, but I have to work later, so I’d best pass.

    The Penguins are doing rather well and Vegas is looking tough, too. I was shocked that Nashville lost, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. I do love hockey, so this is a good time of year, despite the fact that the Blackhawks and Bluejackets aren’t in it. :-)


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    • I like Vegas. Pittsburgh fans are pulling for Fluery in a big way. We were so sad to see him go, but he wanted to play full time.

      Thin crust is my favorite and we have several very good options around here.


  11. I have to admit that my only knowledge of Yuengling is through your blog so I had to google the back story about the boycott. With such a divided country, I wonder why heads of corporations feel the need to make their political opinions known. I am a bit of a creature of habit too… and I always try to park where I have the smallest chance of getting a door ding from someone parking too close. The added bonus is that it usually means some extra exercise because those parking spots tend to be further away.

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    • My wife tends to park in those spaces. She doesn’t like to have to work too hard to get in or out of a space.

      I don’t understand why companies tsk do these stands, but when you’re a family owned business, I guess that’s your option. I can separated the product from the politics but a lot of people don’t do that.

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  12. Great pictures, Dan! I love the clouds in the opening photo. I’m trying to picture how the Colt facility will be made into a park. I’m assuming it comes with a lot of land. It’s such a pretty picture with the windows all glowing golden in the light.

    I say be predictable, be unpredictable, keep everyone on their toes 😉

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  13. There was a boycott on Yuengling? News to me. Old news, I guess. I’m with you on not being inclined to make political statements with the food and drink that I eat and imbibe. Seems like too much effort for too little reward to me.

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    • It is old news. It had a limited effect, but the brewery passed it off as market trends. I can’t be bothered to protest unless it’s really something awful. Who you vote for, especially in an election where neither candidate was stunning (in a good way) means very little to me.

      On the other hand, it made for a good story when Linda gave us a hard prompt.

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  14. Pictures and post: both great! I always park in the same spot at the grocery story, or at least in the same row. When #4 Daughter was little, before I started parking OCD, I would have to search for the car with a wee one in tow — not fun. Then I started holding out the key at arm’s length and saying, “Beep!” and telling her it was a car finder. She didn’t believe me, but it embarrassed her, and that’s what Moms are for, isn’t it?

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    • Absolutely, that’s what moms are for. You got your mom bars for that one. You only have to lose your car once in a parking lot to make you and OCD parker. Thansk for dropping by. Give Tipper a scritch!

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  15. Great post. I completely agree with your timing is everything post title. I read this in one of the Islamic books that a person who doesn’t know the importance of time doesn’t know the importance of life that God gave him/her. If you’re living in India, punctuality can become a problem. I love to be on time (give or take five minutes because I use public transport and I can’t control traffic jams and train schedules). However, here being late usually means that you’re busy and therefore an important personality. I am a verbal person so I usually make sure that people interacting with me be on time. Also, top managers can be late because they are managers but employees like me cannot because we are staff. Similarly, if I write a content on time but if my manager has no time I have to wait. (I waited 2 weeks to approve one tagline for the advertisement). However, when my boss needs a tagline quickly, I have to get it done in less than 5 minutes because his time is time and my time has no value because I’m being paid for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a totally mixed up system, Sharukh. The creative person should be given the time to create. The “reviewer” should be able to decide quickly and give feedback to that creative process.

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      • That brings me to a question. What type of manager are you? I mean you prefer things to go exactly the way you want it, or let your guys handle it on their own and only interfere when they need your support.

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    • Thanks Deborah. Taking Maddie out in the morning does give me a chance to capture some sights I might otherwise sleep through.

      As for pies, my limited experience living on the west coast made me think that pizza wasn’t much of a west coast thing. In slightly over three years, we never found what we considered to be a good pizza in Seattle. Every time we came home to visit, when asked what we wanted for dinner, it was a good thin crust pizza.

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