On the Road and Back

Once again, our conversation at the bar is being held in conjunction with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday weekly challenge. Linda has inadvertently made it easy for me, my buddy and Cheryl by telling us that:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ’empty/hollow.’ Use one, use both, entirely up to you. Enjoy!”

I think this will be fun.

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about my travel.

“You know, for a guy that claims to hate traveling to Florida, you seem to go there a lot.”

“Not by choice.”

“I thought you had some involvement in planning these events.”

“Not those. The only events I plan take place in Burlington, Mass.”

“I think I see why that’s the only event they let you plan.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been to Burlington, not exactly a tourist hotspot.”

“Speaking of tourists, we have a lounge full of visitors drinking up the local brews. You guys better order quick.”

“Thanks Cheryl, but I’m going to go with Corona today.”

“Spicy salt dressed?”

“Oh yeah. And, since it’s my turn to buy, I’m guessing the old man will have Bourbon.”

“Nope, I am thirsty, I’m going to go with a vodka and tonic.”

“I’ll be back with those drinks in a jiff’ “

“I thought you gave up on Corona.”

“I miss it this week.”

“How come?”

“The bar in Burlington was out of Corona and my other two regular beers. I had to drink Corona Light on Monday.”

“Corona Light – that’s like water.”

“Here you go. One Mexican dressed Corona and one vodka tonic, in a snifter – extra ice – extra tonic.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Thanks Cheryl, I love how you remember the way I like this drink.”

“Ha ha – yeah, La told me that you sent it back for more ice and tonic.”

“She was sweet, though, much better than Skippy.”

“Here you go with the rest of your set up. Now, Dan, have you tried the new Corona?”

“Premier? Yeah, they gave me a taste in Boston. I’m not a fan.”

“We’re going to stock some in bottles, people are asking for it.”

“Are they also asking for Bud Light Orange?”

“Don’t joke, some folks are.”

“Something tells me they aren’t worried over at the Blue Moon brewery.”

“Wait, when were you in Boston?”

“I wasn’t in Boston, per se. I was in Burlington Monday to Wednesday.”

“Oh, I keep forgetting where Burlington is. Whenever you say it, I think of Burlington, Vermont.”

“Ha! We get a small enough crowd outside of Boston. I think I’d have me and one other person in Vermont.”

“You could go by train.”

“Yes, the second leg of the Vermonter – that is appealing.”

“You know, you complain about Florida, but I think you were suffering from self-inflicted wounds”

“Why do you say that, Cheryl?”

“That picture of you, the one where you’re reflected in the door of your hotel…”

“Yes, I did inadvertently post a reflected selfie. What about it?”

“You were wearing jeans!”

“I know, I forgot to pack shorts.”

“Jeans, socks, sneakers…you might as well have had on a sweater. You have to dress in lightweight layers in Florida – and sandals, Dan!”

“I can do shorts, but my feet don’t like walking in sandals.”

“So, go to Burlington, Vermont – they probably still have snow!”

“Drink your Vodka…whoa, it’s empty…do you have a hollow leg?”

“I said I was thirsty.”

“I get that, but you’re normally way behind me.”

“You guys need another round already?”

“Well, I do. He’s still nursing that beer.”

“This is almost empty, Cheryl. I’ll be done by the time you build his drink ensemble.”

“Those drinks are on their way.”

“So, are you done traveling?”

“Yeah, I’ll be hanging around here for a while.”

“That’s good, and probably bad.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That means, I think I’m in for a series of pictures from Great River Park.”

“You’re so right, my friend. You know I love that place.”

“Here we go…another dressed Corona and another vodka tonic. You guys want some food?”

“Let’s have some wings, Cheryl. Since my young friend is buying, I’d say an order of 20 would be good.”

“20 wings, you got it.”

“I’d like…”

“With blue cheese, and he wants ParmPep – I remember, it’s only been two weeks.”

I think I gave a big enough hint about the photos. Please be sure to check out Cheryl’s entry for Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday badge.


  1. Your rainy wet pictures reflect the kind of morning we are having here. Unfortunately it’s also our long weekend – the unofficial ‘start’ of summer. There will be a lot of unhappy cottagers and campers this weekend.

    I love that lilac. I’ve never seen a lilac with such an unusual flower. Does it have the same heady smell of a regular lilac?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think we’re in for rain this weekend, too. The lilac seems to have a somewhat milder smell, but it’s so pretty.

      I hope your weekend turns out better than forecast. Our holiday is next weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to gag a little when I read “Bud Light Orange.” Nope, not gonna happen here. Ew.

    Love your photos today, Dan, especially the lilacs and the ducks in the water with a setting sun. Very nice! I thought today was supposed to be sunny, but I woke up to overcast and overnight rain. And cool. Earlier this week, while I was inside working, we had bright blue skies and warm temps. Wouldn’t you know it! Oh well, I guess it will give me time to read and write and watch a few Star Trek episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Spring flowers and rain. Sounds like we’re living the same conditions. I don’t know if it will actually rain today, but it’s cloudy and gloomy this morning. If I didn’t have to work, I it would be the perfect day to spend reading and drinking tea although, with all the drama going on at work, a vodka and tonic would be more to my liking.

