Thursday Doors – San Antonio River Walk

The white grid pattern is striking.

Last month, when I was in San Antonio for the AIIM Conference, the conference hotel was right on the River Walk. I knew I’d get to see some this self-proclaimed “world famous destination” but I wasn’t sure how much of a tour I could squeeze in. Cheryl suggested that I take the barge tour. That turned out to be an excellent idea. It took about 35 minutes; the tour guide was funny and informative (which is a great combination) and there were lots and lots of doors. I’ll spare you the history/engineering/depth and elevation data. I will say that the San Antonio River that winds through the River Walk is made up of natural segments and man-made extensions. That wasn’t bad, was it? Oh, and it’s only 3 – 5 feet (about 1.5m) deep. Sorry, I couldn’t let that rest.

Since I’m skipping the history (I don’t remember much), I’ll share a funny story with you and then let you stroll through the gallery.

On my way back from The Alamo, I spied a Visitor’s Center. You can ask my family, I always stop in these places, and I always gather brochures. I picked up a brochure, maybe two, a tee shirt, a magnet and I proceeded to the checkout. I saw a sign for “Barge Tour” tickets and I asked about that. This conversation ensued:

“Can you tell me about the barge tour?”

“Blah blah blah barge, blah, river, blah blah tour.”

“How much are the tickets?”

“Well, the problem is, we’re out of adult tickets. We only have youth and senior tickets.”

“How old do you have to be for senior tickets?”


“Woo hoo!”

“Really? You don’t look like you’re sixty.”

Note: At this point, I took off my Pirates baseball cap

“Oh, never mind, you’re good.”

She quickly apologized. I told her not to worry, as it’s the kind of think I would say.

If you’d like to take a barge tour along an international virtual river of doors, head down to Captain Norm’s dock on the outskirts of Montreal. The ice has melted in Canada and Norm has replaced the skies with pontoons and is ready to set sail. You can see his doors as you approach the dock. Look for the little blue deck hand – he’ll punch your ticket and off you go.

As you look at the photos in the gallery, try and imagine sitting in an office with a view of the River Walk and trying to do any work. Between the happy tourists and the places selling food and adult beverages, I don’t think I’d be all that productive. If you want to start a slide show, click on any picture in the gallery. As always, thanks for dropping by.


  1. Awwww…I sure miss seeing the Riverwalk. Remind me to tell you about us buying tickest at the St A lighthouse. Too funny. She cheated them out of the most expensive ticket because….why? There were no physical adult tickets? 😳🙄😂Franks for the memories. You should be yhere during Fiesta. So fun!

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  2. I have always wanted to go to Riverwalk. These photos will be shown to my husband to move us along with a trip there sooner rather than later. 3-5 feet deep?! No kidding……Luckily, I didn’t plan on wading…although give me a couple Margarita’s and who knows…

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  3. Barge tour? Yes, that sounds fun. I really like that building with the “egged shaped thing” — I’m curious about all the hole-things above it.
    Dan, having to fight for a senior discount is a great thing. :D Hugs.

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  4. The barge tour sounds like an ideal way to see a good part of the shoreline hot spots.
    Some awesome finds in this collection but I absolutely love that egg-shaped door – so original.

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  5. I feel validated, as I noticed some of the same buildings you did. Can’t say I have your eye, though. Nicely done, and many thanks for taking the time to document my visit! ;-)

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  6. “Really? You don’t look like you’re sixty.”

    Note: At this point, I took off my Pirates baseball cap

    At that point, it could have gone the other way….like if they asked if you needed assistance getting around. :)

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  7. River Walk FTW! Love the pictures, especially the one of the Clifford Building (the one with the tower). My publishing house recently published RIVER WALK CHAMELEON (is it BSP if you plug somebody else’s book?) by Joanna Foreman, set mostly on the River Walk. She gave her main character an apartment in the Clifford Building, which is how I know what it is. :)

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  8. Good shots of the Riverwalk. Dick’s Last resort is a landmark. Glad you could take the tour. My office overlooked the Riverwalk and I would take a stroll during lunch. Was very relaxing. There are also wonderful artworks along the walk as well. Thanks, Dan


  9. I’d love to take the barge tour. Our older daughter, her now fiancé, and I all took the architectural river tour in Chicago last summer and it was a blast! I plan to take it again. I also think you should have thanked the woman for assuming you weren’t old enough. (I know you didn’t say “No worries”, right?) It’s only a problem when they immediately offer you the senior rate, especially if you aren’t that old. :-)


