The Agreement – #1LinerWeds

A couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, Maddie got a bit of a bonus. We left the house early, to get our walk in before it started raining. I agreed to a long walk, which means around the back of the ball fields in Veterans Park. On the way home, we ran into an older woman who has an annoying way of walking her dog. She lets the dog crawl all over people’s yards, sniffing for the best place to do its business. She’s not fond of cleaning up after it either. I’ve asked her to keep her dog out of our yard, but I can’t really ask her to move along smartly. Since Maddie can’t stand to have anyone behind her, we had to change our route home to avoid passing them. That meant and even longer walk.

The next day, we were once again expecting rain, so we left early for a short walk. Maddie knows what a short walk is – we cross the street and turn around just past the entrance to the park. I tell her “short walk” and she usually accepts the fact. This time, as we approached the entry to the park, she tried her little trick – she herded me into the park. Pet owners understand talking to your pet:

“I thought we were going on a short walk!”

She looked up and smiled, all happy-dog like. I stopped to take a picture. She tugged a little, at which point we had this little conversation:

“If you’re going to drag me through the park, I’m going to take some pictures.”

“If you’re going to take pictures, I’m going to sniff stuff.”

“You always sniff stuff.”

“And you always take pictures, so we’re even.”

“We’re not even. We agreed on a short walk.”

“I’ll sit outside with you later.”

“You love sitting outside – that’s not making us even.”

“Here, I’ll give you a kiss. Besides, this is healthy for both of us.”

This is what Maddie does, randomly and without warning, while we’re walking. She just jumps up and gives us a kiss.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Awww surprise kisses are the best. Sans surprise muddy paws of course! Lol I love that gorgeous dogwood tree. Sounds like you and maddie have the perfect rapor for things going her way. 😉

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  2. Sweet, sweet, kissy Maddie…she has you trained, huh?
    Oh, never mind, you already know your red-headed girl is in charge. Wherever she wants to go…
    You get your exercise for the day and she’s happy.

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    • I can always count on a Maddie post getting a warm reception. That dogwood suffered some damage a few years ago under a very heavy snow. We thought it would die. It’s more of a bush than a tree, but it’s still very pretty.

      The Fireman’s carnival is the last week of June – they are working on the burger joint and the beer garden.

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  3. You gotta admit Dan, Maddie is a great conversationalist!! In fact, conversations with Maddie could give the Saturday bar conversations a run for their money!! Just sayin.

    And I think getting a surprise kiss from any girl is special for you guys. I think The Editor has been teaching Maddie some ‘tricks of the trade’ because Maddie can play you like an old violin !! Lol.

    The Korean Dogwood is gorgeous. I hope you get a shot of the rose cactus when it blooms. Not hard to figure out why area surrounding plant isn’t well weeded!

    I really like the photo of the water spray. Neat. This is a fun post.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie certainly does know how to play me to get what she wants,

      I have a draft of a conversation where I’m having a beer and Maddie has a bowl of water, but I didn’t get very far with it. Maybe someday, but my buddy might object.

      I hope to get a picture of the cactus when it blooms, especially now that I seem to have figured out that close-up feature.

      I’m glad you like the water spray – I keep trying to capture the rainbow that it sometimes makes.


  4. Conversations with our pets …. oh yes I do know all about that. How adorable that Maddie jumps up to kiss you. That just grabs my heart! Thank you for the lovely portraits in your gallery showing us all where you went on your walk and what you found. Have a great day, Dan! 😎 PS Rain day here.

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    • Thanks Ally…I think. Maddie knows how to get what she wants, that’s for sure. We’re always amazed at the things she manages to learn how to do, given all the things she doesn’t seem able to learn. It’s all about priorities…her priorities.


    • I would buy some of that for this woman, John. She just lets her dog roam all over the yards. I cross the street to avoid her, and she crosses in front of us. She wants our dogs to meet, even though I’ve told her Maddie isn’t good with other dogs.


  5. Hi Dan – she’s such a sweetie … haven’t quite worked out how to describe her owners! Pretty good I suspect … love all the photos – ‘cept one … but that one with Maddie’s head is a delight; while licks and kisses are always good … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. Of course, now I’m wondering which photo you don’t like. Maddie’s owners are pretty good people. The male doesn’t listen very well, but the female is awesome :-)


      • The one where something yughy lurks in the grass … I guess I’m thinking something different … Maddie’s always a delight … and I do realise the female boss is pretty special – looks after a few people I note!! Cheers H

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  6. I like the agreement…long walk, and photo making. 😀

    Diva Dog doesn’t give kisses often. Instead of chewing me out after being gone for 6 days like she normally does she gave me kisses! Now howling, and complaining at all! I was a bit shocked actually, but the kisses were welcome.

    The Dogwood is gorgeous and so lush!

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    • That was sweet of Diva Dog. Maddie gets a bit of an attitude when I bring out the suitcase before going on a trip, but she’s always happy to see me come home. I’d be upset if she were mad.

      When she’s bored by me stopping for pictures, she sticks her nose in, literally. but no one seems to mind the Maddie Bombs.

      The dogwood was damaged in a severe snow storm a few years ago. It’s more of a bush now, but we like it and it keeps coming back.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

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  7. Great light on that flag! That’s a beauty! I like the sprinkler shot, too.
    Maddie kisses are surely sweet :) I love when my dog smiles. We have to ask for kisses. She’s not very kissy.
    One morning, I came out to the living room and she jumped in my lap and licked me all about the face and I dunno why and so, being me, I spent most of the day convinced I was dying or something awful. LOL It’s been years now, she hasn’t done it since. I guess I’m okay. She may have cured me with dog kiss juju.

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    • Dog kiss juju can cure most anything, I always shake my head when people say “dogs don’t really smile.”

      Our first cat used to carefully sniff all around my wife’s left eye when a migraine was coming. The cat knew before she did.


  8. Dan, the dogwood is gorgeous. It’s been years since I’ve seen one. Maddie is priceless! Love pics of her. Sammy, our Lasa Apso has a mind of his on on walks too. He tugs toward a street he wants to go down and even chooses which side. Charley our happy, tail wagging Shih Tzu follows along. Sammy’s in charge! Dogs are wonderful and don’t have that many years to live, so we give ours the best life we can. Happy Wednesday! Christine

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    • That’s funny that Charley guides you guys. Maddie knows where she’s going, based on who’s walking her. My wife and I go out on different routes. Maddie tries to extend both. Thanks for the comment Christine.

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  9. Maddie’s kisses, the look of the early morning pathway and the sweet photo of the desert cactus soon to bloom all were smile makers for me!

    After work yesterday, I visited my friend Karen who has the similar reddish color in her golden retriever. Hers is named Cooper. He licked and licked her toes. She didn’t even giggle! My feet are ticklish! 👣
    She had her knee replaced, they sent her back to work and unfortunately leaned on her other leg, on concrete floor, and her tendon on the other leg shredded. They did extensive repair surgery and is literally bedridden while the sewn tendon to other tendon heals. Poor thing but an able 4 legged companion! She does have a small “scooter” to get up on short passes in the house.
    Dan, I love those dog and owner conversations! 👏

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    • So sorry for your friend. I wish humans treated other humans the way dogs treat us. Unconditional love. Maddie works hard to get her way, but she’s so happy when she gets to do what she loves.


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