    Enjoy the weekend, Dan, and say hello to Maddie and the Editor.


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  4. The Moscow lilacs are beautiful. We had ‘regular’ lilacs and French lilacs, but these are new to me. Lily of the Valley and azaleas are favorites here too. But not dandelions! Pop those bad boys out as soon as I spot one!

    Love the ducks and reflections of setting sun. And of course Maddie, sitting so proudly surveying her kingdom.

    What will we do if one Saturday one of you has laryngitis? Lol. Orange flavored beer? Ewwwww!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. The editor might be hoping we get laryngitis 🙂

      I’m glad you like the ducks. I could have watched them forever, but work…

      I had ever heard of Moscow lilacs. They really are beautiful. We planted more last fall – the bunnies ate one – so more little ones are growing. I think we’ll keep adding to them.

      Bud Light Orange is targeting Blue Moon (the good beer they serve with an orange slice) I kid you not.


  5. Oh! A backhoe! (No, I’m not being perverse) I’ve seen plenty of those in the woods of Louisiana. Lol. About the Corona Premier. I don’t mind it when I want really light drinking, as in, it would be my Bud Light for an afternoon of football. I can’t drink pitchers of my favorite brews. That would leave no room for wings and cheese fries at Hooters. 😉BTW, have you tried Yuengling’s new offering, the Golden Pilsner? Hubby brought home a six pack, rather excited there was a new member of the Yuengling family; but he was soon disappointed. It is very wheatie which he doesn’t like. Although I love Bavaria, listed as a wheat, some are just too heavy and bother my allergies. This one is not a fave, although my crystal ball shows me drinking the remaining bottles…. 😏Have a great weekend Dan. I guess with retirement looming on the horizon you might want to go sandal shopping. Just sayin’…..😀

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  6. Your sunset photos are wonderful, Dan. Maddie…..such a sweetie. We don’t have lilacs here. Too hot…no kidding, right? Our winters don’t get cold enough. Such a pretty flower, too. Happy Saturday.

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  7. I just received some Karbach Hopdelusion Mango (IPA) as a gift. Looking forward to trying it. I can’t imagine drinking Bud Lite under any condition. (Carbonated defrost with orange if you ask me.) Super photos, Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What a lovely garden you have, Dan. Lilacs have always held a fascination for me, though I was only familiar with the purple ones. And I don’t know why… but they’re beautiful. Great collection of photos today. Maddie certainly knows her mind! Cheers (toasting you with the Kirin Ichiban I’ll probably open later today). Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s actually been raining all day. And, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow too. It’s ok today, I had inside projects.

      My wife selected those lilacs. She gets credit for making a very good choice 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You are ahead of us flower-wise, Dan. Tell the Editor I LOVE Lilacs too and that I have French Lilacs. I’ve never seen yours here. Huh. Yours are gorgeous! Regards the writing …. I couldn’t do what you do. When I write I do so off the top of my head usually and to have a condition that I must use a certain word, that would have me all cramped up. LOVED your gallery especially the reflections. VERY nice!!! Have a great weekend and give Maddie a big hug from me!! 💝

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amy. I am trying to learn how to work words or ideas into a conversation. I used to either do the conversation OR SoCS. Sometimes, I mess up and I announce that I had to edit. This one was easy. My father used to talk about a friend who “drinks like he has a hollow leg.”

      We started mixing the Moscow lilacs in a few years ago. They really are pretty.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I wear my crocks sandals which are like well padded flip flops from late spring until it gets cold in the winter, but then it’s a little warmer here in the Carolinas. I bet there’s a cushiony sandal you’d like somewhere. Love the dandelion and the golden reflection on water.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Deborah. I was captivated by the ducks. I was hoping they would get to the bright sun, but they weren’t in any hurry. It was good that I was very early for work.

      Those lilacs are very pretty this year. I think they look even better in the rain (which is all we’ve had today).

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m always amused when we’re out and Sadie just plops down. LOL
    Beautiful captures of the ducks on the water. Great reflections. All the flowers are lovely — lilacs, particularly that variety — but those white azaleas are perfection!
    I hate going to Florida, but wish I could get there more often to see my mother. *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dogs are funny. When they’re tired, they’re tired. Thanks for the comments on the pics. I love those ducks.

      The white azaleas look better this year than they ever have. We’ve been wondering what to put on the other side of the porch and we might just get more of them.

      I can actually look ahead and count the trips to Florida I still have to make. I’ve gone a lot there for work, but I don’t see myself going there after that, and I don’t see the Mrs. going there ever.

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  12. We had Moscow Lilac in my grandpa’s garden all my childhood and youth. It always bloomed for my mom’s birthday and it was her favourite. One year for her birthday party, grandpa (her father) tied a red carnation to one of its branches and tried convincing the guests that it just happened this way. :D

    And, on a more sombre note, many compatriots poison themselves each year when they pick lilies of the valley thinking they were wild garlic. In Slovenia both are plentiful.

    Lovely ducks series!

    Liked by 1 person

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