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  10. Whohoo, this is Dan, the explorer in Texas’ last rainforests and world’s most famous destination on a barge tour, looking for headhunters. Sorry, could not resist that one, especially after you mentioned the depth of this river.
    But without your text looking at your images, it gives one definitely a different feeling – the colors are much brighter, the outdoor sitting areas, etc.
    This is Jesh StG -this week from my other blog, which often gives me problems when linking, so here a direct link

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  11. I did the River Walk years ago and loved it… it seemed very magical. I was surprised that your pictures showed very few people I thought it was usually pretty packed. Anyway, next time I go I’ll take the barge for sure (especially since I can get a senior’s ticket :) Funny story!

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    • It was early in the morning. I have more pictures which feature other sights and a few more people. It was pretty crowded when we went back for dinner.


  12. Terrific doors, buildings, balconies, and scenery. And yes, that white grid pattern is stunning.

    Love the senior citizen story. Lol. So the trick is to know when to wear your hat and when to take it off so it works to your advantage.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  13. Great doors! I’m glad the lil egg shaped thing was a door, and a splendidly shaped one at that! Groovy! I really like the shot of the rows of doors, arches, and balconies. I will skip what looks to be a fragile balcony and take the coral colored wrap around balcony instead :)
    I’m afraid my imagination is broken, and I couldn’t fill it in tonight — but I’d love to see what’s in everyone else’s heads!

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  14. I loved River Walk and enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I drank a lot of margaritas there … you know, when in Rome … :)
    We also did the barge tour, if only because it looked like a fun way to kill time away from the margaritas :)

    Love, love, love the arched doorway with the pocket door. Good catch …. I’m not sure I would have noticed it. As well as the flood gates … I definitely didn’t get those either.
    As for the ghost door … it disturbs my OCD that they left the balcony there. That’s just wrong.

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  15. The barge trip sounds like a fun combination of information and joking, Dan. I would love this, too. 🙂
    I loved the balconies especially the peachy pink building! It was so pretty! I liked the white gridwork on the windows and doors in that first photograph.
    I have always wanted to go to Texas! Also, over on the West side of the Grand Canyon. I have been to nice places but never want to stop traveling. Maybe another plane trip, a senior tour or a train trip ahead. I like using my AARP card which starts at age 50. Many people use it at Walgreens on Tuesday for extra savings, as well as reducing prescription costs. Last but not least, the light dappling between the trees and your talking about how could anyone work while looking out the window were super great additional comments. ✨

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    • Thanks Robin. There are so many amazing places in this country. I wish I could afford the time to go everywhere by train. Flying is efficient, but I’d prefer rolling along the rails.

      This little tour was almost surreal. I tried getting pictures of the birds that nest in the canopy, but no success. At times, it was like a jungle ride for 2-3 seconds.

      I do like the balconies. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.


  16. Oh wow!! The architecture is amazing!! SO different from this part of the world. How I enjoyed this river walk with you! I stared at your photos a long time! As for being at least 60, there are advantages. LOL Thank you for this share, Dan!! Just beautiful! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  17. Additional comment since we are the same age….I think my brain has me at a younger age, because I keep forgetting about the senior discount on stuff…just celebrated a birthday and I’m wondering…when and how did I arrive at this age so quickly?? I still have the humor of an 18 year old male…doesn’t that count for something??? Probably only to other 18 year olds and hearing that type of humor coming out of a face obviously much older…probably not a good thing after all…:)

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  18. Ohh, yes! I love this tour. Such great light and buildings and doors. I hope you all won’t mind me saying it, but this doesn’t look like America at all. Why don’t you strut it more? San Antonio then. Adding to the list.

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    • Thanks. There are so many parts of America that most people don’t know about. Every city has something.

      On the other hand, it’s a four hour flight from my home to San Antonio 🙂

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  19. I was in a ball cap recently when I was checking out of a liquor store, and wouldn’t you know it — carded. Not that I minded, of course. Speaking of ball caps, your Pirates are right in it so far. I know they’re in third place of the NL Central at the moment, but they’re nipping right at the heels of those Cards. Doing a lot better than my Orioles, that’s for sure. :P

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    • Thanks Paul. The Pirates have been a bit of a surprise. Taking a series from the Cubs and sweeping the Cards – I’ll take that any April. Of course, the Brewers continue their dominance in the home field, but I think we’ll get up on them when they come to PNC. You guys are in a tough division, but I’d love to see you doing better.

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