Happy Father’s Day

If you’re in the US, or other countries that celebrate fathers and fatherhood today, Happy Father’s Day.

Yesterday, I dedicated a post to my dad. He’s been gone almost 35 years, but I still miss him. Today, I offer the simple wish expressed in the title and a few of my favorite moments as a father (in the gallery).


  1. Nice! I always love the rain slicker photo! Queen of Monopoly is also good, tee-hee — her ruling face! I think you’re both lucky and proud to have one another :) Happy Father’s Day!

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  2. Really nice post Dan. Faith was cute as a button as a youngster, but has blossomed into a stunningly beautiful woman. ‘Course, let’s be fair, the Editor had a little something to do with that as well!!

    You guys have such a close, loving relationship…..it’s a beautiful thing.

    But I gotta tell you Dan, Faith pulled off the rain slicker waaayyyy better than you! Just sayin’……

    Hope you’re having a well-deserved Happy Father’s Day surrounded by all your girls and one guy! 😄
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Thanks Ginger. She’s much more photogenic (and much nicer to look at). I’m just glad we’re still having fun. The Editor gets a lot of credit and my mom gets a bunch, also. But, isn’t that usually the case?


  3. Hi Dan – gosh Maddie is getting read to .. she’s one lucky family dog! Great photos of you as a Dad with your delightful daughter, Faith … wonderful to see them all – littlie through growing older – great range … cheers and hope you’ve had a happy day and the rest together … cheers Hilary

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      1. No … Of course not – Maddie was being read to!! I’m sure … Faith was just reading and keeping Maddie company … she’s a demon Monopoly player too .. fun to see life in a few pics … enjoy the rest of the day – H

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          1. I had to cheat to win! Sad but true … when you’re the eldest age 10 or so … you can sit on the $50 bills or whatever denomination they were … = can’t do those funny things! Cheers H

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  4. It seems like the longer my dad’s been gone, the closer I feel to him. But it hasn’t even been two years, so who knows. Thank God for memories. Yours here are beautiful and still in the making! I hope you had a good Father’s Day.

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  5. Hope you had a nice Father’s Day, Dan! Nice pics, of course — some of which your regular readers will certainly recognize.

    Curious about one thing, though. You have the one where you say how it was a special treat to take Faith to her first Pirates game, and I’m wondering if she was really an adult before you guys did that. I mean, hey, maybe that’s just how it worked out, but I would have guessed you’d have taken her as a child or at least as a teen. Of course, maybe she wasn’t interested before then.

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    1. Thanks Paul. We didn’t actually get to Pittsburgh until Faith was an adult. We went other places, but not there. We had been there before I took her to a Pirates, game, but only once for a short whirlwind tour.

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  6. Best Father’s Day post ever!! … a different and very touching twist from the perspective of a father.

    I loved each and every photo. They tell of a special relationship between you and your daughter. Both of you are extremely lucky … but I suspect you already knew that! 🙂

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