It’s 4:00 in the morning!

I have been contemplating a post about the inability of so many people to see that we are all part of one population on Earth. My thoughts were inspired by one of Pam’s earlier posts, echoed by a few friends and brought back to my attention today. I may not be ready to put these thoughts into words, but Pam is. Please enjoy.

Butterfly Sand

4 AM. The clock ticks inexorably towards 5 o’clock but it’s still a long way away. It is dark. It is quiet. But it is not silent. I can hear a clock ticking in the other room . . . tick tick tick. A relentless metronome. Tick tick tick. Isn’t there supposed to be a tock in there somewhere? It’s funny how we interpret what we hear.

I just heard a car, I think, it was a quiet, dull roar. Fortunately no car alarms! I can hear my refrigerator faintly humming. Not a tune I know. Silly me. I get a little punchy in the wee, wee hours of the day. Or is it still night? Technically it’s the morning but that doesn’t seem right until after dawn. But it is a quiet time.

I can hear my heart beating. Odd. It is something that has been doing the same…

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