Thursday Doors – That Same City

On the way into the venue.

After yesterday’s story about the amazing social event in San Antonio, I thought I’d share a few more doors, including some that I captured on the way home from the event. You should know that I spent a serious amount of time in Lightroom cropping and straightening this group of photos. It was a bumpy walk. On the other hand, this was when my friends were encouraging me by pointing out every door within sight. Consider this my first alcohol-fueled-crowd-sourced doorscurrsion.

This is the last Thursday of June, which means I will be posting tomorrow for WATWB. I’ve been abusing the calendar with a few extra posts this month, so I thought I’d go easy today, and share the pictures without an abundance of words – even the captions are short.

Thursday Doors is a weekly, mostly sober and entertaining blogfest orchestrated by the guardian of the master door library in Montreal – none other than Norm Framptom. If you want to participate, visit his site. Check out his amazing doors and look for the blue frog. Click the little tadpole and he’ll let you into the main gallery. From there, it’s easy: Add a link to your doors, add you name and your email. And, don’t worry, Norm won’t show your email to anybody but the frog.

Happy summer and thanks for visiting!


  1. Now we finally get to see the real Walk-a-hic-athon photography, eh Dan? Just what kind of neighborhoods do you associate in that needs bars on the windows? I take it they know how you guys get during a Margarita bash!!! CHEERS!! >-I >-I

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  2. Too funny, I love your sense of humor. An “Alcohol-fueled-crowd-sourced doorscurrsion” would make a perfect new category for Thursday Doors. My favs in this selection are the happy place and colorful party house.


  3. I love the party building/doors. Who’s bringing the chips and salsa and beer?
    See you around at WATWB…it’s going to be a very hot weekend, so computer time and reading in the A/C may be in tall order.

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    1. Thanks Mary. I’ll bring the beer and the salsa – Faith’s cat ate the chips. I’m heading home from Baltimore and I’m ready to relax. It looks like I’ll have to be walking Maddie at 6:00 am if we’re going to beat the heat this weekend.

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  4. Love the entrance to the church….not just the door, but the building too! Add to that the corner door and the little building.

    Gheesh, I admire tha youse guys, hiccup, could waltz, ummm walk to the potty, hiccup, party.

    Love the blurry shots. They have character Dan…..but I don’t think that’s what your dad meant!! Lol. 😜😜😜
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. The crew was very supportive of my habit. Possibly close to becoming enablers.

      I don’t think this is what dad meant about character. Then again, I think he’d approve of these friends, they are the best people.


  5. This sentence is a prize winner, Dan: Consider this my first alcohol-fueled-crowd-sourced doorscurrsion.. And my favorite photograph was “lines, lights and shadows” because it offered so much interesting detail.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, Janet. I really do like that pictures. I’ve always like lines.

      It’s funny what happens when I’m with people who know about the “dors thing” as most of them call it.



  6. That’s a fabulous collection from any “alcohol-fueled-crowd-sourced doorscurrsion”!
    The church entrance is lovely. I’m sure the lighting only adds to its welcoming look. I love the one where they shouted about the doors.Those are worthy of some shouts! I also like those shutters and the lines, light one.

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    1. Thanks Joey! I was shocked at first by the fact that these guys knew about doors, but they pointed them out and waited for me to get good (as good as I was capable of) shots. The church is beautiful, and I am always drawn to lines and lights.

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  7. Hey Dan – I was offline for a bit and coming back to see some of the fun door posts this week has been a huge treat – esp. with the “alcohol-fueled-crowd-sourced doorscurrsion”

    oh how awesome

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      1. and the “who’s ready to party” picture really stood out to me – not just because of the fun phrase you came up with – but as I left blog world earlier – i could see the colors and it was just a fun capture –

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      2. and the “who’s ready to party” picture really stood out to me – not just because of the fun phrase you came up with – but as I left blog world earlier – i could see the colors and it was just a fun capture –
        oh and the corner door – do not see this often –
        unless someone uses on old CVS building like my spouse’s office

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  8. My dear old gray-headed mother used to say (not meaning it, of course), “You’re gonna have to drive home; you’re too drunk to walk.” Great bunch of doors. — BTW, what is the collective noun for doors? A slam of doors? A portal of doors? An egress of doors? a hinge of doors?

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    1. Ha, I like that. I was glad to be walking, such as it was.

      Collective noun for doors, hmmm??? I might go with A suite of doors or perhaps a cache of doors. I do like ‘slam’ and ‘hinge’ though.


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