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Sometimes, when I’m watching our daughter’s cats (Moncton and Preston) I sleep on her couch. That way, I can feed them, spend some time with them and then feed them again in the morning. I am almost always there by 5:00 pm and up by 5:00 am, so they really don’t have to wait to be fed. An additional treat lies in the fact that, unlike the primary resident, I am not a vegetarian, so they get to steal some of my dinner. I give them a generous portion of food, a late-night snack, and if I feed them when I first get up, I might put a little more food out for them before I leave.

I’ve been feeding these two clowns for many years. I know the routine, but that doesn’t stop them from attempting to fool me into feeding them early:

Really, this is when mom feeds us!
– Moncton 1:46 am

“It’s time for breakfast…really.”

In addition to when and how often they are supposed to be fed, Moncton also tries to rewrite the rules about venturing outside and Preston makes it known that all soft stuff brought into the building is his to sleep on. Oh, and anyone sleeping on the couch becomes part of the couch, and when accessing the back of the couch, it’s OK to use the human’s face as a stepping stone.

I do love these guys, but I wouldn’t mind a quiet period from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am.

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  1. They’re terrific, Dan. Cats and their personalities. Out neighborhood gupsy stopped by the other day, just to come in and sniff around. She let me pet her this time. I think it’s an evil plot to make me fall under her spell. Lol smart food…I love that popcorn. Those kitties have good taste all around! 🙂

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  2. I think you need to feed those two a little more when you babysit. They look like they’re starving!

    Those two are quite the characters, and yet typical mischievous cats…escaping to the outside and playing with food bags in the middle of the night. It seems all too familiar.

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    1. Yes, ‘starving’ is the word I was looking for. Apparently, Preston likes the crinkly aspect better than the popcorn. Moncton likes the popcorn – quite the little tag-team. Then there’s me saying “do you knuckleheads know what time it is?”

      “Time for breakfast?”

      It’s a good think I love them :-)

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      1. Time has no meaning for cats other than “it’s time to sleep” or “it’s time to eat.” Gibbs would make a great third with Faith’s two rascals because he loves the crinkle and waking people up when they’re trying to sleep. Just a thought next time you babysit.

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  3. Who knew you were such a soft touch? These cats are beautiful, and if they have little quirks that you need to work around, so be it. Honestly, it’s like you don’t understand what an honor it is to be awakened by a feline con artist.

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  4. LOL – they obviously enjoy you being there, you treat them and let them do whatever they want. The perfect grandparent! PS…This is one of your shorter one-liner’s I’ve read…must be the popcorn was missing its beer? ;-)

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  5. Thank you for taking such good care of the boys. They are lucky to have you. And you are lucky to have them. I’m sure they reminded you of that every morning at 3am. Always hide the crinkly plastic from Preston :)

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  6. I miss having a cat! These guys are so beautiful. Love Moncton’s black chin and Preston’s fluff! You need to save all crinkly bags at home and bring them with you on your next kitty-sitting adventure. Best toys ever!

    The photo of you (your legs) and Preston on the couch…….I was like, wait! What? That’s not Maddie!! 😳

    Hmmmm, I wonder what MiMi and MuMu would say if they saw these pictures?!

    Cats are quirky creatures and get bored with favorite toys quickly, but these boys won’t ever get bored or tired of you Dan. I’m sure as soon as Faith tells them you’re coming, they start planning the fun!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Thanks Ginger. MuMu visits around 3:00 am to have her faced rubbed and her head scratched. She keeps lifting my hand, until she’s had enough, then she leaves.

      Maddie might be jealous if she knew someone else was using my legs as a pillow. I did have a picture of Maddie curled up with me on the couch, but it looks like I forgot to include it. Ooops.


    1. That’s funny, Pam. He must have been proud of himself.

      Maddie managed to sit outside three times on Saturday, once by convincing each of us to sit with her and once by pretending to have to pee and then sitting on the steps as soon as she got outside.

      Dumb animals??? I don’t think so.

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  7. ps – I meant to mention you might want to check your hyperlinks. When I click on your pingback it flips to your site in the address field but then it just cycles over and over trying to load. The only way I get to your page is to stop it and type the address in. (Hope that makes some kind of sense.)

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  8. We are taking care of a cat now who is trying to convince us that he is supposed to be fed multiple times a day… and night. We aren’t buying that but I’m pretty sure we are a little more generous on the meal portions (well, we don’t want him to starve, right?). I wonder if cats treat part-time caregivers like we used to treat substitute teachers in grade school… let’s see what we can get away with.

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  9. Just like being a grandparent, right? Spoil the kids and then go home and let Mom and Dad deal with the wreckage. :-) Easy to tell who’s in charge here, Dan, and I’m sorry to say it’s two to one. I’m a popcorn-lover myself, so I can’t fault that.


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  10. Hi Dan – what fun to see and read about … I guess going upstairs and shutting a door might help – but obviously you like their company …….. so perhaps stop complaining!!! Bet you all get along very happily at whatever hour of day or night it is … cheers Hilary

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    1. Putting these guys behind a closed door is an invitation to scratching, meows and endless pawing under the door, Hilary. I think a late night snack might help them sleep longer. We get along very well, so I’m not really complaining. I did think it would make fun reading, especially for other cat owners.

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    1. They play all kinds of games. If I’m not taken in by “we’re starving” they go for the “you know we love you…right…” ploy. They are masters of getting what they want from me.


  11. I just had to comment on the “cat” post, Dan. Cats rule LOL. Yet I must be doing something right having TEN in this house when I do get a good night’s sleep every night. Now IF I perhaps should oversleep there are many wakeup attempts. Walk on full bladder by Cuddles. Oh yes that does it. Or Meaghan purring in my face. Doodles batting at my feet. Whispers using me as a walking board. Sometimes as early as 5am these guys start their antics, but a word from Mom …. Not yet PLEASE I’m so tired …. usually does the trick until 6am. This is just too funny the way you wrote this post because it is SO cat. I agree with you … both are absolutely gorgeous cats. *sigh* I just LOVE cats. I’m a sucker! LOL 💖🐾💖

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    1. Thanks Amy. They do rule. It only takes two little females to run this house. MuMu has been coming up on the bed around 3:00 am to get a few minutes of scratching. They rule, but we’ve invited them into our lives and we love having them around.

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      1. You’ve got that right, Dan. I’m committed to this family. Some who lay with me on the bed at night luck out when I make my bathroom runs because my hand always finds them to love on them. Then I instantly fall back to sleep. LOL

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